Article n°1
Angela Merkel is a quite religious politician: let’s remember that she wanted the constitution of the European Union to include the following: “The roots of Europe is Christendom”. But she and her colleagues of the “Christian democrats” failed.

That party is an anti-secular group (by the way, in Turkey it’s forbidden to mix religion and politics, that’s why no political party can use a religious word to name itself). The christian democrats don’t want of Turkey because they object that dozens of muslims take part to the decisions of the European Union (when Turkey is a member of the EU, it will have nearly 96 seats at the EU parliament). They can tolerate a few muslims today in the EU parliament, but they can’t tolerate 96 ones. Because they don’t consider muslims as equal as christians. That will quite bother them if dozens of turkish politicians vote at the EU parliament and contribute to the future of the EU.

But Angela Merkel should wake up: Turkey is a candidate country to the EU since 1999, not a candidate to the EU circus. A reminder: the negotiations began in 2005: all the EU states signed. And the EU parliament approved the opening of these negotiations. Thus, it was democratically that the decision to open the negotiations was taken. And the goal is the full membership. It’s written in the EU laws.

The EU is not a circus. Angela Merkel can’t change the EU laws, but she can keep speaking again and again as much as she wishes, Turkey is sailing closer to the EU each day.

Lastly, Gerard Schröder doesn’t agree with her, so she ought to not spread the idea that everybody shares her stance in Germany.

And she should not forget that many countries support Turkey’s EU membership: Sweden, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Finland, Belgium, Estonia, Latvia, Poland, Ireland, the UK, Romania, Bulgaria. But Ms Merkel should not be worried, because thanks to its young population, thanks to its strong economy, Turkey may say ‘No’ to the EU membership at the end of the negotiations. So her dream or her goal of a pure christian EU will be saved from the 96 turkish politicians.

But Angela Merkel should try to find something better than her “privileged racism” offer (some people may be bothered with the word “racism”, so I’ve found something else: “privileged muslim” offer!!). She should find something new because that is really boring. And she should say officially that she doesn’t want of Turkey because of religion, at least she would be honest.

Instead of still questioning Turkey’s EU membership and wasting time, instead of spreading the idea that Turkey is the source of the problems in the EU, the politicians ought to deal with unemployment or environment,

which are a common problem of all the EU states. But as the politicians fail to resolve these issues, they prefer entertaining people with Turkey’s EU membership.

Article n°2
Angeal Merkel is not a democrat, neither is Nicolas Sarkozy. Because they want to forget the commitments of the whole EU: the EU recognized Turkey an official candidate in 1999, and the EU approved the start of the negotiations in 2004. By denying democracy, Angela Merkel and Nicolas Sarkozy proved that they are far from being serious heads of states.
Moreover, Angela Merkel’s stance regarding Turkey is not shared by everybody in Germany: the SPD supports Turkey’s EU membership, so does the FDP. In France the socialists support Turkey’s EU membership, as well as the greens. There are even several politicians within the rightist UMP who support Turkey’s EU bid.

Well the decisions about Turkey’s EU bid were already made by all the governments of the EU many years ago. It’s not because Angela Merkel is the current chancelor that she can deny democracy. It’s not because Mr Sarkozy is the current president that he can deny democracy. A serious head of state can’t object to such important and historic decisions regarding Turkey.

Regarding Cyprus: Turkey has repeated that it will open its ports and airports to the greek Cypriots as soon as the EU lifts the embargoes toward the turkish Cypriots, as it promised that before the referendum for the reunification of Cyprus in 2004. But we all know that Mr Sarkozy and Ms Merkel manipulate the greek Cypriots in order to sabotage the negotiations with Turkey: they blocked at least 8 important chapters, because if these chapters are opened it will be harder to prevent Turkey from becoming an EU member.

Article n°2
Angela Merkel (and Nicolas Sarkozy) don’t want Turkey to be an EU member because they don’t want to see Turkey in the EU parliament. In fact, with their “privileged racism” offer they aim at isolating Turkey in the ghetto of the EU in order to prevent Turkey from taking advantage of its potential 96 seats at the EU parliament.

But they have to understand that Turkey, which is a founder member of the council of Europe,

always wanted to be a member of the EU for political reasons. Thus, the goal of Turkey is to be an official EU member

(in my opinion, owing to its close ties with the EU, we can say that Turkey is a non official member of the EU) and to use its voting right at the EU parliament.

Article n°4
I watched Angela Merkel with Recep Tayyip Erdoğan on TV in live. A turkish journalist asked a question to Ms Merkel: she said that regarding the negotiations between the EU and Turkey, some say that the rules can’t be changed, and asked Ms Merkel’s point of view.

Angela Merkel didn’t seem to be at ease with that question and answered that the relations between Turkey and the EU date back to the 60’s, and she mentioned Konrad Adenauer. She stressed the importance of these relations but said that today the situation is not as the same as the 60’s, that the situation changed.

What did Ms Merkel mean? What has changed? Yes the EU-Turkey relations date back to 1963. But she didn’t remind that the whole EU recognized Turkey an official candidate country to the EU in 1999 at Heksinki, and that all the EU states did agree that Turkey would be treated as the previous candidate countries and that all the EU states signed that the goal is the full membership of Turkey. That was 1999. Not the 60’s. Today we are in 2010. What has changed compared with 1999? Only one thing has changed: she is the current chancelor of Germany.

So to the question regarding the EU rules, Angela Merkel didn’t give any good or any credible response. And as she failed to give an objective answer she immediately dealt with Cyprus, by reminding that Turkey must open its ports and airports to the greek Cypriots. What an easy way out! But she didn’t deal with the commitment which the EU hasn’t stood to: the lifting of the embargoes toward the turkish Cypriots.

Lastly, Ms Merkel should have reminded again that the EU made a mistake by granting the EU membership to the greek Cypriots in 2004, as she did last year. A positive news: Mr Erdoğan said that Ms Merkel answered positively regarding a turkish school in Germany.

Article n°5
Turkey is grateful to Gerard Schröder because he strongly supported the opening of the negotiations between the EU and Turkey in 2004. But Angela Merkel doesn’t care that he signed in 2004 for the opening of these negotiations. She denies his signature. She and Mr Sarkozy keep denying his signature and the signatures of all the other heads of states of the European Union such as the french president Jacques Chirac.

Mr Chirac and Mr Schröder strongly supported Turkey’s EU path. And it’s good that Mr Schröder is repeating today his support to Turkey.

Teşekkür ederim Mr Schröder.

Amicalement vôtre,


PS. Amicalement vôtre is the french title of the fantastic series ”The persuaders” (Tony Curtis + Roger Moore), it means “Best wishes”, but I prefer translating it as “In a friendly way, yours”.

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