As I wrote in my previous article, the ones within the military who planned a coup not only do not represent the turkish army, but also are traitors against the republic and Atatürk. They are traitors against Atatürk because a coup would have only caused huge damage to Turkey. I do believe that those traitors are manipulated by some of the ennemies of Turkey, the ones who don’t want Turkey to be a full democracy. And most of those ennemies are outside Turkey. So the traitors within the turkish army are controlled by foreign powers.

The AKP has no hidden agenda, and Mehmet Ali Birand underlined it 5 years ago. Turkey is improving itself in loads of aeras, but its progress disturb some foreign powers. Everybody can indentify them. But I don’t say that the ones who influence the traitors within the turkish army are some EU politicans (by the way, many politicians of the European Union who object to Turkey’s EU membership deeply wish the turkish army to make a coup in order to freeze the negotiations. But as Mr Birand said 5 years ago, a new coup will never happen because Turkey has changed. Well, I am really horrified to see that many EU politicians want to destabilize Turkey, not only it is insane but also evil. Those politicians still haven’t understood that the EU was initially created for peace. Those politicians are traitors against the EU. And they are traitors against Robert Schuman and Jean Monnet, the fathers of the EU.). Not at all, the ones who control the traitors against the turkish republic are much more powerful and dangerous.

Last but not least, nobody raises the real question that follows: why didn’t the traitors within the turkish army succeed in making a coup in 2003-2004? Because the real pro-Atatürk within the turkish army prevented them from making it. As the Chief of General Staff Ilker Basbuğ said, the whole army can’t be accused.

Chief of General Staff Ilker Basbuğ
Chief of General Staff Ilker Basbuğ

Thus, the turkish army should not be seen as an ennemy of the turkish democracy or of the current government.

Eventually, it’s not the turkish army which didn’t succeed in making a coup but some of the international ennemies of Turkey. The turkish army, Atatürk’s army, saved Turkey’s future.



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  1. i generally agree with your statements but i disagree with you on 1 point and that is, Basbug has the ability to trial the suspects in a military court. but he chose to either defend them or white wash the cases. if he had of tried the accused military personnel properly he would have gained credibility and the respect of the turkish people. in his actions of covering up the charges he destroyed the image of the TSK

  2. Dear Kenan,

    you are right. But maybe that Ilker Basbuğ had the hands tied, I mean maybe that he thought that the turkish army is not ready to face with such a decision. Because owing to the current tension, such a decision may have weakened more (and divided) the army.

    Last but not least, as I wrote in my previous article, Mr Basbuğ said that the whole turkish army can’t be accused. He said “the whole” (tümünü) and immediately he made a break: “Siz bu orduyu tümünü nasıl böyle itham edersiniz?” He insisted on that word, which is very revealing. It summarizes the stance and the opinion of the turkish army.

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