In 2004 the turkish Cypriots voted “Yes” for Kofi Annan’s peace plan, whereas the greek Cypriots voted ‘No’, and they voted ‘No’ because the greek Cypriot government of the time made the propanganda of the “No”. Günter Verheugen said that the Greek cypriot government betrayed him, and he said that the European Union should not have accepted the greek Cypriots as members of the EU. Angela Merkel also said it was a mistake.

But did not they and the EU really know what would happen in Cyprus? Or did the EU think that the turkish Cypriots would have voted “No” to the peace plan? And did not the EU know that the greek Cypriots would behave like they do after being members of the EU?
We all know that the greek Cypriots take advantage of their EU membership in order to sabotage the negotiations talks about the reunification of Cyprus, and maybe they will not hesitate to sabotage the negotiations talks between the EU and Turkey about Turkey’s EU membership next december.

A turkish minister said nearly 2 months ago that if the greek Cypriots keep showing no interest in finding a solution for peace in Cyprus, the division of the island would be official. In other words, the north of Cyprus would be recognized by many countries.
If the division of the island is official, the greek Cypriots, the Greeks and the EU will be the ones to blame, because the turkish Cypriots and Turkey have shown strong willingness and worked hard in order to reunify the island.

By the way, Turkey keeps saying that it will open its ports and airports to the greek Cypriots’ ships and planes as soon as the EU keeps its promise regarding the embargoes towards the turkish Cypriots. Thus, why the EU is not keeping its promise? I wonder, are really the greek Cypriots and the Greeks the big issue? Are they really so strong to prevent the EU from lifting the embargoes?

Maybe the EU is manipulating the greek Cypriots in the same way it manipulated Greece: for years it was Greece that vetoed Turkey’s EU membership. Now the turn is to the greek Cypriots! Well, after the greek Cypriots (if the island is reunified), whose turn will it be? Austria? I am really suspicious regarding the real goals of the EU. And I do not understand why the greek Cypriots were accepted in the EU. Are they in Europe? Or are they european?
Many politicians in the EU, and in France, say that Turkey is not in Europe. So why have taken the greek Cypriots in the EU? In my opinion, Turkey is both a country of Europe, of the Balkans, of the Middle East, and of the Caucasus. And since Turkey is already a candidate country to the EU, since the negotiations started in 2005, why still questioning whether Turkey is in Europe?

Owing to its behaviour regarding Turkey, the EU has lost loads of its credibility. One must remember that Turkey is an official candidate to the EU since 1999, and the negotiations talks began in 2005: all the EU states signed in 1999 and in 2004. Well, no one can forget that. But there are some irresponsible politicians who don’t care of what has been signed: Mr Sarkozy does not want of Turkey in the EU because he hates Turkey, it is crystal clear (for instance he met the turkish president in Paris with a chewing-gum in the mouth), it is a personal subject for him. As for Ms Merkel, she doesn’t want Turkey to be an EU member because for her and the christian democrats, the EU must remain christian. So because of some irresponsible politicians, the EU lost its credibility. Will we witness the same thing next december?

Some people may have good reasons for objecting to Turkey’s EU membership (environment, public procurement, agriculture and rural development, trans-european networks, ….), but they must know that Turkey will not enter the EU now or in a few years. Turkey will enter the EU only if the european commission gives its approval: there are nearly 35 chapters, and the negotiations regarding these chapters will be closed when Turkey succesfully adapts its laws to the EU laws.

Turkey is evolving and is improving herself in lots of areas, and in ten years Turkey will be a greater Turkey. Moreover Turkey has oil and gas in the black sea. Perhaps that like Norway, Turkey will not accept the EU membership anymore.

I am of those who think that having prejudices can be normal. Nevertheless, I really don’t understand the people who keep having prejudices despite having improved their knowledge.

I wish I had written more but I have not enough time, you can read more here but it’s in french.



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