Although the article below is not an article about the relations between Turkey and the EU, I couldn’t refrain from suggesting it. As many people, I am fascinated by our beautiful and incredible oceans – a miracle of life, but I’m deeply worried and afraid of our immeasurable pollutions.

And owing to all these frightening pollutions, I wonder if it is not dangerous to consume fishes.

As far as I’m concerned, I try to pollute less the environment. For instance I don’t buy detergents that are full of chemicals: in fact when I clean the floors of my house I use laundry, which is less dangerous than the detergents. Laundry is efficient and enough. Really. The detergents do not clean anything. But their unfortunately successful marketing claim that. So convincing propaganda! (Nevertheless the bleach remains necessary for the cleaning of the toilet). There are so many chemicals that are useless but pollute so much our poor, fragile and deserted oceans.

Major threats to the world oceans persist on the oceans day

8 June is World Oceans Day; but oceans and seas covering 70 % of the Earth’s surface are in trouble.

Seas and oceans, laying over 70 % of the world’s surface and are primary food source of one billion people, face a grave danger. Studies show that waste materials, oil drilling work, fishing industry and global warming cause substantial damages to nearly half of the oceans.

The number of dead zones, where pollution maxed out and living organisms reached the point of extinction, is rising. Dead zones didn’t exist in the 1950s, but there are about 400 now.

Acid content of water is dangerously escalating as carbon dioxide, occurring due to human activities, is emitted by seas around the world. This has negative influence on many species.

Corals that are of vital importance for sea life are the first victims of acidification in oceans. Dubbed as lungs of seas, coral reefs are under serious threat as a result of warming of oceans. Rising sea levels triggered by climate change, threaten coastlines and communities living in islands.

Damage inflicted upon oceans and ecosystems is so colossal that experts say that time has already passed to manage one by one the problems like pollution and excessive fishing.

What an horrible and shocking situation we must face with.

Colossal damage? Time has already passed? I’m really not surprised.

But we have to have hope and pollute less our oceans.

Well, have we another choice?

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