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Wilczek: Turkish economic strength would strengthen EU – September 13th 2011

As the 600th anniversary of the beginning of Turkish and Polish diplomatic history draws near, Poland’s ambassador to Turkey, Marcin Wilczek, acknowledged that Turkey has complimented Europe for hundreds of years and boasts more similarities than differences with European countries and that their connection is not one that either party could give up now that Turkey is on the path to EU accession.

In an interview with Today’s Zaman, the Polish diplomat highlighted that Poland was the first country to recognize Turkey as a state and was quick in sending a diplomat to Ankara — the first ambassador to physically be in the new capital after the establishment of the Turkish Republic.

Although Poland now holds the six-month rotating presidency of the EU, Wilczek stated that it has not been an easy journey for his country, either, but he believes that Turkey belongs with the rest of Europe, just as Poland belongs. The Polish ambassador also advocated Turkey’s rightful place in Europe, being a country with an historical legacy and richness that feeds into European culture in many ways.

“In fact, the beginning of the Christian church is in today’s Turkey; the ancient culture of Europe was born here,” Wilczek said of the importance of Turkey for Europe, as home to the fundamentals of European culture. “Europe did so much with Turks or against Turks, but somehow the country was fundamental in shaping European history,” he reiterated to reinforce that the continent is ready to accommodate Turkey following its entry into the bloc.

Turkey and TRNC clear gas drill hurdle – September 22nd 2011

Turkey and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) yesterday inked a continental shelf accord to determine maritime boundaries in the eastern Mediterranean Sea in which the Turkish state oil company will conduct exploratory drilling. The deal, made in retaliation to Greek Cypriot administration’s drilling operation in the disputed zones, was signed by Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and TRNC President Derviş Eroğlu in New York, where both leaders are attending U.N. General Assembly meetings. Erdoğan said yesterday companies that decide to work with Greek Cypriot administration in exploring for oil and gas would not be allowed to work with Turkey. The agreement will set the maritime boundaries in which the Turkish Petroleum Corporation, or TPAO, will conduct seismic surveys. Turkey says this will be done in partnership with a Norwegian company, whose exploration vessel will be escorted by Turkish navy and air forces in a show of force. Norwegian Embassy sources told the Hurriyet Daily News yesterday that they are trying to confirm the involvement of a firm from their country, but that they would not necessarily know if one was involved.

Yıldız on Turkey’s oil exploration agreement with TRNC – September 22nd 2011

Energy and Natural Resources Minister Taner Yıldız stressed that Turkey’s seismic exploration will be expanded in areas within the borders of the Continental Shelf within the frame of an oil exploration agreement signed with the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

Stating that funds have been allocated to this, Yıldız said that Turkey’s seismic exploration will gain momentum off Antalya and in new areas in question.

Yıldız also warned that companies engaged in oil exploration in disputable areas in the Mediterranean are on Turkey’s blacklist.

TRNC opens representation in Stockholm – September 21st 2011

Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) opened its 20th representation office in Swedish capital of Stockholm.

In a statement released Wednesday, Turkish Cypriot Foreign Minister Hüseyin Özgürgün said that Swedish officials agreed on the opening of the TRNC representation in Stockholm after initiatives made by the Turkish Foreign Ministry and Turkish Cypriot officials.

We hope that Sweden’s approach to the TRNC will be a role model to other EU countries in defending the rights and interests of the Turkish Cypriots, Özgürgün said.

Damla Güçlü of the Turkish Cypriot Foreign Ministry will represent the TRNC in Stockholm.

Well done Sweden.

The Focus magazine praises Turkey – September 22nd 2011

An article by Uli Dönch which was published on the German Focus magazine claimed that Greece could go bankrupt anytime and praised Turkey’s growth performance. Donch wrote that Turkey which has been conducting EU membership talks since 2005 was still considered as an agricultural country by Germany, but that it deserves to join the EU more than many other countries.

Stating that Europe, consisting of an old population, needs Turkey more than Turkey needs Europe, Dönch indicated that Turkey enjoys great economic data, educated and hard-working young population. He added that the rapidly growing and improving Turkey wouldn’t wait in front of Europe’s door for a long time and suggested that Europe becomes Turkey’s partner, instead of being a slave to Greece.

Yes, it’s true that Turkey is not known, there are many prejudices.

At first, let’s underline that the services sector is very important in Turkey.

Turkey is a big agricultural power (so big that it can feed the whole EU), but it is also an industrial power.

It has several famous electronic brands such as Vestel, Arçelik and Beko.

Turkey made its own satellite, tank, helicopter, warship, missiles and drone (Anka).

It has built a few highspeed train lines and plans to build much more since nearly 100 highspeed train stations are being built throughout Anatolia (and as far as I remember, Turkey is the second biggest country of the world regarding construction).

Turkey is also currently working on its first national warplane that will be ready in 2020.

Besides, Turkey is excellent and very successful in the textile sector in the EU.

It also makes many cars for Renault, Fiat as well as for other brands (the automotive industry is huge in Turkey).

It also recently started making the computers of Hewlett Packard.

Lastly, Turkey may become an important player in the telecoms sector.

Turkey’s first cruise missile “SOM” on display in London – September 17th 2011

Turkey’s first cruise missile “SOM” is on display at the “Defense and Security Equipment International” fair held in London, England.

The Turkish missile was developed by the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK) and Defense Research and Development Institute of Turkey (SAGE).

Speaking to the AA, SAGE’s Fatih Yasar said that this was the first time that “SOM” was on display out of Turkey.

“There is great interest in the missile. It shows how far Turkey has come in technology,” Yasar said.

