Russian deputy visits Turkish woman taking care of disabled Russian – February 18th 2013

“Roman Khudyakov, a deputy from the Russian Liberal Democratic Party, on Sunday visited the home of Gülsüm Kabadayı, a woman who took a young disabled Russian man into her home and began caring for him like one of her own in 2008. Khudyakov went to Kabadayı’s home to visit the Russian man, who was given the Turkish name Umut by Kabadayı, along with Ramin Gasymov, an advisor to the Russian parliament speaker, in Antalya. Khudyakov told reporters following his visit that Russia and other Russian-speaking countries were all aware of Kabadayı’s kind act. Khudyakov said that he appreciated her deeds and added that this incident demonstrated the good relations and sincere feelings between Turkey and Russia. The deputies told Kabadayı that she was labeled as “the holy woman” in Russia and that state officials had been receiving hundreds of phone calls every day from people wanting to contact her.” (A previous article about that story).

Rail Ferry Line to Russia to boost trade – February, 20th 2013

Let’s trade !

“Samsun-Kavkaz Rail Ferry Line, a project worth TL10 million, was launched in a ceremony yesterday. The line will ease the freight shipping from Russia to Central Asia and the Middle East via Samsun. Participating in the opening ceremony with his Russian counterpart Maxim Sokolov, Transportation, Maritime and Communication Minister Binali Yıldırım stated that their aim was to increase the current Russian-Turkish trade volume of $33 billion to $100 billion in 2015.

“Today, we are launching the combined transportation of sea and rail ways,” Yıldırım added. For his part, Sokolov said, “The line proves that we have done what was necessary to achieve our goal. Indeed, this is not the easy way, but I am sure it will prove useful.” As from December 22, 2010, 63 thousand tonnes of freight has been transported by 2,298 wagons on the Samsun-Kavkaz Rail Ferry Line in 62 test runs.”

Bağış: We will have the last word on EU membership – February 14th 2013

“Denying the allegations that Turkey’s EU motivated reform process came to a halt, Bağış said, “We drafted our own progress report. Turkey did not slow down the reform process”. Bağış also underlined that religious difference surely has subconscious effects, but that would not stand in Turkey’s way. “We should in a convincing manner prove that our Muslim identity is an advantage. Muslims constitute 11 percent of the French population. Islam has become a reality in Europe, which has Islamophobia. None of the 11 September perpetrators were from Saudi Arabia. They had their flying trainings in Germany. Turkey, in its fight against that illness, has succeeded in ensuring the coexistence of a 250-year-old democracy and Islam. We should express that clearly”, Bağış noted.”

THY confirms talks for new purchases – January 16th 2013

“Officials from Turkish national flag carrier Turkish Airlines (THY) has confirmed that the company has started talks with authorities to purchase new aircraft. Recent media reports said THY was planning to purchase 150 new aircraft. In comments to the Anatolia news agency on Tuesday, THY officials confirmed the reports, but said talks are under way and there is not yet an official decision of the board on the purchase. THY last year ordered 20 Boeing 777-300s and 15 Airbus A330-300s to be delivered within the following four years. Headquartered in Istanbul, THY operates scheduled routes to 41 domestic and 150 international destinations, with a total of 5,107 weekly flights. The airline’s wide range of destinations follows an aggressive expansion effort that began in 2010.”

Tender for new Istanbul airport to be held in may – January 24th 2013

“Countdown starts for the construction of a new airport in Istanbul, projected to be the largest in the world with an annual capacity of 150 million passengers. Speaking on the issue, Transportation Minister Binali Yıldırım said the tender would be held on May 3 and the winner would be announced on the same day. The project will be based on a build and operate contract. The airport to be constructed on the European side between regions of Yeniköy and Akpınar on the Black Sea Coast is expected to become operational in 42 months following the tender. “The operation period will be 25 years. The bidders will compete on the basis of the amount of rent they will pay to the State Airports Authority (DHMI),” Yıldırım said. It is projected that the total cost will surpass 7 billion euros, excluding financing. Yıldırım added that the total passenger traffic in Istanbul sums up to 60 million, 45 million at Atatürk Airport and 15 million at Sabiha Gökçen Airport. The contract guarantees the operator with 342 million passengers for 12 years. The project will be finished in four phases. The first phase of the investment will create 80 thousand jobs annually during the construction period, and once the airport starts operating, the average employment will climb to 120,000.”

High speed train project announced for 15 provinces – December 26th 2012

“Director General of Turkish State Railways (TCDD) announced yesterday that high speed train (YHT) projects for 15 provinces will have been completed by 2016, making it available for nearly half of the population to benefit from railway transportation. Talking to reporters during his visit to the project site of the YHT line of Izmir-Ankara, Karaman vowed to construct rail lines in every part of Turkey. Karaman also said that Turkey is the world’s eighth
and Europe’s sixth country to take advantage of high speed train technology.”

That is a terrific project. The journeys will be fantastic throughout Anatolia (Edirne will also be connected to Anatolia, in other words the two shores of Istanbul will be connected).

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