Turkey and the European Union

At first let me say that I’m not a pro-AKP, I’m socialist and Keynesian, but I ought to clarify something: the AKP is not islamist, but many call it as islamic. Islamist and islamic are quite different (the word islamic exists in french, does this word exist in english?). In Germany there’s a political party that calls itself “christian democrats”, and no one is shocked in the European Union! But it does shock me.

Anyway in Turkey it is forbidden to mix religion and politics, that’s why a political party in Turkey can’t use any religious word to name itself. I think that Angela Merkel and many of her colleagues are really religious and anti-secular. They wanted the EU consitution to include this: “The roots of the EU is christendom”, but fortunately they failed.

If it was Turkey that was behind such a bad and astonishing idea, many in the EU would have shouted: “Turkey is not a secular country, the Turks are dangerous, it can’t be an EU member”!

I remember in 2004, there was in France a lynching about Turkey in the media. It lasted several months until the decision of the EU to open the negotiation talks with Turkey was made. The Vatican was used to saying at that time that Turkey could not be a member of the EU (Mr Ratzinger for instance, and he was not pope at the time. But strangely he changed his mind after being chosen, maybe it’s because it was too late to object to Turkey’s EU membership once the negotiations started!), and no one was shocked that a religious man gave his opinion and interfered in politics. But if a religious official in Turkey gave his opinion regarding Turkey’s EU membership, many would shout in the EU, it would be like the end of the world in the EU!

Turkey is a secular and democratic country, but it is not a perfect one. And Turkey has still a lot to do to become an almost full democracy (yes almost, because a 100% democratic country does not exist, even in France where there are several fascists who have some power).

Turkey will improve itself. It is changing at a fast pace, and Turkey will be a greater Turkey in 10 years.

History will remember the people who helped Turkey to change, and the people who destabilized it and prevented it from being a more democratic country, such as many politicians in the EU who keep saying that Turkey is not a european country, and some politicians who do not recognize the PKK as a terrorist group.

If Turkey is not a european country, why did the EU recognize it as an official candidate to the EU in 1999 (underlining that Turkey would be treated like any other candidate country, and that the goal was the full membership)? Why did the EU decide in 2004 to open the negotiations talks? The goal is the full membership, it is written in the EU laws. Every EU state signed in 1999 and 2004. Thus the EU must stand to its commitments.

But some racist politicians such as Mr Sarkozy do not care of what have been signed and thence destroy the credibility of the EU. Fortunately Sweden, which runs the current EU presidency, worked objectively and supported Turkey, despite the pressure of France which is governed by a very swindling president.

We are used to hearing most of the time the people who object to Turkey’s EU membership. But maybe this time is over, since many countries of the EU began to protest against them: Spain, Latvia, England, Finland, Italy, Portugal, Greece, Belgium, Poland… And if we are not used to hearing them it’s also because the media (as far as I’m concerned, in France) don’t introduce their opinion to the citizens. In France the media wash our brain regarding Turkey, as if Turkey was responsible for the french issues, such as unemployment!

Some politicians like Mr sarkozy say that they are against Turkey’s EU membership but the truth is that they hide their racism behind the polls that are not in support of Turkey’s EU membership. It should not be surprising to learn that the French are rather against Turkey’s EU membership, since the media keep painting all the time only the negative side of Turkey, and too often exagerating it.

And since 2004, the french media have been washing our brain as if Turkey was going to be a member right now or within 1 or 2 years. As if there was not the european commission. Thus in France we are intentionally conditioned to have a negative image of Turkey.

Eventually, after World War II, if Germany and France had decided to hold a referendum in order to unite and create the EEC/EU, would the German and the French have voted “Yes”? Would the EEC/EU have been created? So this is an example to give to France and Austria, since these two countries want to hold a referendum about Turkey’s EU membership at the end of the negotiations. (Moreover, if all the EU countries had decided to hold a referendum regarding the treaty of Lisbon, would it have been approved by all of them?).

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