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Davutoğlu meets with Ahtisaari – October 7th 2011

Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu yesterday met with former Finnish President Martti Ahtisaari. According to information received from diplomatic sources, issues related to Turkey’s foreign policy were discussed at the Ataturk Airport in Istanbul. Since 2004, Ahtisaari has been chairing the Independent Commission on Turkey which was established in order to ensure that discussions on Turkey’s EU membership bid could be held in a more neutral and realistic way.

Gül blames EU for deadlock in Cyprus – October 3rd 2011

The European Union strongly encourages the absence of a settlement on the divided island of Cyprus, the Turkish president said Saturday. President Abdullah Gül blamed the EU for contradicting its own principles by including Greek Cyprus as a member before the divided island solved its problems when he was speaking to the Turkish Parliament on the occasion of the new legislative year.

“Obviously this puts the European Union in a position where it ends up strongly encouraging the absence of a settlement,” said Gül and added: “It is the Greek Cypriot administration that lacks the will to reach a settlement in the Cyprus problem and many members of the EU hide under the skin of the Greek Cypriot administration as an excuse.”

Serbian Minister: “Turkey is a valuable partner and major power” – September 28th 2011

A leading Serbian politician and government minister has said that Turkey is a valuable and influential partner for his country, adding that Belgrade is interested in promoting ties in all fields with the state he described as “one of the major powers in the region.”

In an exclusive interview with Today’s Zaman on the eve of his visit to Turkey, Dusan Petrovic, Serbian minister of agriculture, trade, forestry and water management and deputy president of the governing Democratic Party, said bilateral ties with Turkey are on solid ground with intensive political dialogue going on at the highest level. “An enhanced dialogue and extensive political cooperation are the best ways to improve our existing relations,” he underlined, praising common values and traditional bonds the countries share.

“Unfortunately, in some fields of mutual cooperation they are far from their full, desirable potential,” he lamented, indicating that improvement is needed in economic, scientific and other forms of cooperation, especially in the private sector.

Petrovic said he believes the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) signed between the two countries in the past may serve as “a sound foundation for further development” in trade and exchange of knowledge in the field of agribusiness. “The strengthening of ties between our countries could help the promotion of future investments, mutual recognition on the markets of third countries, joint projects and programs in the field of agriculture and scientific and cultural exchange, all of this being highly important for the future development of our countries,” he explained.

Turkey repays 97.4 million USD in foreign debt between Oct. 1-5 – October 7th 2011

Turkey repaid 97.4 million USD in foreign debt between October 1 and 5, the Central Bank said on Thursday.

According to Central Bank’s weekly data, total debt repaid by the Turkish Treasury alone was 79.4 million USD.

Since the beginning of the year, Turkey has made a foreign debt payment of 10.4 billion USD.

Turkey repaid a total of 13.32 billion USD in foreign debt in 2010.

Auto sector exports to reach 20 bln USD – October 3rd 2011

The Turkish auto sector exports are expected to reach 20 billion U.S. dollars at the end of 2011.


According to the data by Turkish Assembly of Exporters (TIM), automotive exports which were 15.2 billion U.S. dollars in the first nine months of 2011 would probably reach 20 billion U.S. dollars at the end of this year.

The automotive sector exported its products to 162 countries and autonomous regions as well as nine free zones between January and September 2011.

The table below shows amount of auto exports in the first nine months of 2011:


Months (thousand USD)
——– ————
January 1,488,686
February 1,633,116
March 1,953,093
April 1,789,042
May 1,675,125
June 1,794,405
July 1,907,775
August 1,317,338
September 1,665,309

350 students from Somali to receive education in Turkey – September 26th 2011

As part of Turkey’s efforts aimed at healing the wounds in Somali, which has been fighting famine and drought, a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) named “Is Anybody There” and the Somali Education Ministry yesterday jointly held an examination aimed at selecting 350 university and high school students to be educated with scholarship funds in Turkey.

The students, mostly from Mogadishu, fell into long lines in front of five examination centers to enjoy a brighter future. The NGO’s representative to Somali Bilal Celik said, “The students living here know that they can enjoy better conditions in Turkey with regard to education and life quality. Therefore they’re considerably willing to receive education in Turkey. They primarily aim to complete their education in Turkey and return to their country to serve as a good physician, engineer or another professional.”

Turkey to solve Somalia’s water problem – September 26th 2011

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Independence anniversary of the Turkic republics – October 6th 2011

Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan who became independent republic 20 years ago marked the anniversary of their independence in Ankara.

The five Turkish-speaking Republics which laid out their own routes by breaking away from the Soviet Union as independent republic in 1991 consolidated their unity and solidarity in Turkey.

The ceremonies marking the 20th anniversary of their independence were held in Ankara yesterday under the auspices of President Abdullah Gül.

President Gül, in the speech he delivered on the occasion which was attended by a large number of Turkish scholars, said “We are the separate states of one big nation.”

