Article n°1
“Hanligil believes that a city can change with sports and started his journey in Hakkari, where there are almost no social and sport activities for youth.”

I agree with him. Sports is a powerful tool indeed. The turkish government supports sports activities in order to help the young people to integrate better into society, but I don’t know if its work is efficient and enough. But I hope so.

“He has helped local youth through basketball and made basketball popular. He has also helped local youth enroll in universities. Thanks to his efforts, several basketball activities have been organized in Hakkari, and the streetball tournament has become a tradition. In Hakkari there are 12 basketball teams with 1,200 players. Each year 800 girls and boys apply to his basketball summer camps.”

Congratulations!! Thanks to people like Erol Hanligil, Turkey’s future is bright. A big thank you to Mr Hanligil.

Article n°2
Most of the politicians of the European Union support Turkey’s EU membership for economic reasons: 3.6 million households in Turkey (which represent 14 million people) earn the average income of the EU citizens (25 000 euros per year), thus the turkish market is very important for the EU. Moreover Turkey’s population is young, so that market has a greater potential. Whereas the population of the EU is getting old. Furthermore, the turkish economy is so deeply rooted to the economy of the EU that when Turkey is a member it will be immediately included into the euro zone.

One day Olli Rehn said: “Turkey’s EU membership is vital”. But Olli Rehn doesn’t support Turkey’s EU membership for economic reasons only. I guess he is of those who believe that an EU member Turkey will help the EU and the world to be better. I do believe that too. Turkey has a rich culture indeed, and, in my opinion, the most important interest of the EU is not the economic one, it is the cultural one.

Millions of tourists (last year 27 million) go to Turkey every year and discover the real Turkey and its rich culture. For instance the french tourists realize that the media in France make a brain washing regarding Turkey, they realize that the image of Turkey shown by the media is quite subjective. So thanks to tourism, many French see that Turkey is a modern and secular country, and that helps them to change their mind regarding Turkey’s EU membership (nevertheless the EU was not created on a cultural perspective. In fact, the EU is not a cultural plan, but an economic and political plan).

Article n°3
Mustafa Erdoğan is a very successful man. I watched The Fire of Anatolia. Great dancer shows. Congratulations. Mr Erdoğan introduces the turkish culture to the world. It’s the best response to some media which usually paint a dark picture about Turkey.

Article n°4
I quote Ria Oomen-Ruijten: “”If you want to modernize and make your country a harmonious society, you need to have new rules and these new rules need to be laid down in a Constitution,” Oomen-Ruijten said.”

That is one of the most beautiful declarations I’ve ever heard from an EU politician. It is beautifully said and it is also true. The constitution of Turkey will be re-written. Turkey progresses a lot every day, thus it will become soon an harmonious and a more modern country.

Article n°5
I believe that Nicolas Sarkozy won in 2007 because his rival was a woman (Ségolène Royal): the French didn’t want of a woman as president. Well I do support Martine Aubry for the next presidency. I don’t want of Dominique Strauss Kahn, and above all I don’t want of Laurent Fabius. As for Ségolène Royal, she made many mistakes. The only sensible choice is to support Martine Aubry.

I’ve been supporting and trusting her and Lionel Jospin for many years. I’ve been supporting them because they are very clever, and also because I really like their personality. I feel close to them. Martine Aubry is a woman but she can be elected president of France, because the French are fed up with N.Sarkozy. They saw his true colours: he is swindling, he’s a bad head of state, and last but not least he even doesn’t know speaking the french well, it’s ashamed.

Lionel Jospin is the ideal candidate but he apparently won’t come back. So I strongly support Martine Aubry. In France people haven’t the same mentality and culture as the people of Finland or Sweden. Nevertheless, electing a woman president in France is possible. Martine Aubry has a chance. Of course she can! Her election will be almost as historic as Barack Obama’s election.

Article n°6
I quote: “An association agreement between Turkey and the EU was signed in 1963. A number of decisions by the European Council, as well as resolutions by the European Parliament, confirmed that Turkey would become a full member once it meets all the requirements.”

But there are still many politicians who keep on objecting to Turkey’s EU membership and to the decisions of the EU, which were taken democratically. Instead of denying democracy and instead of attacking Turkey, they should deal with our big issues such as unemployment or environment.

“Turkey was granted candidate status by the Helsinki European Council Summit in 1999, and accession negotiations began in October 2005.”

So the opening of the negotiations was approved democratically. But many politicians of the EU deny that, yes they deny democracy, because they are full of hatred.

Article n°7
When Turkey is a member of the European Union, it will have to wait several years in order to be included in the Schengen zone. That was underlined before the decision to open the negotiations was taken.

