Here is a seventh wave of very interesting articles:

EU report praises Turkey

“Turkey’s 2010 budget figures announced by Finance Minister Mehmet Şimşek impressed the EU.

Turkey has achieved “a much better than expected” budgetary performance in 2010, the European Commission has said in an economic report on candidate and potential candidate countries.

The report that covers 2010’s first 11 months said “Budgetary performance in 2010 in Turkey proved much better than expected particularly with a strong recovery in domestic demand that backed indirect taxes significantly”.

According to the EU Commission data, Turkey’s gross government debt to GDP ratio stands at 43 percent, whereas EU average in gross government debt to GDP ratio reaches as high as 79 percent.

The government debt to GDP ratio which shouldn’t exceed 60 % according to the Maastricht economic criteria are 140.2 percent in Greece, 118.9 percent in Italy, 98.6 percent in Belgium, 97.4 percent in Ireland, 83 percent in France and Portugal each, 77.8 percent in Britain and 75.7 percent in Germany.”

Standard & Poor’s cut Japan’s credit rating one notch

I’ve never understood the legitimacy of the rating agencies. Why have they so much power? Where does their power come from? And why are they so “credible”?

Nearly 100 High speed train stations to be built across Turkey

I’m very eager to travel throughout Turkey through highspeed trains.

Turkish energy minister is in Finland

“Minister Yıldız will have talks with Finland Finance Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Jyrki Katainen, Trade and Industry Minister Mauri Pekkarinen and Foreign Trade and Development Minister Paavo Matti Vayrynen.

Minister Yıldız will also visit Finland Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority, and meet representatives of energy companies at Confederation of Finnish Industries, and inspect some power plants.”

Well what we can understand is that Finland may build a nuclear plant in Turkey (but I’m against nuclear energy).

Now I suggest an article from Dünya:

Turkey consolidates its position as a hub for intl companies

“In the months and years to come, more and more companies should be managed from Turkish soil, said International Investors Association (YASED) head Piraye Antika yesterday. Speaking to the Anatolia news agency, Antika underlined that Turkey is a popular destination for international capital. “Turkey’s advantageous geographical location and rapidly improving investment environment, compared to its neighbors, and its politically stable environment is a reason for its position as a regional hub for multinational companies,” she argued.

“Furthermore, Turkey’s highly qualified workforce, especially white-collar workers, has the required experience and ability to manage subsidiary companies in other countries from headquarters in Turkey. These white-collar workers easily adapt to the cultures of different geographical regions like the Middle East, Central Asia and the Balkans. They are successful in communicating with the management there.” Antika said Turkey will be able to attract many more international companies to set up regional headquarters if additional measures are made to help cut production costs and boost confidence in the investment environment.”

Here is an article from Cumhuriyet:

Multinational corporations prefer Turkey as global operations HQs

I quote:

Multinational corporations prefer Turkey as HQs for their operations in the region, thanks to its geographic location. A large number of multinational corporations ranging from Coca-Cola to Unilever, from Adobe to Microsoft, manage their operations in Europe, Eurasia, Middle East, Turkic Republics and the Mediterranean from their HQs in Turkey, particularly Istanbul.

Coca-Cola Eurasia and Africa manages its operations in 90 countries from its HQs in Istanbul. PepsiCo Turkey manages operations of the company in 14 countries including Serbia, Bosna Herzegovina, Kosovo, Macedonia, Croatia, Slovenia, Montenegro, Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova, Israel and Greece.

Unilever Turkey manages operations of the company in 12 countries. Microsoft Middle East and Africa HQs in Istanbul oversee operations of the company in 79 countries, while BSH HQs in Istanbul oversee operations in 10 countries and Mastercard HQs in Istanbul oversees operations in ten countries in Southeast Europe.

Intel has been managing operations in 67 countries at the Middle East and African region from Turkey since 2004. Adobe’s Istanbul HQs is in charge of operations in the Mediterranean countries. It also oversees operations in Albania, Bosnia Herzegovina, Israel, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Turkey.

Microsoft International MEA’s Vice President in charge of Business Strategy Development and Business Operations Ala Faramawy says Turkey’s proximity to important centers of business, its transportation hub, the business opportunities it offers, its social growth, its potential in informatics and communication technologies, its highly qualified work force, and the infrastructure it offers for foreign workers, makes it a perfect spot for operational HQs.

“Turkey with its dynamic economy, business opportunities, and especially its young and pro-technology population carries great potential for growth. For example it ranks 4th in the globe with 28.4 million Windows Live Messenger users. With all these qualities, Turkey carries the potential to become a provider of software and service for other countries, particularly EU countries. In this respect, Microsoft is always ready to provide support for economic growth and capacity building,” says Faramawy.”

Turkish and British defense ministers meet in Ankara

Turkey, as a NATO member, has always been the right-hand of the EU, but many EU politicians turned out to be traitors towards the independent and young Turkish republic. I’m angry. A key ally certainly can’t be treated this way. These EU politicians cause a huge harm to the EU and its image. That EU is a catastrophe. But at least the UK does remember how Turkey was such a loyal ally during the Cold War. Turkey’s EU membership will bring the politically paralyzed EU into new life.

