Well Greece has been an EU member since 1981. It received dozens of billions of EU funds and was able to modernize itself. It has been enjoying a very privileged situation within a rich and stable EU. But it still displays hostility towards Turkey and the Turkish Cypriots.

In the first instance, let’s remind the recent astonishing agressive statements – especially as regards the Cypriot issue – made by the Greek and Greek Cypriot leaders such as Mr Christofias, Papoulias and Papandreou (as well as those made by the religious Greek leaders).

In the second instance, I want to introduce the answer from the Turkish Foreign Ministry regarding the last anti-peace statement from Greece’s Foreign Minister Mr Stavros Dimas :

Turkey criticizes Greek Foreign Minister for his remarks targeting Turkey – February 20th 2012

I quote:

The Turkish Foreign Ministry criticized yesterday the recent remarks made by Greek Foreign Minister Stavros Dimas who has chided Turkey in his speech during a conference which was held in Athens on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of their membership in NATO on February 16 in presence of NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen. A statement from the Foreign Ministry said, ‘It is known by the Greek authorities and all parties concerned that we are paying special attention to ensuring that our relations with Greece are conducted on the basis of a positive agenda. While it is expected that celebration of the 60th anniversary of our countries’ simultaneous accession to NATO should strengthen this positive agenda, the fact that Greek authorities resort to such accusations and claims is in contradiction with the spirit of alliance and does not bode well with a positive agenda in our relations.”


Something else: the Turkish Cypriots have been providing the Greek Cypriots with electricity since their accident that occured several months ago. But the Greek Cypriots keep sabotaging the peace in the island by outrageously spreading to the Greek Cypriot media the sensitive details of the ongoing negotiations with the Turkish Cypriots. Furthermore, the Greek Cypriot press and religious leaders clearly make a continuous propaganda against a solution with the Turkish Cypriots.

And Greece tolerates that.

The European Union tolerates that.

Well it’s not a secret that Turkey and the Turkish Cypriots have been supporting good relations with their Greek neighbours. They are friendly towards them but the problem is that they get no positive response from them. If one side persists in objecting to a solution, what can the other side do?

Here is another article that highlights once more the “Zero problem with the neighbours” policy of Turkey and Mr Davutoğlu:

Turkey relaunches natural gas flow to Greece – February 20th 2012

I quote:

Yildiz also denied some allegations in the Turkish press which quoted him as saying that he felt ‘pity” about Greece and thus decided to relaunch the gas flow. ‘I am the energy minister of a strong country, and a strong country would never use such offending words. I see some reports quoting me with insulting language; I have never used such wording and would never do so. My Greek counterpart called me and said they were facing a hard time. After meeting the natural gas demand of all our citizens and industrialists, we have started transferring the remaining to Greece. So we have not transferred free natural gas to Greece, because we have not only neighborly relations, but also commercial relations with Greece,” Yildiz said.

I, as a Turkish citizen, am fed up with the Greeks who still show animosity towards Turkey and the Turkish Cypriots.

On the one hand, Turkey has been making pro-peace statements towards the Greek side and has been acting accordingly to them (another example: the Turkish leaders stated a few times that they can provide the Greek Cypriots with water – a project under the sea from Turkey to Cyprus).

On the other hand, Greece and the Greek Cypriots haven’t shown any willingness to join Turkey’s efforts to improve their relations.

They even remained onlookers and did not condemn the racist attacks against some Turkish Cypriots and Turkish basketball players who were in South Cyprus.

Eventually, what we can understand is that these political hostilities are deeply connected to hatred, to a racism based on religion. It is crystal clear that the Greeks have a hidden agenda in collaboration with some dark circles, which are especially within the EU. It is obvious that their objective is to weaken and isolate Turkey and the Turkish Cypriots.

Great perspective! Great EU!

Yours sincerely,


PS. Did you know that owing to the crisis in Greece many Greeks go to Turkey to find a job? Should we smile?

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  1. good reading. :)
    may I say, there is nothing hidden about Greece’s and Greek Cypriots’ agenda. It is serving the same great purpose to isolate and weaken Turkey, and this agenda is driven by some big countries in EU as well as you said. these countries do not want Turkey to become a strong competitor in international arena. they’d rather want Turkey as a small well-behaving boy who sits on big auntie’s lap and eats only what that auntie gives. All propaganda tools of EU are available for them, also for Greek neighbors as they are tightly integrated with EU. So there is a lot of show on media about any matter that will impact Turkey’s image but all illegalities created by Greek side is ignored.
    we can be fed up with this but we should not stop telling the world about our rights. no other country will watch our rights.

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