Turkey and the world

Turkey is improving itself each day, because each day there are loads of people who are working hard in order to enable Turkey to be closer to the European Union laws, but that is not much said in the media, both in Turkey and in the EU. Turkey is changing for itself, not for the EU, and the goal is the membership, but the process is more important than the goal, and at the end of the negotiations the Turks may say “No thank you we don’t want the membership anymore”.
Turkey is evolving very fast compared with what it was 14 years ago. If we compare Turkey with some countries of the EU of course we can say that Turkey has still much to do (many years ago it was easier to be a member of the EU than nowadays, so Turkey must work harder than some previous candidates such as Greece or Spain had to work).
But Turkey will keep improving and adapting its laws to the EU laws. We just have to allow some time to Turkey.

The constitution will be changed, and that’s the most important point, but some opposition parties such as the CHP doesn’t support the government on that issue for internal political reasons, and the CHP is disgustingly behaving like the MHP (I will support the CHP only when Mr Deniz Baykal and some of his colleagues resign).
Turkey is a secular and democratic country, yet not a perfect one. But I am very optimistic regarding Turkey’s progress on human rights issues. No matter how depressing things seem to be, we should be optimistic: Turkey’s future is bright. A national kurdish channel was launched one year ago, several private kurdish channels will be launched too, and the kurdish-rooted turkish citizens will soon at last be able to study their language at schools.
But the media in the EU, especially the french ones, which usually paint a dark picture of Turkey, should deal for instance with what I’ve just written, or deal with the people in Turkey who work for a stronger democracy. I’m very optimistic, I’ve been closely watching Turkey since 1996, and since there is a political stability for 7 years, and of course thanks to the European Union, we can be sure that Turkey is on the right path.
If the CHP had won all the elections since 2002, it would have been the same, I mean that Turkey would have succeeded too. It only needed political stability to improve itself.

The PKK does not represent the Kurds, but that’s what some people in Turkey and in the European Union and in France want us to believe (in France some media, some TV channels as Arte info or France 2 make the propaganda of the PKK, they make the French believe that the PKK represents the Kurds in Turkey, but compared with the millions of kurdish-rooted turkish citizens, only some of them support the PKK. Anyway, if they were given a job, if they had hope, they would not be manipulated by the terrorists of the PKK).
Well we can see on Arte Info some turkish citizens from kurdish background saying that they have “No right” (so why the PKK, which does not represent the Kurds, killed more than 40 000 people in Turkey? Because the kurdish-rooted turkish citizens have “No right”? So the PKK kills people because the Kurds had no kurdish TV or no possibility to study the kurdish language at schools? Let’s be sensible, we don’t kill in order to have cultural rights).
We can see some of them throwing stones at the police, or molotov cocktails at buses (one poor little girl died because of a molotov cocktail thrown inside her bus). We can see some politicians of the DTP who keep supporting the PKK by not recognizing it as a terrorist group, and this closed party (now named the BDP) does not condemn the terrorist attacks of the PKK, whereas the EU and the USA recognize the PKK as a terrorist group (however they recognized it very late). The EU recently said to the DTP: “Keep your distance from the PKK”, but the so called democrat party hasn’t kept its distance from it.
So we quite often watch some news regarding the nationalist or extremist Kurds, but these people do not represent the Kurds, the (DTP) BDP does not represent all the Kurds. Yes the DTP-BDP have supporters but these are supporters whose brain is washed by kurdish nationalism. Arte Info keeps showing us only the clashes between some extremist Kurds and the police, adding that Turkey mistreats the kurdish-rooted Turks. Arte Info always interviews the Kurds who support the PKK, it almost always goes to Diyarbakir, a town where the propaganda of the PKK is very efficient, a town where the PKK takes advantage of poverty in order to manipulate the people.
But why don’t Arte info and the french media go elsewhere in Turkey when they deal with the kurdish-rooted turkish people? Why don’t they deal with good news related to the kurdish citizens, the majority of which doesn’t support the PKK? A lots of Turks, a lots of NGOs are fighting for a stronger democracy in Turkey, but in France we have no news about them. I am fed up with that situation.

