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Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu was in Serbia several days ago. During a press conference with the Serbian Prime Minister he announced that Serbia and Turkey will be connected through high speed trains as well as through a high way. This is a historical step. This high speed train line project will also include other… » read more

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EU’s Parliament show

Congrats to the EU Parliament, a big leap for the EU and for Humanity Shulz gave a call to the Turkish Prime Minister and told him that he was not involved in that vote. By saying this he just mocked. That’s revealing, this behaviour conveys the true spirit of the EU. Well the EU Parliament… » read more

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Sertab Erener – Episode V

A beautiful album. ‘Akşam oldu hüzünlendim ben yine’ ‘Niçin baktın bana öyle?’ ‘Fikrimin ince gülü’ ‘Dönülmez akşamın ufkundayız’ Yours sincerely, Cem

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