Article n°8
““I would like to look at Greek-Turkish relations and Cyprus becoming a model of stability and peace, a model where we can work together and show the world that former foes can be the best of good partners in this globalizing world, where we have huge issues to deal with,” Prime Minister George Papandreou said late on Monday during a joint press conference with U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in Washington.”

That goal can be quickly reached thanks to a high speed train line between Athens and Istanbul. Turkey and Greece can finance it, but it would be better if it was the EU which financed it. Don’t misunderstand me. It’s not about money, it’s about peace. I do believe it will be more symbolic if the EU provides with financial help regarding that high speed train line. Because the EU was created for peace. Robert Schuman and Jean Monnet would be happy if the EU built that great plan. And that would be considered as one of the best master pieces of the EU.

Article n°9
“”The brash and outspoken Davutoğlu believes in restoring Turkey’s Ottoman glories….””

Not at all. Turkey is only improving its ties with every country, and of course especially with its neighbours. Mr Davutoğlu repeated many times the following: “Our goal is 0 problem with our neighbours”. So what Turkey is doing has nothing to do with the “Ottoman glories”. Besides, Mr Davutoğlu underlined that a few times, and the last time was yesterday (in turkish). Thanks to Mr Davutoğlu’s successes, Turkey evolves towards the right path.

Article n°10
“Turkey’s foreign minister is the “new grand vizier,” according to a French magazine, which also decried the Turkish government’s turn toward a “neo-Ottoman” foreign policy during the past year.” ““His doctrines are reminiscent of the pax-Ottomana, when the Ottoman Empire spanned from Sarajevo to Baghdad,” the magazine said.”

I’m realizing once more that many journalists are paid for nothing: “Money for nothing and checks for free”! That analysis proves that the journalist of “Le nouvel observateur” needs to wake up, and to think more about Turkey before writing anything.

The journalist seems to be lost in the past. He has to know that Atatürk created Turkey as a secular republic in 1923, and that Mr Davutoğlu is the foreign minister of that republic. Turkey is improving its relations with its neighbours such as Russia, Greece, but also with Iraq, Syria, or Iran. What’s the problem? France and Germany have economic relations with Saudi Arabia and Iran, but that doesn’t disturb any journalist in France or Germany, and no one says that they shift to the east.

Article n°11
I flew with Turkish Airlines and Air France from Turkey to France, their meals are made by the turkish Do&Co. So I am able to compare them: the meals of Turkish Airlines are really quite good, whereas the meals of Air France are bad. Because the meals that Turkish Airlines buys are the most expensive ones, thus the best ones. Whereas Air France buys the cheapest meals. And I also flew with Air France and Turkish Airlines from France to Turkey: the meals are awful. I really do not exagerate. Servair and Bruno Pegorier have “A long long way to go” in order to be as good as the turkish Do&Co.

Article n°12
If Atatürk and his soldiers were not there, Turkey would not have existed. If Atatürk had lived 10 years more, let’s imagine what he would have achieved! In fact, let’s consider what Atatürk achieved during 15 years from 1923 until 1938. So if Atatürk had lived 10 more years, Turkey would have been a world superpower for a long time.

Article n°13
Renault made a master stroke with Dacia. Dacia sells good cars that are not expensive (but the former “Logan” is ugly. The “Sandero” is much better). Renault will make another greater master stroke with 4 100 % electrical cars, among which the “Fluence”, which will be launched next year. Click here and there

Article n°14
Michael Schumacher can succeed again. Without M.Shumacher and Jacques Villeneuve, formula 1 has been boring. I haven’t been watching the races as much as before. But thanks to Schumacher’s come back, I will watch the races more than I did during the last 3 years. I support Lewis Hamilton and Michael Schumacher.

I do remember an article published in an issue of the american magazine “Premiere” in 1999. The issue was a special one (with different front covers) fully dedicated to the new Star Wars movie “Episode I: the phantom menace” (my favourite among the new trilogy). In the article a journalist dealt with the pod race (which is incredible!), and he compared the pilots of the pod race to the pilots of our Formula one. And the journalist compared Sebulba to Michael Shumacher, because they both cheat! There were other funny comparisons. Well 1999 was a very good year for me.

Article n°15
I am very happy that that kind of festival is organized. It should be organized in the southeastern Turkey too. Well that is a positive event which the TV channels ought to deal with. They ought to deal with that kind of news because it gives hope and optimism (the TV channels are rather used to spreading pessimism).

I like jazz and classical music. I am looking forward to going to a jazz festival in Istanbul. It will be great. But before going to the concerts, I will have a cup of tea on the Bosphorus, through a gentle wind, while listening to Sezen Aksu’s magnificent song “Nihayet”. So that I can soak up one of the numerous magical atmospheres of Istanbul. When I seek harmony, I listen to her masterpiece “Nihayet”, which helps me to soothe my thoughts. Sting’s song “The wild wild sea” has the same effect on me.

Best regards,


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