Spain and Turkey

Spain’s going to run the next European Union presidency, and its leaders said that they will work hard regarding the negotiations with Turkey. Well before Spain was an EU member, there was a wave of racism objecting to its membership. But Turkey has been experiencing much more animosity (since 2004) than Spain ever had. So Spain supports Turkey because it knows very well what racism means.

Nevertheless, the job will be very hard because of the racists of France and Germany. Sweden has worked hard but couldn’t open several chapters, given the (UMP) french pressure, which is obvious.

So will Spain (a big country compared with Sweden) be able to open several chapters with Turkey? Will it say to the French “Stop”? It ought to say that, because France does not represent the EU. France is an EU member, but can not impose its opinion about Turkey to all the EU members.

Today the foreign minister of Estonia said again that his country supports Turkey’s EU membership. Many countries support Turkey but in France (especially) we are used to being introduced only to the politicians who object to Turkey’s membership.

Let’s see if Spain will succeed in starting new chapters, and let’s see if the media will be objective and deal at last about the countries/politicians who support Turkey’s path to the EU membership.



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