In my opinion there is no failure of the multicultural society in Europe. And it is a mistake to explain the killings in Norway by pointing the finger at the immigrants of Muslim religion or by refering to religion. Those who are also responsible (after the murderer) for these terrorist attacks are some EU leaders and other extremist politicians as well as the powerful media.

To start with, it’s not because there are people of Muslim religion that don’t integrate that we are able to say that all the people of Muslim religion don’t integrate.

Besides, how many are they? And is there only citizens of Muslim religion that don’t integrate?

I don’t want to copy and paste thus I suggest that article about the dangerous speech that Merkel made last year.

Well are Airbus or ESA failures?

Secondly, I do not believe that the failure of some Muslim immigrants to integrate in Western societies fuels “Islamic fundamentalism” (“Islamic fundamentalism” has other sources).

But that failure explains in part intolerance and racism, and that racism fuels “Christian fundamentalism” or terrorism (what happened in Norway was a terrorist attack. Why does no EU leader underline that?).

Let’s remind this: Thou shalt not kill. Hence a true Christian or Muslim can not kill, because someone who believes in God can’t kill, so no religious reason about the killings in Norway.

And what fuels intolerance and racism? Here are some reasons:

1/ The extremist leaders of the EU who manipulate religion to gain some votes in order to soothe their thirst of power and money. They succeed in brainwashing the EU citizens and spreading more racism and hatred. That’s blatant.

2/ The leaders such as:

– Sarkozy, who is used to repeating that Turkey can’t be an EU member or for instance who asked for a “debate” about Islam,

– Merkel (her declaration about the so-called failure of the multicultural society which actually did target Turkey’s EU membership) (or David Cameron’s declaration about that),

– Elmar Brok, who said that they (the CSU-CDU) will do everything that the Greek Cypriots will ask them,

Michael Spindelegger, who recently shamelessly provoked Turkey and its president and thus fed once more through the radio the notorious Austrian nationalism against Turkey,

– or Van Rompuy, who was chosen as the president of the EU in spite of the fact that he said in the past that Turkey can’t be an EU member because it is a country of Muslim religion. Wow, is it the reason why he was chosen as the president of the EU?

3/ The media, which make a brainwashing about Islam. In fact, the media mix Islam and terrorism. Who do control the media?

To conclude, there is no religion behind the horrible events in Norway, which were terrorist attacks. They are the result of an appalling brainwashing of the media and of the notorious extremist EU politicians as well as of several EU leaders. Thus no need to search for other so-called reasons that would come from religion. We the EU citizens have to unite against Islamophobia which represents a serious menace. Our destiny ought to not be shaped by incompetent and dangerous politicians who only care about their interests and ideology that don’t improve our planet. On the contrary, they contribute to a more divided world. They have blood on their hands. But they still run our countries with impunity. Message to the EU citizens: let’s prevent them from dividing us and destroying the crucial official alliance between Turkey and the EU. We the EU and Turkish citizens have to unite in order to shape our future, because we deserve a better future than the one we are being suggested. Let’s write our History together.

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PS. The opinion of three extremist leaders (an Italian, a French and an English – I don’t want to mention their names) about what happened in Norway is revealing: they said that they understand the thoughts of the murderer. Terrifying. My God.

PPS. Let’s remember that a crazy Finnish boy killed many people in Finland. Why did he do that? Because of religion? A crazy German boy killed many students in Germany. Why did he do that? Because of religion? I think that we ought to stop dealing with religion from dawn to dusk.

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