Turkish design in Helsinki – April 24th 2012

The products of Turkish designers are being exhibited in Finland’s capital Helsinki with the cooperation of Istanbul Technical University Department of Industrial Product Design, the Culture and Tourism Ministry and CAISA Gallery. The exhibition called “Table of Contents: Contemporary Tableware Design from Istanbul” features 58 tableware designs and industrial products of 25 Turkish designers. The items will be displayed in Helsinki’s CAISA Gallery until June 12.

The Batman of foreign policy was awarded again:

Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu has been granted with “Leader of the 21st Century Award” by the Balkan countries – May 3rd 2012

Davutoğlu will receive his award on Friday in Sarajevo.

The International Humanists League, mostly with Bosnian, Serb and Croat members, selected Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu as the “Leader of the 21st Century”.

Davutoğlu has been deemed worthy of the award especially for his efforts he showed to enhance and develop the ties among the Balkan countries.

The same award was previously given to Pope John Paul II after his visit to Sarajevo in the post-war period.

During his 2-day visit to the Balkans, Davutoğlu will also hold contacts in Sarajevo.

A historic success of Turkish ice hockey team – April 22nd 2012

Turkish National Ice Hockey team, which defeated Luxemburg 8-1 in a final match of the 3rd division at the World Championship, won the golden medal undefeated and proceeded to a higher division

The Turkish National Ice Hockey team achieved a historic success at the World Championship held in Erzurum.

The joy of the victory on the ice was worth seeing.

“We became champions for the first time and our joy is great. I really don’t know what to say” said a member of the team.

“This is historic, we won the golden medal. This is the greatest happiness on earth. Thank God” said another member.

Ice Hockey Federation Head Orhan Duman said: “My lions won the golden medal after years. I’m so happy, Turkey proud of them. They are the tigers of the ice.”

The audience also shared the joy of victory: “We are so happy, we are in a joy. It’s also a source of pride for Erzurum. We are so proud of them.”

“It is so nice to win the top prize, Turkey deserved that. For me, it was a feeling that had to be experienced. And, we are so happy to have this experience” said the captain of the team.

Turkish National Ice Hockey team will compete in the 2nd division at the World Championship to be held in 2013.

Europe a logistical base for PKK, Europol report says – April 27th 2012

Europe remains a logistical support base for PKK, according to the latest report released by the European Police Office (EUROPOL). The report, called “EU Terorrism Situation and Trend Report 2012”, indicates that although the number of individuals arrested linked to the PKK is decreasing, Europe remains a logistical support base for funding, recruitment, training and propaganda. According to the report, to fulfill the requirements of these logistics PKK has a network of recruiters across Europe, which could be a cause of concern. The report also warned that the threat of right-wing extremism has reached new levels in Europe and should not be underestimated.

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