Babacan briefs participants of a G20 meeting on Turkey’s economy – February 27th 2012

Deputy Prime Minister Ali Babacan on Saturday addressed participants of a G20 meeting of finance ministers and central bank governors in Mexico City.

Briefing the participants on the Turkish economy, Babacan said Turkey’s dynamic private sector continued to drive a boom in economic growth and employment, a strong banking industry safeguarded by a stable development. “From the peak of the 2009 crisis until November of last year we saw 3.7 million jobs created in Turkey,” Babacan said, adding that the average capital adequacy ratio in Turkish banks is 16.5 percent and the Turkish government did not have to bail out any of the country’s banks during the crisis.

Delivering a speech on the sidelines of a forum on Saturday, Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) Secretary-General Jose Angel Gurria praised the economy management of Turkey in the face of crisis. Institute of International Finance (IIF) Director Charles Dallara also separately spoke highly of Turkey’s economy and addressed Babacan as “the architect behind the economic stability in Turkey.”

Let’s remind that it is also thanks to Kemal Derviş (who in 2001 economically and financially saved Turkey from the gloom) that Turkey enjoys an excellent economic health.

Turkey’s parliament speaker says new constitution should establish balance between security, freedom – February 16th 2012

Turkey’s parliament speaker Cemil Çiçek said on Wednesday that a new constitution should establish a balance between security and freedom.

ANKARACemil Çiçek said security was not the alternative to freedom, and vice-versa.

“Therefore, we should make such a constitution that it should be state-prior and security-prior,” Çiçek said at the AA News Academy in Ankara.

Çiçek called on everybody to contribute to the process of writing a new constitution.

Erciyes to rival the Alps as winter tourism center – February 22nd 2012

The Kayseri municipality has embarked on an ambitious project to convert Turkey’s Mount Erciyes into the world’s second leading winter tourism center after the European Alps. With a 280 million Euro investment, the “Kayseri Tourism Master Plan” aims to attract tourists for a full 12 months of the year. The money will go toward the building of ski lifts, snow machines, ski slopes, and hotels. The project is expected to be completed by 2014. “When the project is completed, we will provide employment opportunities to 3,000-4,000 people. Our ski slopes will be 160 kilometers in length, the second longest in the world after the Alps,” said Kayseri Mayor Mehmet Özhaseki, who expects the winter tourism center to bring in 200 million Euros in revenue per year. The Kayseri municipality has thus far spent $100 million and has completed the preliminary infrastructure. 45 kilometers of ski slopes are currently up and running. Erciyes will provide five months of winter tourism. For the remaining seven months the Mayor said there were plans to attract tourists, such as a camp for soccer teams and congress facilities. The Kayseri Municipality’s “Kayseri Tourism Master Plan” was conceived in 2005 and consists of three separate stages.

Bağış slams EP members for visa requirements on Turkish citizens – February 24th 2012

Speaking at the 68th meeting of Turkey-EU Joint Parliament Commission in Istanbul, Turkish Minister for EU Affairs and Chief Negotiator Egemen Bağış said yesterday that Turkey faced a double standard that no country in history has ever faced in its EU membership bid. Bağış said that visa requirements have been removed for Serbia and Bosna-Herzegovina and even the countries far from Europe such as Belize and Brazil have been exempted from visa. “In such an era, keeping Turkish citizens on long visa queues is unacceptable. I would like European Parliament members to give an end to this irrationality,” Bağış said.

Mardin airport goes into service – February 21st 2012

Mardin Airport has been opened.

Turkey’s Minister for Transportation, Navigation and Communication Binali Yıldırım also heralded some good news for the people of Mardin.

Minister Yıldırım said “Mardin Airport will also open for international flights soon.”

Turkey praised for its contributions to Somali – February 24th 2012

More than 50 countries and representatives from international organizations gathered in the capital of Britain, London to address the future of Somalia. British Prime Minister David Cameron has launched the International Somalia Conference in which Turkey is represented by Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu. During the conference, Davutoğlu urged the nations attending the conference to help the country end the suffering. Stating that Turkey has been praised by nations attending the London conference on Somalia for its constructive contributions to help rebuild the African nation, Davutoğlu claimed that Turkey has fulfilled all of its promises with respect to the troubled East African nation.

Davutoğlu told reporters that Turkey’s help to Somalia was not a strategic interest, but a humanitarian responsibility for Turkey, adding that Turkey has urged the international community to ensure that humanitarian aid to the East African country is increased, security and public order are boosted and a political structure is completed. While Germany, Denmark, Norway and the Netherlands pledged new stability funding, Turkey said it would host a follow-up summit on Somalia’s future in June.

National Geographic China promotes Istanbul – February 20th 2012

The China edition of the National Geographic Traveller, one of the biggest culture and travel magazines in the world, published a supplement and promoted Istanbul.

SHANGHAI – The 21-page supplement included observations of a Chinese citizen living in the Turkish metropolis, and told about traditional Ottoman and Turkish cultures.

Chinese teacher, Ging Yang, has been living in Istanbul since 2007.

The supplement wrote about Turkish people’s tea affection, and promoted Istanbul’s history, mosques, culture and Turkish food, particularly Turkish doner kebab.

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