To begin with, I have to stress that this article is not insulting (we never know, some may misunderstand it and think that). What I’ve written here is about derision, not about insults (but there’s “Les guignols de l’info” on the french TV, these puppets have been insulting politicians, sportsmen,…. for years and no one’s protesting against them. And they are quite often very harsh. Moreover 2.5 million people watch these puppets each day. The people who control that show misuse their power, because it is a dangerous power to influence 2.5 million of french like they do. There is derision in that show, but there are too often insults).

Anyway you will learn that it’s Mr Sarkozy who keeps insulting Turkey and, lastly, the turkish president (Mr Sarkozy also insulted a french citizen last year).

Let me say that I was born in France and I am both turkish and french, I have the two nationalities. It’s because I love Turkey and France that I fight Mr Sarkozy’s speeches, may they be about Turkey or about national issues (such as the carbon tax, which is an immoral tax).

I’m proud to be turkish, I’m proud to be french. And I think I have the chance like many people to have two cultures.

I fight Mr Sarkozy’s speeches as a turkish and as a french citizen: on the one hand, as a turkish, I feel insulted and very ashamed of the lynch about Turkey that often occurs among several french media or among some politicians. On the other hand, as a french, I’m ashamed and disturbed of the swindling Mr Sarkozy because not only he speaks the french spoken by the young of the streets (well I’m not exaggerating at all, I had several times the awful experience to listen to him), but he also thinks he can impose his opinion regarding Turkey to the whole EU. But Mr Sarkozy should keep his personal opinion about Turkey personal. I do think that he is far from being an efficient president. Oh my god, I said it! I said it! I said “president”.

The European Union is impressed and surprised by the international success of Turkey. But some politicians like the swindling Mr Sarkozy are disturbed about that. Mr Sarkozy hates Turkey. For instance he met last year the turkish president with a chewing-gum in the mouth (”swindling” is one of the adjectives that describes him the best, but let’s use this word with a “S” instead of a “s”). So Mr Sarkozy The Swindling joined the Turkish president Mr Gül during his visit to the exhibition “From Byzantium to Istanbul” at the Grand Palais in Paris, quite near the Champs-Elysées.

And the other ashamed thing was that His Highness Mr Sarkozy The Great “visited” the exhibition only for nearly 10 minutes. Thus, it was in the blink of an eye that Mr Sarkozy “joined” the Turkish president, such a behaviour obviously means that Mr Sarkozy neither wanted to take part to the visit nor wanted to show any respect to the president of Turkey.

With this ashamed behaviour the swindling Mr Sarkozy showed one more time to the whole world how much hatred he does feel about Turkey. That behaviour, which is not fit for a head of state was an insult to the turkish people. But that behaviour didn’t surprise me, since Mr Sarkozy The Bad French Speaker (since he doesn’t know speaking the french well) is used to insulting Turkey.

Mr Sarkozy The Great Swindling thinks that everybody in France and the European Union must think like him, especially regarding Turkey. Mr Sarkozy became mad when Sweden said last year that it supports Turkey’s EU membership and after that he canceled his trip to Sweden. Quite later he had to control his nerves because he had to go there.

To me, and that’s what I already wrote in my blog on Le Monde, the French elected Mr Sarkozy The Swindling (and they said a big “No” to Ms Ségolène Royal) because they did not want a woman to be the president of France. I do believe that. Yes, in France too, people are misogynous.

By the way, thanks to Atatürk the turkish women had the right to vote well before the french women.

The French are fed up with the swindling Mr Sarkozy, because he proved many times that he is a bad head of state. I believe he will lose the elections of 2012. But if Ms Royal is again the candidate of the socialist, it will be hard for her to win against him. Ms Royal is intelligent but she made many mistakes and she is not really well perceived.

If the candidate of the socialist had to be a woman, I would support Martine Aubry. As a

socialist, I don’t want Mr Strauss-Kahn to be the candidate, he had better stay at the IMF.

Of course Lionel Jospin is the ideal candidate, but will he come back?



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  1. Dear Cem, your comments are very interesting. But i wonder: pourquoi n’ecrivez vous pas en francais? You try to reach the French decision-makers, don’t you?
    Kind regards,

  2. To Georgi: thank you for your comment. I have a blog at lemonde.fr, I have already written there in french. The very first articles that I published here are the french ones from lemonde.fr. I write in english on euractiv.fr because I wish my articles were read by non-french speakers. Regards, cem77@orange.fr

  3. Turkey knock at the european door which very annoies “dear” President Sarkosy.I’m fed up with watching or reading unfair news about Turkey….
    “Dear” Sarkosy, won’t think Turkey will be ready whatever we do….
    and i think we are better than some countries of EU in some points….

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