Turkey’s Datça cemetery: proof of tolerance

I quote:

A multi-confessional cemetery in Datça provides evidence that people of different religions can live and be buried together, a prominent resident of the southern town has said in response to a controversy over graves in nearby Bodrum.

“In Datça [in the southwestern province of Muğla], locals, foreigners, Europeans and those who have chosen to remain here after falling in love with Datça live side by side. We continue to be side by side after we die,” said 58-year-old Datça real estate manager Mehmet Öztürker.”

“Datça Cemetery houses the graves of dozens of German, British and Italian residents along with hundreds of Turkish Muslims’ remains”, Öztürker said.

Showing a grave, Öztürker said: “See, here is the grave of Peter, who everybody knew and liked in Datça. When we come here, we also pray for them. I do not know all of the religious rituals, but I’m sure our prayers are accepted and that there is no problem for them to lie side by side.”

Turkey needs infrastructure for electric cars, Renault says

Great job of Renault and Nissan. The autonomy of the Fluence is 150 kilometres. The battery can be charged within 4 to 6 hours at home. And within 20 minutes at special stations. But if the driver can’t wait 20 minutes, he can be provided with a charged battery.

I quote:

The Renault Fluence, an electric car that has launched production at the company’s facility in the northwestern province of Bursa, will be exported to European countries such as France, Denmark and Portugal next year, according to a company official.

People in France will have access to electric cars produced in Bursa before people in Turkey do because the country does not yet have the necessary infrastructure, said Tarık Tunalıoğlu, director general of Oyak Renault, a Turkish carmaker co-owned by Oyak and French Renault.

Hereunder an article from EurActiv Turkey:

A university of Adıyaman in Turkey made a minibus that works through solar panels. Its name: Commagene.

By night the bus can keep working thanks to the charged battery, and the autonomy is 150 kilometres (as the Fluence and the other 3 electric cars of Renault!).

It is also possible to charge the battery at home. The limit speed is 55 KM per hour.

Since many countries – such as Cameroon (which wants to purchase a thousand of these minibuses) – have already decided to purchase it, that “solar” bus will be mass-produced very soon. The university had to spend 105 000 euros, and the fruit of their labours is excellent given such a tiny budget (it took one year to do that great job).

Now I suggest an article from Dünya newspaper:

Financial Times columnist praises Istanbul Ataturk Airport, slams Heathrow

A columnist for British daily The Financial Times yesterday criticized Heathrow Airport as “a disgrace” while praising Ataturk Airport, saying, “To fly from Istanbul to London is to travel from the first to the third world.”

Turkish jazz artist records album with London Philharmonic

Ataturk international airport sparkles with steel and glass modernity – a monument to Turkey’s status as a rising power”, wrote columnist Philip Stephens.

Heathrow’s Terminal 3, scarred by broken travelators, exposed ceiling voids and filthy carpeting, has become an emblem of national decline.

He added, “For the world’s rising states, international airports – and indeed their national airlines (Turkish Airlines beats BA [British Airways] hands down on the Istanbul route) – are a statement of modernity. They speak both to national pride and to integration in the global economy.”

Turkey’s world-renowned jazz pianist Kerem Görsev has recently released a new album, ‘Therapy.’ After recording previous albums with the world’s top orchestras, Görsev has done it again for his 14th album by working with the London Philharmonic Orchestra and maestro Alan Broadbent at the famous Abbey Road Studios.”

To record his album, Görsev organized the meeting of the orchestra, the maestro and Ernie Watts, who played saxophone on the album. One week before the recording session, maestro Broadbent and Watts visited Istanbul to meet bassist Kağan Yıldız and drummer Ferit Odman of the Kerem Görsev Trio and they performed an Istanbul concert. One week later, they went to London for the recording session.

Davutoğlu evaluates Turkish foreign policy

Mr Davutoğlu is a man who breathes hope and peace. His smile is synonymous with brotherhood and tolerance. I support Mr Davutoğlu because he is an exceptional human being and an exceptional minister for foreign affairs. Like Ismail Cem.

I quote:

Davutoğlu said that some, in their analysis of Turkey, are making mistakes in taking proper snapshots of the official process.

Davutoğlu said that having a lot of pictures about what is happening in order to comprehend the changes in foreign policy is a must and noted a correct analysis without seeing these changes cannot be possible.

Foreign Minister Davutoğlu also said that there is need for a new global restoration and Turkey is engaged in a process of restoration regarding its society, politics and economy.

Well some US diplomats and lobbies want to make people believe that Mr Davutoğlu is dangerous. That is really ridiculous, and that is a disgraceful lie that aims at discrediting Turkey and him. Why? Because these US diplomats are disturbed of the political power of Turkey in its regions such as the Middle East or the Balkans. These corrupt US diplomats and their shadowy lobbies are disturbed of the peace that Mr Davutoğlu is spreading. Actually those who are dangerous are the US politicians and their lobbies that created the so-called war in Iraq (and the so-called first Gulf War). They invaded Iraq, they are responsible for the death of more than one million Iraqi citizens, and they dare attack Turkey and its minister for foreign affairs (who did not authorize the USA to attack Iraq from Turkey). Unbelievable. But who can believe that insane US propaganda?

Here is the answer of Mr Davutoğlu to these politicians (from the Hürriyet Daily News):

“Yes, I’m extremely dangerous for those who want to have instability in our region. I’m extremely dangerous for those who want to create new tensions,” Davutoğlu told a press roundtable in a Washington hotel.

