There is not a fight between the pro-Turkey and the anti-Turkey in the European Union but there is a war. Many politicians of the EU are against Turkey’s EU membership because of religion.
They don’t want of Turkey because if it is a member of the EU, it will have nearly 100 seats at the EU parliament. So the anti-Turkey politicians of the EU don’t want that muslims take part to the decisions of the EU. They can tolerate a few muslims in the EU parliament, but they don’t tolerate 100 muslims who will take part to the future of the EU. That’s what I wrote here a few months ago, but it’s in french.

Several media and EU politcians, who behave as sharks, not only keep on saying that the turksih ship is not blue and yellow, but also don’t even want it to become blue and yellow by doing everything in their power to make it sink. And that does not help the turksih ship to sail faster. Anyway, in spite of many huge obstacles, each day it is sailing closer to the EU coasts.

I have to underline something very important: the turkish military still interferes in politics, but not as much as in the past, because it is losing power and weight. Turkey is not a perfect democracy, but Turkey is changing. The military should not interfere in politics, but everybody has to know that in many countries of the European Union many kings and queens influence and interfere in politics. Are those countries perfect democracies? Furthermore, in many EU countries the church influences some politicians. Soon in Turkey the military will not interfere in politics anymore. Queens and kings in the EU should be silent too.

The turkish government will completely control the army only thanks to a new constitution. The constitution will be changed, but owing to the behaviour of the CHP, Mr Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is not able to change it now. The dictator Mr Baykal, the so-called leader of the CHP, said a few months ago: “This parliament will not change the constitution”. Mr Baykal thinks that he is the one, he thinks that he will save the republic from the AKP. But he is nothing, because of him the CHP has a very negative image. The truth is that Mr Baykal is jealous of Mr Erdoğan. But Mr Baykal will never be prime minister of Turkey. He has no credibility left.

I do support Mustafa Sarigül who created a new party. By the way, I do remember that in august 1999, just after the earthquake, Mr Baykal spoke to a journalist of NTV (in the middle of destroyed buildings), and at the end of the video, a journalist on NTV said: “Mr Baykal speaks again and again, but he hasn’t been doing anything for years”.

10 years later Mr Baykal is still speaking without doing anything. I think that Mr Sarigül can have good results at the next elections.

Here is an article from Mehmet Ali birand about the turkish army.

Mehmet Ali Birand says: “The Turkish Armed Forces are being constantly billed for something. Some of those allegations are true and some are false but it is not truly understandable what is true or false. Everything is so chaotic. We can’t distinguish right from wrong.”

We all know that the turkish military protects the republic, but some people within it are traitors. They think that they have some power and that they are able to make the best decisions for the republic, but they are dangerous. I do not believe that the turkish military planned to bomb a mosque or hit one of its jet. But I believe that some people within it planned it. But these people don’t represent the turkish army, they are traitors against the country and Atatürk. But the turkish army can’t control everybody. Following the headlines of the Taraf newspaper, the Chief of General Staff Ilker Basbuğ said something very important. He said that the whole turkish army can’t be accused. He said “the whole” (tümünü) and immediately he made a break: “Siz bu orduyu tümünü nasıl böyle itham edersiniz?”

He insisted on that word, which is very revealing. It summarizes the stance and the opinion of the turkish army.

Here is an article about Cyprus from Cengiz Aktar.

A commentator whose name is Murat, wrote this: “Slamming down the UN plan, Greeks have showed their real face. Making them full member only a week later, EU has shown its real face. UN plan would have removed all Turkish military, so that was not the issue obviously.”

I do agree with Murat at 100%. Well I already said it in one of my previous article here on Euractiv, but I want to repeat it here clearly: the turkish foreign minister Ahmet Davutoğlu said last october or last november the following: “If the greek Cypriots keep on showing no interest in finding a solution about Cyprus, the division of the island will be official.” He said “official”.

I may be wrong but I did understand that if the European Union and especially the greek Cypriots don’t show any willingness to resolve the cyprus issue, many countries will recognize the north of Cyprus as the turkish republic of northern Cyprus. Which countries? I think that everybody deduced which.

So the world will be more divided than it is today if the greek Cypriots don’t support the reunification of Cyprus. The world will be more divided than it is today if the EU doesn’t make any pressure on the greek Cypriots. The greek Cypriots sabotage the negotiations in Cyprus, and at the same time they sabotage the negotiations between Turkey and the EU with the help of some politicians like the swindling Mr Sarkozy.

Turkey repeated many times that it will open its ports and airports to the greek Cypriots as soon as the EU stands to its commitment regarding the turksih Cypriots: the lifting of the embargoes. But the EU hasn’t kept its promise. The EU does know what to do to resolve that issue. So why doesn’t the EU act? It’s hard to believe that the EU can’t do anything because of the so-called pressure of the greek Cypriots. Hard to believe. So the EU doesn’t lift the embarbo but it chose an anti-reunification stance through the report of the EU parliament. Why did the EU behave like this?

