The Israelis wanted to take “revenge” against Turkey, that’s why they attacked the civilian humanitarian ships on the road to Gaza.
The Israelis are in fact enraged. Why? Because of Turkey’s policy in the Middle East with its excellent and efficient “0 problem with our neighbours” strategy (which involves political and economic rapprochements with Syria and Iran, the ennemies of Israel). Because of the agreements signed about the nuclear file with Iran (which paves the way for a diplomatic solution and not a military one). Last but not least, the Israelis are enraged owing to what happened at Davos: let’s remind that Mr Peres raised his voice for 25 minutes and claimed that Israel works for peace. He almost shouted. That provoked the anger of the prime minister of Turkey, Mr Erdoğan. Though he calmly gave an answer. Mr Erdoğan said: “I remember well that you killed children on beaches, you know killing people very well”. But the moderator interrupted a few times Mr Erdoğan, and that was too much for the turkish prime minister, who raised his voice and said: “Mr Peres spoke for 25 minutes, I had only 12 minutes. Thank you. From now on I will never come back to Davos” .
Thus, the Israelis decided to take “revenge” by killing civilian people who were on a humanitarian mission. That was a terrorist attack and a crime against humanity. Nothing can justify that heinous action, furthermore perpetrated in international waters. The Israelis proved once more that they are barbarians.

Let’s remind that the Israelis ludicrously took it out on the turkish ambassador too: they gave him a chair at ground level because of a turkish TV series which recreated the crimes againt humanity of some israeli soldiers who killed palestinian civilians at Gaza.

The Israelis isolated themselves in the Middle East, and they isolate themselves more and more from public opinion throughout the world. I do not understand Israel. Israel puts in jeopardy the peace in the Middle East. The role of Turkey in this region, which is no less than a powder magazine, most probably bothers Israel. Turkey has in fact counteracted the war plans of Israel and the United States of America towards Iran. Israel can’t tolerate the influence of Turkey (an incredible rising power) in the Middle East, as well as in its other aeras. The cards in the Middle East have been dealt again, and Israel must be extremely disturbed about that.

A turkish soldier on retirement analysed the attack of Israel and said the following: “The target of Israel was to kill. Because it was useless to launch an attack on the ships. If the goal of Israel was to stop these civilian ships, its warships would have blocked them”.

The Israelis wanted the whole world to see how far they can go. That attack proved one more time that Israel acts with impunity. In a way its message is: “We have the atom-bomb, we are untouchable”. The sole solution to stop that terrorist state is to vote an embargo towards it: the United Nations must take the lead so that Israel is under embargo. It’s not impossible. Owing to the pressure of the European Union, Austria was in quarantine a few years ago when the neo-nazis took the power. So it is possible to do the same with Israel.

The foreign minister of Turkey Ahmet Davutoğlu said this: “That attack could lead to irreversible consequences about the relations between Israel and Turkey”. And the prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said that: “We curse this inhuman attack. There were only civilians and volunteers on the humanitarian ships. Our message doesn’t refer to the israeli people but to the israeli government. And our jewish citizens are under our security”.

The Isrealis are really a threat to the peace in the Middle East. That’s what Turkey’s been repeating for many months. But Israel is also a threat to the peace in the world, since according to an american newspaper, three israeli submarines armed with nuclear missiles may be close to the iranian waters. I knew that Israel and the USA want to provoke a war with Iran, but never had I got the slightest thought that they would use the atom-bomb. These insane people could provoke a third world war. I’m afraid.

Maybe that some lobbies are making everything in their power in order to create a new world war. Let’s remember the south korean warship which may have been sunk by the north koreans. At least, perhaps that’s what some people wanted us to believe. Indeed, the south korean warship may have been sunk by a foreign power in order to trigger a war between North and South Korea. And now that provocation from Israel.
Those two temporally close events may be only a coincidence. But maybe not. A turkish journalist said that this attack from Israel was a provocation that could trigger a war, because that attack is a valid reason for war. So, do we want a planetary war?

