Topbaş announces location of new airport to be constructed in Istanbul – October 31st 2012

“Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Kadir Topbaş said yesterday that a tender would be held in 2012 to build the third airport in the northern part of Istanbul. Topbaş said that the capacity of the airport would be 100 million passengers, noting that if necessary, fifth and sixth runways could be added later, increasing the passenger capacity to 150 million. Topbaş added that the new airport would be constructed near Terkos Lake in the north of Istanbul.”

Istanbul airport tender to be finalised soon – October 30th 2012

“A tender to build Istanbul’s third and largest airport should be finalised by the end of the year, Mayor Kadir Topbaş was quoted as saying by Anatolia news agency Tuesday.

“We are starting the project for the airport to be built in the north (of Istanbul) with an initial capacity of 100 million passengers a year,” Topbaş told the agency.

The mayor said that the airport’s capacity would be extended to 150 million passengers in the future, with up to six runways, making it one of the largest airports of the world.

In September, Turkey’s Transport Minister Binali Yıldırım said that the first part of the airport would become operational in 2016.

It is to be built close to the Black Sea coast of the city, around Terkos Lake, on terrain that allows easy access to the sea, according to officials.

The United States is currently home to the world’s busiest airport by passenger traffic with Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International handling almost 100 million passengers in 2011, according to Geneva-based Airports Council International data.”

Erdoğan suppports “Turkish Lira zone” alternative to Eurozone – October 31st 2012

“Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan on Tuesday delivered the closing remarks of a conference on “Europe beyond the Crisis” which was organized by the Nicolas Berggruen Institute in Berlin. Erdoğan underlined that both Turkey and the EU would gain from Ankara’s accession, adding that blocking Turkey’s membership negotiations on political motives benefited neither side. Erdoğan also sought to give assurances that Turkey’s membership to the European Union would not put extra load on the EU, saying, “We have said that we are coming not to be a burden on EU’s shoulders but to reduce the Union’s burdens. But they did not understand us, they did not want to understand us, and they still do not understand us.” Erdoğan said that some suggest Turkey stay out of the eurozone and establish a “Turkish Lira zone” instead and that securing political stability in Europe was critically important to maintain the confidence of European societies in the union and the euro. “I know that there are some EU member countries which say ‘I am against the euro, I do not want to take part in the eurozone.’ For instance Britain… It is quite self-satisfied. They even say ‘You should stay away from the eurozone, you can establish a Turkish-Lira zone.’ And I said I think the same way, too. The EU should check up on itself regarding the monetary system,” Erdoğan added.”

Turkey is an internationally important player – October 30th 2012

“Foreign Minister of Costa Rica Enrique Castillo has said that internationally and in the multilateral diplomacy field, Turkey is an important player.”

Ankara – The Costa Rican foreign minister came together with his Turkish counterpart Ahmet Davutoğlu at the Residence of Foreign Affairs Ministry in Ankara on Tuesday.

After the meeting of two foreign ministers, Castillo spoke at a press conference and stated that they exchanged views with Davutoğlu in the areas of bilateral relations which he found productive.

Enrique Castillo gave his best wishes to the Turkish government and Turkish people for the 89th anniversary of the founding of the modern Republic of Turkey. He added that they detailed what needs to be done in order to develop bilateral relations of Turkey and Costa Rica.

Castillo stressed that they decided on the road map for improving the diplomatic and commercial relations of both countries and they will keep holding talks for their works next year.

He added that they also assessed the educational and cultural cooperation. He highlighted that Costa Rica would like to deepen their cooperation works of education and culture with Turkey and said, “Turkey is an important player internationally and in the field of multilateral diplomacy. Turkey is a growing and developing country, and, as Costa Rica, we feel pleased to be a partner of Turkey.”

He expressed that the purpose of signing a memorandum of understanding on cooperation between diplomacy academies of foreign ministry of both countries is that it will help Turkey and Costa Rica get informed about each other’s political and cultural status.

Moreover, he stated that both countries can also hold works for UN’s reformation process and making UN more active.

Castillo replied to a question of a journalist about the UN and their works regarding the Syria issue, he said that UN and UNSC were not that effective over what is happening in Syria and added that in order to make UN be more active, it needs reformation which can be seen.

He stressed that as Costa Rica, they joined Friends of Syria group and others to find alternative resolutions to the current crisis in Syria.”

This is a very good news:

“Moreover, he stated that both countries can also hold works for UN’s reformation process and making UN more active.”

I hope that many countries will join Costa Rica and Turkey and reform the paralysed UN and the very questionable UNSC.

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