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Spain and Turkey

Spain’s going to run the next European Union presidency, and its leaders said that they will work hard regarding the negotiations with Turkey. Well before Spain was an EU member, there was a wave of racism objecting to its membership. But Turkey has been experiencing much more animosity (since 2004) than Spain ever had. So… » read more

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Turkey and the European Union

At first let me say that I’m not a pro-AKP, I’m socialist and Keynesian, but I ought to clarify something: the AKP is not islamist, but many call it as islamic. Islamist and islamic are quite different (the word islamic exists in french, does this word exist in english?). In Germany there’s a political party… » read more

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When Cyprus is reunified (or even if it will not), I do hope that Greece and Turkey will cooperate more and share closer ties than they do now. These two countries should give a peace lesson to the European Union. The EU has not done anything to help the Turks and the Greeks to be… » read more

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