“SOM” is an air-launched high precision cruise missile. It was first revealed during the 100th year celebrations of Turkish Air Force at the Cigli Airbase in Izmir, on June 4, 2011.

Developed since 2006, the “SOM” cruise missile is Turkey’s first domestic solution for destroying both stationary and moving targets at a stand-off distance of over 180 kilometers.

Turkish export unit value rises by 16.5% in July – September 14th 2011

Export unit value rose by 16.5 percent in July 2011 when compared to the same month of last year.

Turkish Statistical Authority, TurkStat, released on Wednesday foreign trade indices for July 2011.

Import unit value increased by 20.4 percent in the mentioned month.

TurkStat said that the export unit value index for agriculture and forestry rose by 11.4 percent, for fishery increased by 13.5 percent, for mining rose by 15.4 percent and for manufacturing industry increased by 16.7 percent.

In July 2011, import unit value index for agriculture and forestry, mining and manufacturing rose by 39.6, 33.1 and 16.6 percent, respectively.

Swedish retail clothing firm to open two stores in Ankara – September 14th 2011

Swedish retail clothing company H&M will open two stores in the Turkish capital of Ankara.

H&M will open its biggest and first full concept store in Turkey at Ankara’s CEPA shopping mall on September 17. The company will inaugurate its second store at another shopping mall, Gordion, on September 24.

Thus, the number of H&M stores in Turkey will reach eight.

H&M will provide employment opportunities to some 100 people with its two stores in Ankara.

The Swedish clothing company has over 2,300 stores in 41 countries and employs around 87,000 people.

Egyptian businessmen in Turkey for new business ties – September 20th 2011

A group of Egyptian businessmen visited southern Turkish province of Adana following the Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s visit to Egypt last week. Fourty-one Egyptian businessmen from the Alexandria Chamber of Commerce met Turkish businessmen.

“The annual trade volume between the two countries has increased to $3.17 billion from $60 million in ten years,” said Zuhal Mansfield, chairman of Turkey-Egypt Business Council, adding that their target is $5 billion.

The businessmen will hold talks with their Turkish counterparts in the southern provinces of Adana, Mersin and Gaziantep till September 20.

Erdogan: “We would like to see Egypt in the Nabucco project” – September 15th 2011

Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdoğan, on a visit to the Cairo on Wednesday, said he wants to see Egypt involved in the European Union’s Nabucco pipeline project.

“The strategic economic dept between our countries shouldn’t be limited within our countries. Turkish businessmen ought to open abroad to North Africa with the support of Egypt and of course Egyptian businessmen ought to be able to reach Asia, Europe and Balkans. For instance we would like to see Egypt in the Nabucco project”, Erdoğan told a business forum during a two-day visit to Egypt.

The Nabucco pipeline project plans to transport central Asian gas through Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania and Hungary into Austria and Western Europe.

Communication infrastructure in Somalia – September 15th 2011

Turkish Transportation Minister Binali Yıldırım has said Turkey would establish communication and transportation infrastructure of Somalia.

Speaking to the AA, Yıldırım said Thursday that the ministry would take Turkish businessmen to Somalia in regard to establishment of communication in that country.

Turkey extended financial aid of more than 500 million Turkish Lira (TL) (280 million U.S. dollars) to Somalia so far, he recalled.

Yıldırım said that they would establish infrastructure in Somalia with support by Turkish businessmen.

“Turkish engineers and enterprises will take important roles in construction of airports, roads and infrastructure there”, he said.

Turkey’s rich ressources of renewable energy – September 21st 2001

After thermal and hydroelectricity power stations, Turkey started to generate electricity from the wind energy.

Turkey will generate 25% of its total electricity from the wind power in 2023.

Turkey has a much greater potential. I listened to a Turkish expert early that afternoon (on a TV program) and he said that Turkey can meet all its energy needs through the sun and the wind. He said that the problem is clearly the lack of will of the Turkish state to change the current system.

Turkey, which generates only 2% of its electricity from wind, plans to expand the use of this source.

Turkey displays its willingness to use alternative energy resources by making long-term plans for the wind power stations.

Much more has to be done according to the above-mentioned Turkish expert (whose opinion was besides supported by another expert who was also invited at the TV program).

Turkey to hold tender for fastest train – September 13th 2011

That article introduces some of the towns that will be connected through highspeed trains.

In spite of the relations between France and Turkey, I really hope that Turkey will choose the French highspeed train (TGV – Train à Grande Vitesse). Because it is the best highspeed train of the globe. One of the technological jewels of France.

Historic day in Turkish football – September 20th 2011

Only women and children have been admitted to watch Super Toto Super league match between Fenerbahçe and Manisaspor in Istanbul under new rules approved by the Turkish Football Association.

Well done.

Yours sincerely,


PS. Government ready for negative scenarios – September 13th 2011

Turkish Deputy Premier Ali Babacan said that government was ready against negative scenarios in economy which might come from Europe.

We have already taken all the measures, he said.

Noting that Turkey did not have budget, debt and banking problems like Europe did, Babacan said that currently the picture of Turkey and Europe was as black and white.

Of course, what is happening in Europe will affect Turkey, because Turkley has close relations with Europe in the aspects of commerce and finance, said Babacan.

He added that Turkey, in the past, strengthened its economic and financial structure.

Babacan noted that Turkey had a sound public financing and banking sector.

The real risk could be seen in stagnation, said Babacan who spoke to reporters during G-20 Conference on Commodity Price Volatility in Istanbul on Tuesday.

Babacan noted that Turkey should adapt its policies according to a possible stagnation.

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