Turkey proposes a new initiative in G-20 meeting – February 21st 2012

I quote:

Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu said on Monday that he proposed a new initiative which would bring together the least developed and the developed countries for global peace and security in the informal meeting of foreign ministers of G20 countries held in Los Cabos city of Mexico.

LOS CABOS – After the meeting of G20, Davutoğlu assessed his talks in Los Cabos, saying that G20 was an organization that would assume important roles in this critical period.”

“Davutoğlu said he proposed in the meeting that a gathering between the most developed 20 economies, G20 and the least developed 47 economies of the world be held. “We have made a new initiative on bringing together these two mechanisms. I offered that a new mechanism should be formed to get rid of inequalities between the developed and the least developed countries. It was approved in the meeting. We hope that such a mechanism will be formed in the coming period,” he said.”

“Later Turkish Foreign Minister Davutoğlu left Mexico for British capital of London that will host a conference on Somalia.”

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