Regarding the United States of America: well they have mainly military relations with Turkey. They only see Turkey as a military ally, that’s all. Whereas the European Union has strong political relations with Turkey. Of course the USA have cultural and economic relations with Turkey, yet not as much as the EU.
The USA haven’t done anything to help Turkey to improve itself (for instance, for many years the american industrial lobbies prevented Turkey from developing its wind power energy plants, whereas Turkey is the second country of Europe that has the strongest wind power energy potential, click here and there ).
The EU has been helping Turkey for years in order to be a more democratic country. And the negotiations process between the EU and Turkey is very important and will deepen their relation. Turkey will change faster thanks to the negotiations, which are a powerful tool to boost the change and improve everything: environment, justice, education, health…. I’m not anti-United States of America, and I wish good luck to Mr Barack Obama, but I really do not see them as a part of Turkey’s future. Turkey’s future is the EU.

And when Turkey is a member of the EU, I believe that the USA will lose their influence in the EU and the world, since Turkey within it, the EU will be stronger. The EU will thence be really able to strengthen peace and stability everywhere. Turkey has already started this job, particularly in the Middle East, the Balkans and the Caucasus. With Turkey as a member, the EU will be at last a strong key player in the world.

Regarding the crisis between Israel and Turkey: some people say that it’s because Mr Erdoğan is muslim that he spoke as he did at Davos (he said to Peres that the Israelis know very well how to kill people, that he remembers that they killed children on beaches), or that he removed Israel from the military drill with NATO in Turkey.
It is too easy to deduce that. I’m not pro-AKP (I am pro-CHP, but I repeat again: without Mr Baykal inside), but I ought to write this: Mr Erdoğan said many times that he spoke as a human being at Davos, he repeated that he considers anti-Semitism as a crime against humanity, as well as islamophobia.
Thus his historical speech at Davos was a human being speech, not an ethnic speech. And if Israel was removed from the military drill, it’s because of what Israel did at Gaza. The turkish foreign minister Mr Davutoğlu said: “We can’t remain silent with what Israel is doing at Gaza”.
Turkey doesn’t aim at isolating Israel, it wants to propagate and maintain the peace in the Middle East, but Israel doesn’t help the Turks. Here is one proof: Mr Erdoğan said at Davos: “I called the Israelis and suggested them to exchange prisoners with the Palestinians. Some days later they attacked Gaza”. It is Israel that is isolating itself from the Middle East and from public opinion throughout the world.
By the way, Turkey improves its ties not only with the arabic countries or Iran but also with Russia or Armenia. So it’s too easy and ridiculous to think that Turkey is shifting to the east because of religion. Moreover Bülent Ecevit said many years ago that Israel is a terrorist state. So Mr Erdoğan is not the first person who said that.
And it’s so easy to say that the turkish prime minister spoke “as a muslim” at Davos. The ones who say that want to avoid critisizing Israel. We all know that without the will of Israel, the peace is impossible. Thus, Turkey is neither shifting to the east, nor is drifting from the west or Israel. Turkey has been protesting against Israel. But the truth is that Israel is not used to being protested by any country or any politician from the United States of America or from the European Union. That’s why the israeli politicians are “angry” at Turkey.
In other words, they would say: “How dare you protest against us? No country, no politician from the west has ever done that before”. But they prefer saying: “It’s because you are muslims that you behave like this”.
To put it in a nutshell, Israel has been acting for years with impunity. And the EU and the USA have been watching and haven’t been doing anything. Today, Turkey is only shaking Israel and is saying: “Enough is enough, wake up”.

Despite the crisis between Turkey and Israel, Turkey is still the key player for peace in the Middle East. In this article I deal with Israel and Turkey, but it’s in french.

Turkey wants to propagate and maintain the peace in the Middle East,

that’s why the slogan of the turkish government is “0 problem with our neighbours”, that’s why Turkey is deepening its political and economic relations with everybody in the Middle East and around its frontiers.