Mr Obama, will you remain silent again, as you remained silent about the Goldstone report of the UN, which condemned Israel for its crimes against humanity at Gaza? Or will you be at last the first president of the USA who will be dignified and listen to reason and act against Israel in an objective way, therefore giving up your chance for a second mandate? Well the fate of the world is more important than your re-election. I watched a reportage on TV a few months ago, and an american politician said this: “Nothing will ever change in the USA as long as the electoral system doesn’t change”.

The humanitarian ships, full of supplies and equipment, were sailing to Gaza in order to help the Palestinians who do deeply suffer in an inhuman situation. The Israelis are used to assassinating civilians: at Gaza or lastly on the humanitarian ships. The Israelis are coward. They believe that they are powerful. But if they had soldiers in front of them, the situation would be quite different. They would not face with innocent civilians.

The Israelis think this: “We are sandwiched in the Middle East, and our only breath of air is Turkey. But given that it deepened its ties with Iran and Syria, our ennemies, and that it favoured the diplomatic solution regarding the iranian nuclear dossier, let’s show our anger. The whole world observed us: we attacked civilian ships, now it must know that we are in a position to attack Iran”.

The Israelis behave like kids, but they have dangerous weapons in their hands. They have the nuclear weapon. That is terrifiying. Why? Because with their last inhuman and terrorist attack on civilian ships, they proved that they are out of control. That is terrifiying.

Turkey is the biggest player in the Middle East and it is triyng to stabilize it in order to maintain the peace. But Israel and the United States of America (with their crazy plans about Iran) are offside. They seem to be willing to explode the Middle East. Well Turkey is respected by the international community, and I do hope that it will be able to resolve that madness. Nevertheless, the European Union must absolutely be at Turkey’s side. They must work together in order to prevent Israel and the USA from exploding the Middle East and the world. The european commission underlined two days ago that Turkey’s policy in the Middle East and in its other regions supports Turkey’s EU membership perspective.

The commission also stated that it appreciates Mr Davutoğlu’s “0 problem with our neighbours” policy and that it encourages that kind of initiative. The timing of that declaration is quite revealing. I have faith in the european commission. And I want to have faith in the European Union.

There are other humanitarian civilian ships en route to Gaza, and NATO should provide them with military protection. Will the world want to avoid a second israeli attack?

Eventually, here is an excellent article suggested by Robert Fisk, from The Independent.

Congratulations to Robert Fisk. I am nicely surprised that an english journalist has so beautiful and objective thoughts (anyway the english journalists are not all about the same). I do not know any american journalist who would write such an article. However we should not forget the excellent Michael Moore.

That article of Mr Fisk is a magnificent lesson of humanity. I am proud to be a human being thanks to people like Robert Fisk and Michael Moore (I strongly recommend to watch “Sycko” and “Capitalism: a love story?” from Mr Moore).



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  1. Good article, Israel took US to war with afghanistan and Iraq based on lies. Now they try to do the same with Iran.

  2. The tiny Israel with half the population of Istanbul is the prime example of a ‘terrorist state’ and had it not been for the various zionist lobbies aided by Jewish owned US media Israel would have been declared the worse offender of Human Rights and a ‘rogue state’ that it is!

    However the extreme rigt wing zionists of the current Israeli administration may have drawn the biggest nail into its coffin to date by spilling Turkish blood especially in an unprovoked barbaric manner. The pious and the secular Turks are united in revulsion of the Israeli barbarity! The Turks who have helped provide safe haven to Jews throughout historay are now disgusted by this intransigent terrorist state.

    While falsely claiming to be a pluralist democracy the apartheid dtate of Israel discriminates against its citizens of Arab origin as well as fellow Jews.

    The War Criminal Netanyahu and the gangsters have officially lost Turkey as a friend and Turkey as a foe can be far more ferociios than all of the Araba states combined!

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