14-day-old baby rescued from debris

Civil defense teams pulled 14-day-old baby Azra Karaduman, her mother and grandmother from the debris in Erciş town of the eastern province of Van after 2 days.

Search and rescue teams pulled Semiha Karaduman, mother of 14-day-old baby Azra as well as her grandmother alive from the rubble two days after the massive earthquake while the baby was sent to Ankara by an ambulance plane.

Mother Karaduman was taken to a field hospital in Erciş.

Search and rescue operations continue in the same building.

Here is the video from AA about that miraculous rescue.

Azra is in Ankara.

A doctor is currently speaking in front of the Turkish media. He is saying: “Our baby is OK” and “We will provide you with more information about her health later.”

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