Hey, my logo above mentions 2018. My date regarding Turkey’s EU membership turns out to be sensible!

Bağış : EU membership will be no later than 2018 – December 28th 2012

“Speaking to Hürriyet, European Union Minister Egemen Bağış said yesterday that 2023 would be too late for Turkey’s EU membership. “Turkey’s EU membership date must be no longer than 2018. Those who think that Turkey will wait until 2023 are wrong. I think this date is very late. I hope Turkey will have been celebrating EU membership at least for five years in 2013”. Noting that he thinks Turkey’s EU membership will resemble the UK’s membership, “Demographic and industrial structure of the UK and Turkey resemble each other. The UK and Turkey are close with regards of international alliances,” Bağış said.”

Amicalement vôtre,


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