Well I didn’t find any news on euractiv (.fr, .com, .com.fr, and com.tr) regarding the election of the new president of the Council of Europe. It’s very surprising. As there is no article dealing with that subject on Euractiv, here is an article from the Hürriyet daily news (a turkish site in english where I post comments).

Mr Çavuşoğlu has been elected the president of the Council of Europe and that is a historic event (a historic and too important event that had to be covered in the media, and at least on Euractiv).

I guess this is a strong message to the politicians who object to the European Union membership of Turkey. And that is of course a strong support regarding the EU prospect of Turkey.

Some may think that a turkish politician was chosen in order to contribute to the peace between muslims and christians (even though there is no war between them) but I do not think that, I don’t agree with these supporters of Turkey’s European Union membership. They support Turkey’s EU membership because they say that an EU member Turkey will avoid “The clash of civilizations”.

I support the alliance of civilizations launched by Turkey and Spain, but I don’t agree with them. If Turkey has to be an EU member it’s not because of religion but because the EU has always been a long lasting political plan of Turkey: Turkey is a founder member of the Council of Europe, the Turks always wanted to be an EU member for political reasons.

So Turkey will be an EU member because it has always been politically close to the EU, and the EU membership of Turkey is a perfect continuation of Atatürk’s vision.

Moreover, the Chief of General Staff, Ilker Başbuğ, said 10 years ago to his colleagues of the European Union who were invited in Turkey, that the turkish army supports the EU membership of Turkey.

To be close to Europe is a plan which dates back to Atatürk, who said that the goal of Turkey is to reach the countries of Europe by reason of their modernity.

But Turkey doesn’t need to be an EU member in order to be more modern because it will be more modern thanks to the negotiations process with the EU. Whereas the EU membership of Turkey will be a powerful political tool that will help the EU and Turkey to contribute to a better world.

Eventually, in 1963 nobody said that Turkey had to be a member because of religion.

The EU membership of Turkey is deeply rooted to Atatürk’s plan: modernity.



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  1. Cem I do fully agree with your statement. It is crucial to mention that Atatürk’s vision of a modern Turkey has the same values as the EU’s. Fact is that Turkey has already a democratic constitution. Of course most of Turkey’s population are moslems, but they live under democratic governance. And this since more than 80 years.

  2. Dear Cem,
    EurActiv will publish an article about the election of Mr. Çavuşoğlu.
    Thank you for highlighting.
    Kind regards,
    Georgi Gotev

  3. To Georgi Gotev: thank you for your response.

    To Nilgün Yaman-Toprak: thank you for your comment. The constitution of Turkey must be changed! Even Mr Egemen Bağış, the turkish chief negotiator with the European Union, said that Turkey needs a new constitution and that it can’t be a member of the European Union with such a constitution. Regards

  4. Dear Cem,

    I ve just come across your blog and this post via one of your comments on Hurriyet Daily News. And the first paragraph of this post kind of surprised me, because we try to pay too much attention on this sort of achievements just like Mr Cavusoglu’s. I ve just checked our archieves and seen that we published 2 articles of him and an interview with him. Please see the links below:

    Kind regards,

    Gökşen Çalışkan
    Editor of EurActiv.com.tr




  5. To Gökşen Çalışkan: thank you for the links. I’ve found an article on euractiv.com.tr regarding Mr Çavuşoğlu, but I’ve found it after I wrote my article. But your article was at the bottom of the main page of your site! That’s why I didn’t see it before. Following the election of Mr Çavuşoğlu, I tried to find articles on several sites of euractiv: euractiv.com, .com.fr, and .fr, but they didn’t deal with the election. I am used to visiting your site and there are many very interesting articles that I read and which I send to my aunts and uncles who live in Turkey. I do hope that many people read you in Turkey, because what you are doing is very good. You are an important bridge between the European Union and Turkey. I closely watch Turkey and I can say that the Turkey-EU relations are not really dealt with by the turkish TV. Some newspapers deal with these relations, but it’s almost the desert on TV! I really hope that you have loads of readers.



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