I have to stress right now that this article is not an anti-muslims, anti-jews or anti-christians one. So don’t misunderstand me, I respect the religions. I also like the magical atmosphere created by the Ramadan and Christmas, because these are periods of happiness and share. And let me say that although I’m not religious I really like visiting respectfully mosques and cathedrals, they are magnificent.

Well the Europeans believe that the strange habits or customs of some muslims that they see are related to Islam, but the truth is that what they witness is a reinvented Islam by some twisted guys, these so-called religious people added some “extras” to Islam, in other words they shaped Islam according to their tastes, and we can see several versions: “Don’t show your face” or “Don’t show your hand”…. These are not part of Islam, these are only some awful “upgrades”.

I’m not religious but I do know that many people write their own version of Islam and believe that they are very important and that they are able to guide and control other people. Most of people do not know Islam. I don’t know much about Islam too, but I do know that Islam, as our other main religions, says “Thou shalt not kill”.

People mix Islam with terrorism because of the media, people are afraid because of the media. The american cinematographic industry and some of the american media, controlled in part by some israeli lobbies, wash the brain of the Americans regarding terrorism or the conflict between Israel and Palestine. The american movies and series (there are many very distasteful series, if you think well you will remember them) and some media don’t make the difference between terrorism and Islam, and they introduce Israel as an angel to the american citizens, that’s why the Americans think that a muslim is a potential terrorist and support Israel.

Thus, the american series and the media are biased, they support Israel rather than Palestine. The Palestinians, the muslims are described as the ones who don’t want the peace. In other words, they make the American feel that Israel is for peace. But we all know what Israel is doing to the Palestinians.

The Americans and the Europeans will have their prejudices disappeared only when the media stop making them afraid by mixing Islam and terrorism. It’s the duty of our politicians too to tell people that we all are human beings and that Islam is a religion which has nothing to do with war.

Some so called muslim habits have nothing to do with Islam, they have nothing to do with religion. The people who support these habits are whether twisted or ignorant. The Europeans don’t know Islam, but many muslims don’t know Islam too. I used to make the Ramadan a few times when I was a kid (14) but I’m not that much interested in religion, and I do think that religion is private and must remain private, we should not expand our faith to the public sphere, because if someone believe in God they believe for themselves.

I have not a wide knowledge about Islam and religion, but a very close person to me in Turkey read the Koran (Kuran in Turkish) and she told me that there are many lies about Islam that are spread among many muslims, among many people in the world (and our european media are also responsible of that confusion since they deal with an issue they don’t really know). She told me that there are loads of so-called muslim habits or rules that have no connection with the Koran. I trust my friend.

I wrote that there are many awful “upgrades” about Islam, but I did not mean that Islam needs “upgrades”, I do respect Islam, I just meant that some twisted people think they can re-write Islam at their convenience with their twisted thoughts. I have recently been in Holland with my friend from Turkey, we visited an aunt of mine, and her husband began to talk with my friend. He began to tell her about Islam, some habits or rules “linked” to the Koran, and she answered: “I read the Koran and a part of what you’ve learnt is not the truth”. I was smiling, not mocking though. My aunt’s husband is religious, he prays, he is someone good and kind. However he was convinced that some things that he was told or that he read about Islam were true. Why? Because there are some twisted people who want to reshape Islam or reshape the world.

I repeat it again, I’m neither anti-Islam or anti-Christendom, nor anti-Judaism…. but I have to say that there are also some so called religious people – christians or jews – who are twisted or crazy too. I watched on TV some of these twisted guys from the USA or from Israel, and I was a bit afraid, but I laughed too. So we can find twisted habits in every religion.

I am of those who believe that religion is personal, thus it ought to remain “at home”.



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