The EU will be clearly responsible if the reunification of Cyprus fails. With the last report of the EU parliament, the EU proved one more time that it has no credibility left. Nobody seems to be worried about that. Some EU politicians such as Mr Sarkozy sabotage the negotiations with Turkey by manipulating the greek Cypriots, and they don’t help the turkish and greek Cypriots to reach to a solution. These politicians are bad head of states and are irresponsible. Nobody seems to be worried about that neither. History will remember their twisted and insane game.

For decades the EU manipulated the Greeks, now the turn is to the greek Cypriots. Anyway, when Cyprus is reunified, it will be the turn of the Austrians and of the French. It’s ashamed.

Some say that many politicians in the EU decided to support the greek Cypriots because of ethnic reasons. And Mehmet Ali Talat said a few days ago that the report of the EU parliament is based on racism.

I support the EU membership of Turkey, but sometimes I have doubts because of the wide racism in the EU that does disgust me, and which I am fed up with. A turkish journalist recently said that the EU chose a president (Mr Van Rompuy) that it deserves. It was well said!!

So on the one hand, because of Cyprus, many may be pessimistic regarding the relations between Greece and Turkey. On the other hand, we can be optimistic. Why? Because nowadays the relations between Greece and Turkey are not as bad as the relations between France and Germany were in 1945.

Despite their horrible relations in 1945, Germany and France improved their ties. Well who believed in 1945, that the European Economic Community and later the European Union, would be created? Who believed in 1945 that the Paris-Cologn Thalys high speed train line would exist? That France and Germany would share a common currency? In 1945 most of everybody would have said: “That is very insane, that is a very bad joke.” So yes, today we can be very optimistic about Greece and Turkey!!

Here is an article about them.
At first, Greece and Turkey should not have waited the seisms of 1999 to improve their relations. I quote: “Said Katseli: “Let’s turn the Aegean into a sea of peace and cooperation.””

As I said in one of my previous article, there must be a high speed train line between Istanbul and Athens. I do believe that it will be built one day. This connection will be quite positive, because it will provoke a virtuous circle between Turkey and Greece. People will be very optimistic. Let’s imagine us going to Greece or Turkey with a high speed train through the Aegean sea!! That connection will deeply symbolize peace for ever.

To put it in a nutshell, Turkey is on the right path. It is still standing despite its national and international ennemies. Although many politicians and several media keep on making their disgusting and awful propaganda against Turkey, Turkey is still standing. Having an anti-Turkey stance is in fashion, it is not a secret. Despite all of this, every day Turkey improves itself. Every day is a victory for Turkey.

Political stability and the EU are an efficient and strong cocktail that has provoked a virtuous circle in Turkey. Turkey’s future is quite bright. But if the peace process in Cyprus fails and if the negotiations between Turkey and the EU are completely blocked, only the EU will be responsible. The rest of the world knows it, and is closely watching the EU.

My blog on Le Monde. And here are two very important sites for turkish speakers: Euractiv Turkey and ABhaber (EU news). Both sites are about the relations between the European Union and Turkey. Euractiv Turkey deals especially with all the news regarding Turkey’s progress and its sailing towards the European Union, whereas ABhaber gives you all the latest news regarding Brussels and the EU. Two sites that no turkish speakers must miss.

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  1. “But if the peace process in Cyprus fails and if the negotiations between Turkey and the EU are completely blocked, only the EU will be responsible. The rest of the world knows it, and is closely watching the EU.”

    What are you speaking about man? Eu didn´t invade Cyprus, Turkey did so and must get out of there, it´s illegal. So now you blame EU for Turkey´s mess? Is is common for Turkey mess up with others and then blame those who solve the situation? By the way…the rest of the wolrd knows nothing about that..not the way you expect or said.Write about your oipinon,but don´t write about the other´s opinion before you ask them. But the way…EU is the one closely watching Turkey with an eye on it´s background intensions, national problems and so.

  2. To philip: at first my name is Cem. OK? Why are you provoking me by quoting only the last sentence of my article? So you want to go back to 1974? Turkey invaded Cyprus above all because the turkish Cypriots were being killed, and it is a swedish politician (as far as I remember it was Carl Bildt) who gave that answer to a few Greek or greek Cypriots politicians at the EU parliament last year. And those Greeks didn’t answer because they did’nt know what to answer. Why? Because they didn’t expect Mr Bildt to give such a response. Why? Because the anti-Turkey politicians or people like you are not used to facing with an objective stance regarding Turkey. The whole world knows that the turkish Cypriots voted “Yes” to the Annan peace plan for the reunification of Cyprus, but the embargos have not been lifted. The whole world knows the subjective stance of the EU. The question is the following: do the greek Cypriots really want the reunification of the island? To conclude, I invite you to read this article of mine too: http://turkey.blogactiv.eu/2009/11/27/is-there-an-unsane-cyprus-game/ – Regards, cem77@orange.fr

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