Europe to follow Turkish model on medicines – September 17th 2012


The Council of Europe will follow the Drug Tracking System (ITS) of Turkey in a European project whereby patients can reach medication safely.

A senior official with the European Directorate for the Quality of Medicines and HealthCare (EDQM), François Xavier Lery closely observed the ITS in Turkey and took notes for the council’s drug tracking project, eTACT.

Lery spoke to the Anadolu Agency (AA) after observing medical depots, pharmacies and hospitals of Turkey.

“Turkey’s ITS is a model for us,” Lery stated, adding “we want to benefit from Turkey’s experiences in implementing the eTACT”.

“Members of the council have different laws on medicines and there are differences in marketing and pharmacy systems. Plus, marketing medicines on the internet poses a problem for us. Accordingly, the eTACT project may not be implemented as easily as the ITS,” Lery underlined.

“I watched how the ITS works in Turkey. I was a witness of how smoothly the ITS functions. It was a good experience for me to observe the ITS,” Lery stressed.

When reminded that Turkey solved the problem of fake medication through the ITS and asked if Europe would be able to solve a similar problem by the eTACT, Lery said that measures had to be taken at European customs gates in order to deal with fake medication.

“We believe that the eTACT project will be effective in dealing with fake medicines and patients will be able to reach medication safely,” Lery also said.

Natural Gas reserve found in Istranca Mountains – September 17th 2012

As quoted by the Turkish daily Sabah, an exploratory drilling operation headed by the state-run Turkish Petroleum Corporation (TPAO) has reached a natural gas deposit at a depth of 3,600 meters in Istranca Mountains. TPAO officials said that new soundings would also be made in this area and that the discovery would continue its exploratory drilling for the next six to 12 months.

Babacan opens the third Istanbul finance summit – September 24th 2012

The third Istanbul Finance Summit (IFS) kicked off in Istanbul to focus on Istanbul’s aspirations to become a global financial center. Speaking at the opening of the summit, Deputy Prime Minister Ali Babacan said that it was a source of proud for Istanbul, which is the meeting point of Asia and Europe, the west and east and cultures and civilizations, to host leading finance experts, managers of stock exchanges, research houses and brokerages and the upper management of banks on the occasion of such a summit to seize the opportunity of evaluating local and global economy as well.

Rutte praises Turkey’s economy – September 28th 2012

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte yesterday spoke to the Hürriyet daily, making important remarks with regard to visa applications, mutual relations between Turkey and the Netherlands, Turkey’s relations with the EU, President Abdullah Gül’s contacts in his country in April and his upcoming visit to Turkey on the occasion of the 400th anniversary of diplomatic relations between the two countries. He stated that President Abdullah Gül’s visit to the country in which he and his wife Hayrünnisa Gül were hosted by Queen Beatrix was a success in helping develop ties. Rutte also said that he would travel to Turkey in November to hold meetings aimed at signing mostly trade agreements. Rutte added that Turkey’s economy has been improving in recent years and wished the same achievement for his country. “Turkey’s economy is stable and gives confidence to our investors. The Netherlands has some 2,000 Dutch firms investing in Turkey. An investor would like to see a solid, balanced and reliable atmosphere. Turkey’s economy encompasses all of these qualities,” Rutte noted.

Exports amount to $145 billion, says Çağlayan – September 28th 2012

Speaking at the conference organized by Çanakkale Chamber of Commerce and Industry on the New Investment Incentive System, Economy Minister Zafer Çağlayan compared Turkey to a fast car with an undeniable speed in economic growth and stressed the importance of support provided for the private sector. “Our exports amounted to $145 billion last year with an increase by 10%. We have achieved this by visiting each and every corner of the world, and we know where we should go as well. We know where labor and investment opportunities are,” said Çağlayan. Çağlayan described the new incentive system as the most ambitious and generous system of modern Turkey, noting that Turkey has achieved incomparable success in terms of economy in the last decade.

Turkey’s foreign trade deficit down in August 2012 – September 28th 2012


Turkey’s exports in August increased by 14.5 percent and reached 12.8 billion USD compared with August 2011.

Turkey’s imports decreased by 4.8 percent and reached 18.7 billion USD during the same period, according to the statement released on Friday by Turkish Statistical Institute.

In August 2012 exports coverage imports was 68.7 percent while it was 57.1 percent in August 2011.

In August, foreign deficit decreased from 8.4 billion USD to 5.8 billion USD.

Sofuoğlu claims third supersport world championship – September 24th 2012

Having finished the Portuguese Grand Prix in the second place, Turkish motorcyclist Kenan Sofuoğlu was granted an award for the 2012 championship. He has only one race to be held in France on October 7 left to win the championship cup. Sofuoğlu won this cup twice in 2007 and 2010 and featured his country’s name internationally where there is no precedent for this success.

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