President Gül accompanied by Deputy Prime Minister Bekir Bozdağ and Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu visited the exhibition opened to mark the anniversary.

The rendition of local Turkish folk songs received acclaim from the guests.

Ankara prepares to penalize Syria – September 26th 2011

Turkey’s sanctions against Syria, which is likely to be announced in early October, will be as comprehensive as possible and will be shaped so as not to hurt the country’s people, Turkish officials have suggested.

The measures they highlighted focused on those dealing with bilateral economic, military, political and banking ties. The expected sanctions will come following an arms embargo against defiant President Bashar al-Assad’s administration that aims at weakening his dictatorial rule.

“This process of ousting al-Assad might be extended a little bit more but sooner or later in Syria, if the people make a different decision, that decision is going to be catered to. As in Egypt, as in Tunisia, as in Libya: People want to be free,” Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said in an interview with CNN International in New York over the weekend.

“If you’re going to act against fundamental rights and liberties, and the law, you will lose your position in my heart as my brother and my friend,” Erdoğan said, referring to al-Assad.

“I was very patient. Patience, patience, patience… And then I cracked.” Turkey’s first sanction was the seizure of a ship carrying weapons to Syria. “Turkey has detained a ship flying the Syrian flag and carrying weapons,” Erdoğan said Saturday in New York.

TUSIAD’s vision 2050 report made public – September 28th 2011

The Turkish Industrialists and Businessmen’s Association (TUSIAD) announced its Vision 2050 Report yesterday at a meeting in Istanbul, where its chairwoman Ümit Boyner took the floor, stressing that Turkey’s achievements in economic growth were not fully reflected by its development levels. Boyner said that Turkey, which is now a country that has a say on the global level, could succeed in ranking the largest 17th economy in the world by applying its economic growth target step by step after the unsteady atmosphere of 1990s.

Speaking at the meeting, Samuel A. Di Piazza, co-chair of Vision 2050 Project, said that worldwide senior managers considered Turkey as a center of opportunities and that Turkey’s performance in the region would determine the foreign direct investment flow. Piazza stated that everything was in place to enable Turkey to take its place in the world’s top 10 economies, adding that it could indeed become a critical actor of the 21st century.

Furthermore, President Abdullah Gül sent a message to the meeting, stressing that development targets should be fulfilled and concrete steps should be taken for the generations of today and future. Gül added that it was very important for Turkey to head towards future in line with dynamics of the new world order and a strong vision and that a long-term and realistic road map should be drawn, priorities should be determined correctly and strategies aimed at expanding horizons should be established towards this end.

Organic clothes on the market – October 1st 2011

After organic foods, organic clothes have become very popular around the world, since they are both healthy and environment friendly.

People have recently been showing much interest in goods that don’t harm the environment and are healthy. This quality is sought after in clothes, as much as in foods. Every component in organic clothes, from seeds to thread, must be environment friendly.

Turkey is quite assertive in this sector, which boasts a market share worth 12 billion dollars. Özcan Torun, Aegean Clothing Manufacturers’ Association President (EGSD) says “This is process where no chemicals and materials that are not nature-friendly are used, from seeds to manufacturing stage, until the raw material becomes thread and finishing work is done.”

Turkey is one of the countries that has a say in the market. The sector is expected to reach 12 billion dollars in value next year, in which Turkey holds one third of the market.

80 companies in the Aegean region currently manufacture organic clothes and export nearly all of their produce. A logo on the apparels by the International Auditing Institution tells whether they are organic or not.

Ali Polat, who is an exporter says “There is a GOTS logo, which shows a certification number of the producer company. With this number, the consumers can trace back the information as to where the cotton was grown, who sewed the textile and which company manufactured the product, via the Control Union.”

Organic clothes are produced especially for babies and pregnant women.

Seabird Airlines gets flight clearance from Turkey’s civil aviation dept – October 5th 2011

Seabird Airlines will launch its first flights in 2014 as a regional passenger carrier from İstanbul to popular resort towns in southern and western Turkey.

Seabird Airlines, the first taxi/airline company of Turkey whose vessels can take off and land on water, received a certificate of authorization from the Directorate General of Civil Aviation to fly its planes.

According to a written statement, Seabird Airlines that received a preliminary flight clearance after a preparation period of 18 months and is about to complete its infrastructural investments, will begin seaplane transportation with two Canadian made Twin Otter-type propeller aircrafts connecting İstanbul to the holiday resorts in the Aegean and the Mediterranean.

Seabird Airlines will launch scheduled flights in the spring of 2014 and plans to carry passengers to tens of locations beginning from 2014, with Alaçatı town in Çeşme district as its base.

Besides coasts of the Aegean and the Mediterranean, Seabird Airlines also wants to operate in winter tourism sector and aims at connecting certain destinations that are not flown to by airlines by supporting regional aviation. The company will also launch special charter flights.

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