I quote:

“Fox also expressed positive thoughts about being in the country, stating that Turkey is a friend, partner and ally of the U.K. and that the two countries needed to work on a foundation of peace for a joint future.

“Turkey is one of our most important allies,” said Fox. “We have a very strong friendship. We have a shared history. And more importantly, we have mutual interests.

“We are happy with the Turkish forces in Kabul. It is an example that many other countries need to follow. We would be at a more positive point if all NATO allies showed the same commitment.

“We have always supported Turkey’s membership in the European Union,” said Fox. “[EU membership] is inevitably the path Turkey is on if you look at the progress through out the last few years.”

But will David Cameron keep his promise of last july? (He stated that he would strongly support Turkey’s EU membership cause within the EU.).

Now Mr Fox repeats that the UK supports Turkey’s EU bid, but will his government act at last in concrete terms?.

Turkish Airlines set to overtake British Airways to become Europe’s third-biggest airline

“Outdoing a number of leading European airlines, including Lufthansa and Air France-KLM, with its strong performance in recent years, state-run Turkish Airlines (THY) is now vying with British Airways to become Europe’s third-biggest airline, with its CEO Temel Kotil seeing that goal possibly within reach this year.

Touting THY’s new Curioz Children’s Club at the international terminal of Istanbul’s Ataturk Airport to the media, Kotil yesterday said THY carried 29.4 million passengers last year, and set a goal of 34-35 million passengers this year to retain THY’s recent growth trend.

On THY’s ambitions to become Europe’s number three air carrier this year, he said, “Last year there was a head-to-head competition between THY and its British rival. But THY will probably triumph in this rivalry this year, because THY has remarkably expanded its aircraft fleet. There is no such expansion in British Airways’ fleet. We also perform very well in on-time departures, with 86 percent of our planes taking off on time.””

Dutch secret service warns about PKK

Here is the truth about the terrorist organization the PKK:

“Terrorist organization PKK is providing funds for the camps in the north of Iraq from the Netherlands. This intel info appeared in a report by the Dutch Secret Service.

The Secret Service in the Netherlands reportedly warned ministries and local authorities in the country regarding PKK’s activities in the Netherlands.

According to the report prepared by the Service, the terrorist organization has been providing the camps in the north of Iraq with medicine, clothing and foodstuffs.
Although all its activities were banned in the Netherlands in 2007, PKK has been establishing a number of so called culture or sports associations to recruit members and procure funds.

Another source of finance for the terror organisation is extortion activities against Kurdish-origin citizens living in the country under the guises of taxes, donations and charity collection.

Most of the money collected in the Netherlands is used for the broadcasting costs of PKK’s tv station.

Last month it was revealed that PKK threatened with death, business owners near an association in the Hague which is the political extension of the organization.

The EUROPOL previously found out that PKK uses millions of euro, that it raised from illegal activities such as drug trade, human trafficking, forgery and extortion, to purchase weapons and carry out terrorist activities.”

Venezuela invites Turkish construction in exchange for oil

As Chris TRNC (a commentator of the Hürriyet Daily News) would say, “Let’s trade!” !

I quote:

“To meet its need for 2 million residences, Venezuela yesterday proposed an “oil for houses” deal to Turkey.

Energy and Natural Resources Minister Taner Yildiz, after visiting the mausoleum of Venezuela’s national hero Simon Bolivar on the second day of his visit to Venezuela, met with Venezuelan Energy and Petroleum Minister Rafael Dario Ramirez Carreno.

“Venezuela needs hundreds of residences, and we made an offer to Yildiz to provide oil to Turkey in exchange for them building residences,” Ramirez told reporters after the meeting. “We made a request for residences from Turkey, as Turkey has an excellent construction sector.”

Yildiz said he had a very fruitful meeting with Ramirez, adding, “We talked about business opportunities between Turkey and Venezuela.” The residences Venezuela needs could be built either by Turkey’s Housing Development Administration (TOKI) or the Turkish private sector, Yildiz said.”

Historical silk road turning into a rail track

“The Kars-Ahılkelek-Tbilisi-Baku rail track project due to be completed in 2012 is progressing fast.”

“The Monitoring Coordination meeting with representatives from Turkey, Azerbaijan and Georgia was held in Georgia’s capital Tbilisi.”

“Transport Minister Yıldırım said the project is the indication of the three countries’ political will.”

He said further that 53 percent of the work in the Turkey portion of the project has been completed and the work in Georgia is also continuing as planned.”

First Turkish superyacht of the year sets sail

“Turkey’s first luxury yacht of the year was put to sea Tuesday in the free trade zone in the southern province of Antalya.

The 41.15-meter-long, 8.8-meter-wide multiple-cabin yacht was entirely a product of Turkish architects and workers, said Fikri Bayhan, coordinator of Peri Yachts, the builder of the ship.”

Very well-designed yacht. Congrats to Mr Bayhan and his workers.

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