And it’s worth stressing again that there is no connection with religion or any ideology. So it is wrong to think that Turkey is running away from the European Union or the west block because it decided to deepen its relations with its neighbours such as Syria, Iran, Irak…. Isn’t it normal to improve the relations with its neighbours? Some journalists from England or France keep writing: “Turkey is shifting from Israel and the west.” No. I repeat again, Turkey protested against Israel only because of what it did and what is doing at Gaza. Anyway, why do people include Israel in the west and not the Palestinians? Are the Palestinians far from the Israelis?

Well the EU is not losing Turkey, but it has been losing lots of credibility since 2004. Turkey is not changing its national policy, its goal is still the European Union membership, and the turkish president Mr Gül repeated it a few days ago,

but that goal does not prevent Turkey from improving its ties with Iran or the arabic countries. Moreover, the Arabs and the Iranians are human beings too, why being upset? Turkey has to have a good relationship with all its neighbours (and that’s what the EU asked it last year anyway).
For the arabic countries, Turkey is not muslim enough. As for the countries of the EU, Turkey is not european enough.
Last but not least, Germany has economic relations with Iran, France has economic relations with Saudi Arabia, but no one in the European Union or in the USA says that they shift to the east. Israel and the USA threatened a few times Iran of war, but Turkey does not want war at its borders (and neither in the whole world). And instead of threatening Iran, Turkey chose to deepen its economic relations. Why? For stability, prosperity and peace. In this article I deal with that subject of east-west (in french).

I’m convinced that Turkey is a democratic and secular country, but everybody knows that it has still a lot to do to be more democratic. For instance Egemen Bağis,

the turkish chief negotiator with the European Union, said last week that Turkey can not be a member of the EU with such a constitution.

And I support Mr Davutoğlu, I trust him. But even Bernard Kouchner (the so called french foreign minister), whom I used to trust and whom I thought to be a great man (not anymore since he accepted to become the puppet of the swindling Mr Sarkozy) is not as successful as him.

And in my opinion, Mr Davutoğlu or the AKP have no hidden agenda. Mehmet Ali Birand (click here),

a very intelligent man who I trust too, said also 5 years ago that the AKP has no hidden agenda.

There is no religious motivation behind Turkey’s moves towards its close neighbours.

I support Mr Davutoğlu as I support Lionel Jospin (and I hope like millions in France that he will come back to politics), Martine Aubry, Kemal Derviş, Ismail Cem (he left us), or Mustafa Sarıgül.

In conclusion, there are many national and international issues that Turkey must resolve, and the EU has to support and help Turkey more. But the EU is not doing that, especially France and Germany, who still keep saying that Turkey is not a European country or that it can’t be a member (Wake up! The negotiations began in 2005).
They thought with the greek cypriot government that they could freeze the negotiation process with Turkey last december but they did fail, thanks to Sweden and many other countries which support Turkey (I believe there’s a chance for the reunification of Cyprus. Many people say that it is our last hope. Well, if the turkish and greek cypriot leaders agree for a reunification plan, and if the greek cypriots or the turkish cypriots vote “No”, I wonder how the EU will behave. And if there is no peace plan agreed between the two cypriot leaders, I will be more curious about the reaction of the EU regarding Turkey’s EU negotiation talks: will the EU desert Turkey and lose completely its credibility, or will it recover a little more credibility? I’m looking forward to seeing this).
The many negative declarations of the swindling Mr Sarkozy and the ones of some other european politicians have created a bad atmosphere among the turkish people in Turkey, thus the turkish people are not supporting the EU membership as much as before. They’ve felt insulted. But the turkish government knows that insane game, and will not give up its EU path. The EU ought to stop losing time and to stop creating the confusion about Turkey’s EU membership.

Anyway, the turkish ship is sailing towards the European Union. There are several sharks that want it to sink, but there are also many dolphins supporting and guiding it. There are too many issues in the world that needs quickly to be resolved. The ship should sail faster.



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