Well, Turkey is not shifting to the east (anyway that doesn’t mean anything, does it?), Turkey is shifting to the peace. Whereas the USA are shifting to war.

(By the way, the EU is shifting to the double standards. Why does the EU deal with the reasons for which Turkey should be an EU member? No need to be in the search for any reason to justify Turkey’s EU membership. Because the EU has not to convince itself about a decision that it has already made. Well, why have not questionned the benefits for the EU of the EU membership of the former candidates to the union? Why did not the EU and the EU media ask for the benefits of the EU membership of Greece, south Cyprus, Estonia, Latvia, Poland, Austria, Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania, …..?).

Now I suggest an article from Cumhuriyet English:

2011 announces as ‘Year of Turkey’ in Leningrad

I quote:

Leningrad Region Chamber of Commerce & Industry of Russian Federation announced 2011 as “Year of Turkey.

Ozdebir said the Organized Industrial Zone would be constructed in St. Petersburg by a Turkish company Ronesans Construction and ASO. Ozdebir also welcomed announcement of 2011 as the “Year of Turkey” in Leningrad. “Commercial relations are definitely important for peoples of the two countries. However boosting cultural relations is also important,” he said.

Turkey entering ‘Golden Era’ in renewable market, says expert

Turkey is entering a “Golden Era” for renewable energy market developments, according to Tom Popple, project coordinator at the third annual South Eastern European Renewable Energy Conference.

Estimates suggest there is a profitable wind energy market in Turkey that could produce good returns and potentially surpass nuclear options in less than a decade, said Erol Demirer, CEO of Demirer Holding.

Minister confirms plans for third Istanbul airport

Turkish Minister of Transport and Communication Binali Yıldırım has confirmed that a third airport is scheduled to be built on the European side of Istanbul, Anatolia news agency reported Monday.

The minister said civil aviation in Istanbul is developing quickly, with Atatürk Airport on the European side of the city shouldering a major proportion of the traffic, while Sabiha Gökçen Airport on the Anatolian side is also receiving an increasing amount of traffic.

Below two more interesting articles from Dünya:

Gül lauds Turkish Aerospace Industries

President Abdullah Gül, touring Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) facilities yesterday, praised the company, saying it serves to boost Turkey ‘s progress and prestige.

“I am very proud to be here,” said Gül. “This facility shows us how far Turkey has gotten. Everyone in Turkey should follow TAI’s research, which makes us proud and increases our self-confidence.”

Predicting that in five to ten years TAI will have one of the world’s most distinguished facilities, Gul said key parts for airplanes worldwide are made by TAI.

First Turkish National fighter jet could fly in 2020

Turkey’s dream of producing a national fighter jet entirely on its own is likely to finally come true after a meeting of the Defense Industry Implementation Committee (SSIK) on Saturday.

The committee decided to start on the design of the first Turkish fighter jet and talks with Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI), Tusas Engine Industries (TEI) and Uzay Industries on producing the aircraft.

“The jet will be cutting edge,” the committee said in a statement after the meeting.

“It will replace the F4s and will be a fighter jet that works with the F-16 and F-35.”

Metro on Istanbul’s Anatolian side to have cars without conductors

Istanbul will receive its first fully computerized metro trains in 2011, according to Istanbul Mayor Kadir Topbaş.

“With the advance technology we are using, the wagons will be able to enter into the system without the presence a conductor when required,” Topbaş said Wednesday during a speech at the under-construction Küçükyalı Station on Istanbul Anatolian side.

We already have this at Paris.

Turkey to try again for spot on UN Security Council

I quote:

Turkey is again set to become a candidate for a non-permanent seat on the United Nations Security Council, the country’s foreign minister announced Saturday.

Davutoğlu said Saturday that Turkey’s two-year membership was considered to have made a mark on the U.N.

“We have represented humanity and conscience over the past two years,” Davutoğlu said. “We have represented the human quest for security and freedom. We have not represented the interests of any other country or group. We have only represented our principled and honored world view in the U.N.”

The minister said he had been approached by ministers and officials from several countries who asked him during the last Security Council meeting when Turkey would again run for a seat.

“They told me that Turkey would absolutely win more than 153 votes this time,” he said. “We won that number in 2008, and it was the highest number of votes. We will run again, and we will win again.”

Now I suggest the comment of a commentator whose pseudonym is “MKMKMK”:

Interestingly, there isn’t a single Muslim country in the veto-wielding permanent members on the Security Council although there are over 1 billion Muslims in the world. Clearly the UN is outdated & in need of reforms.

Well said.

Here is an article from TRT English:

Record-level applications for Erzurum Universiade 2011

I’m looking forward to watching these university winter games.

I quote:

2.798 sports people and managers from 58 countries were registered for the games.

Few days are left for the historic meeting at the top of Anatolia. Preparations are about to be finalized prior to the great organization.

“Erzurum 2011 games now host 2798 sports people and managers from 58 countries at this time being. We have already broken record in participation number in both country and sports people level after 2005 Innsbruck games,’’ said an official.

Everything is ready for the games. 2011 Universiade Erzurum will start on January 27, 2011 and will end on February 6.

Last but not least:

Fenerbahçe becomes world champion

Historical achievement from Fenerbahçe Acıbadem Women Volleyball

Fenerbahçe Acıbadem Women Volleyball team has beaten Brazil’s Sollys Osasco 3-0 at the World Clubs Championship Final.

Fenerbahçe Acıbadem won the sets in Qatari capital Doha with these scores; 25-23, 25-22 and 25-17.

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