Robin Williams

Posted by Cem on 16/08/14

He left us.

I am so sad.

Sincerely yours


The third airport in Istanbul – A fantastic and exciting project

Posted by Cem on 07/06/14

The building of the biggest airport of the world is about to start.

A 150 million passengers capacity airport.
It will cost a little more than 10 billion euro. The Turkish state doesn’t pay anything, the airport will be built by the Turkish private sector.
25 years later the Airport licence will be back in the hands of the Turkish state!!!!
It will be finished in 2018.
The Turkish private group paid the Turkish state a little more than 22 billion euro for the licence/rent (VAT exluded).

The airport requires 350 thousand tons of steel, 10 thousand tons of aluminium, 415 thousand square metre of glass.

150 000 people will work in this huge airport. That’s a great news.

A capacity of 500 planes on the floor, 6 plane tracks, 8 control towers, 165 passenger bridges, rail connections between the terminals….

Turkish Airlines will have its own terminal. I admire this company so much, I hope they will order the magnificent A380.

There will be a congress centre, a 70 thousand car capacity parking, shops, hotels….It is so huge that we can call this airport a city.

The Airport will be built on the European shore of Istanbul, in the north, a stone’s throw from the Black sea.

A fantastic project!

Sincerely yours


PS: Atatürk AirPort is overloaded, many planes wait and cue through the clouds to land.
PPS: The Ankara-İstanbul high speed train line will be opened this month.
PPPS: Another grandiose and very serious project : Kanal İstanbul.
PPPPS: Turkey is changing at a fast pace. I’m so happy for my country that has suffered so much. At last Turkey’s horizon is bright. Mutlu ve gururluyum.

Sertab Erener – Epsiode VIII

Posted by Cem on 28/02/14

Another beautiful song :



Sertab Erener – Episode VII

Posted by Cem on 02/01/14

‘Ada sahillerinde’

Yours sincerely,


Sertab Erener – Episode VI

Posted by Cem on 01/11/13

‘Here I am’

‘Rengarenk’ (the electric guitar is particularly beautiful)

‘Rengarenk’ (a very good classical live version)

Yours sincerely,


Sertab Erener – Episode V

Posted by Cem on 26/10/13

A beautiful album.

‘Akşam oldu hüzünlendim ben yine’

‘Niçin baktın bana öyle?’

‘Fikrimin ince gülü’

‘Dönülmez akşamın ufkundayız’

Yours sincerely,


Ahmet Kaya – Episode VI

Posted by Cem on 19/10/13

‘Şiire Gazele’




Sezen Aksu – Episode II

Posted by Cem on 19/10/13



‘Güllerim Soldu’

‘Arka Sokaklar’

‘Kaçın Kurası’



Ahmet Kaya – Episode V

Posted by Cem on 02/10/13

Ahmet Kaya gönül yarasından kalp krizi geçirmiş olabilir (ülkesinden koparılmış biri olarak demek istiyorum).

‘Sel Dağ’ :

“Bu hasretlik kalır gitmez teninden
Eksilmez acılar ezik yüreğimde
Alma başını nasırlı ellerinden
Sen istedin gültenimde yaralar
Bu ayrılık hem seni
Hem beni yaralar

Sel dağda birleşince
Dağda güller ezilince
Yara açtı gültenimde
Ağlar dağlar
Dağlar ağlar
Yüreğimi sancı sarar

Sel dağda kalır gitmez
Sel altında güller bitmez
Gültenimde yara geçmez
Ağlar dağlar
Dağlar ağlar
Yüreğimi sancı sarar”

‘Kimdi bunlar’ :

‘Şiddet’ :

‘Saza Niye Gelmedin’ :



Dipnot : bu ülkeye barış çok yakışıyor.

Ahmet Kaya – Episode IV

Posted by Cem on 17/08/13

Ben Türkiye’nin AB üyeliğini desteklemiyorum artık.

I don’t support Turkey’s EU membership anymore.

‘Uçun kuşlar uçun’ :

Yours sincerely – Saygılar


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