Many ask that question: “Why Turkey should be a member of the EU?“. No need to ask that question anymore. Because the EU recognized Turkey an official candidate to the EU in 1999. Turkey will join the EU only when it succesfully adapts its laws to the EU laws. Since Turkey is a democracy, the EU decided to open the negotiations process in 2005. But Turkey’s democracy does need to be improved. That’s why the turkish constitution is being improved. Next september, a referendum will be held in Turkey regarding that new constitution. Here Riza Türmen says that he doesn’t understand why the EU supports that new constitution since the turkish government will be able to influence justice. At first Mr Türmen is absolutely right. But the EU supports that new constitution because it does prefer justice to be influenced by a democratically elected government rather than by blind nationalists who are not independent. And there is no hidden agenda of the AKP. Moreover, when another party runs the turkish government, it will have the same powers. By the way, the objective of the negotiations is the EU membership. It’s written in the EU laws. Nothing less, nothing more. So the question is the following one: “When Turkey is a member?“

The turkish ship is sailing towards the EU. And no one can stop it.

Olli Rehn are of those who can already catch sight of it on the horizon.

But Mr Sarkozy denies that and claims this: “It’s impossible. You can’t already see the turkish ship on the horizon, because the Earth is not round.“

And he adds: “If the Earth was round, the people under the Earth would fall!“.

And that makes the UMP laugh. But Mr Sarkozy, Mr Lellouche and the other vassals of the UMP still know nothing about the law of gravity.

Mr Sarkozy is able to slow down the process of the negotiations between the EU and Turkey, but that’s all. In fact, he has lost. Why has he lost? Because the whole EU decided in 2004 to open the negotiations. The negotiations for the full EU membership, not for the EU circus in which he lives. All the EU states signed.

And lots of politcians of the EU are working hard with Turkey about its EU membership.

Have we questioned the membership of Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Sweden, Spain….? So if we pester Turkey so much, it’s because it’s a country of muslim religion. But also because there is an ocean of prejudices towards Turkey.

But many people forget that Turkey was a vital, reliable and faithful ally to the EU during the cold war. The citizens of the EU who are not aware of that, well I don’t have any grudge against them. However, many of those among the media and the politicians of the EU who know that but make some propaganda and vociferate about Turkey and its EU membership are traitors and ungrateful. There are loads of traitors in the EU. They don’t have a poor memory but they have no conscience. I can’t bear the traitors. Whoever they are.

These traitors have a complex about Atatürk and his soldiers’ victory against the european powers.

They still can’t bear that defeat of Europe, and the existence itself of the modern and secular Turkey founded in 1923 by Atatürk and his soldiers. But even at the time the Europeans had difficulty in swallowing the bitter pill of the defeat, they who wanted to share out Anatolia.

Some countries of the ex-USSR, in former times “ennemies“ of the west, have become members of the EU. And today, it is Turkey which is humiliated and treated like an ennemy. Isn’t that appalling? The EU (and the United States of America) took advantage of Turkey’s geostrategic position and of its military power during the cold war. Today the EU deserts Turkey. What a treason. That deeply disgusts me.

These traitors have a complex about Turkey but have no complex about the temporary defeat of most of Europe against Germany during world war II. In spite of its invasions, Germany became a member of the EEC/EU.

So what’s the problem with Turkey?

I want at first to emphasize that I’m neither anti-Israel nor anti-USA. I only criticize the extremist american and israeli leaders. Not the israeli or american people.

I’m quite worried. Today, some politicians, some media, full of hatred, don’t hesitate to destabilize and harm Turkey. Some american politicians attempt to harm Turkey. The EU must absolutely support Turkey, and say “Stop“ to the Americans (and to the dangerous Mr Sarkozy. Before the french presidential elections, Bernard Kouchner said: “Mr Sarkozy is dangerous“. But then he strangely accepted to be his puppet of the foreign affairs. Mr Sarkozy blocks the EU-Turkey negotiations. He acted against the reunification of Cyprus (click here). Mr Sarkozy endangers the whole Turkey. Mr Sarkozy didn’t take part to the vote of the Goldstone report at the United Nations. Mr Sarkozy endangers the peace on the planet).

Some american leaders make me afraid: at first it was Robert Gates (to read the article in english click here). And a few days ago it was Phil Gordon’s turn (click here or there – in turkish), who said: “Turkey must show its loyalty to the west“. Some lobbies clearly aim at destroying the relations between Turkey and the USA. They aim at weakening Turkey.

Turkey aims at being a member of the EU. But some lobbies want to divide Turkey and create a Kurdistan in southeastern Turkey. Turkey’s EU perspective doesn’t prevent it from improving its ties with all its neighbours. Germany has economic relations with Iran but Phil Gordon or Robert Gates don’t say anything about that. But when Turkey improves its ties with Iran, there is a problem. Turkey seeks a rapprochement with Iran but also with Greece, Russia, Armenia, Jordan, Georgia….. The policy of the AKP is “zero problem with our neighbours“. Thus, Turkey is not shifting to the east. Besides, “shifting to the east” doesn’t mean anything. If you prefer, it’s a “privileged partnership“! Mr Sarkozy, Mr Lellouche and Ms Merkel will understand that very well. But that privileged partnership of Turkey is a positive partnership towards all its neighbours. No discrimination.

Numerous politicians of the EU as well as the EU commission do not agree with the United States of America. Robert Gates, Phil Gordon, Barack Obama, you know that the United States of America are the servants of the israeli theocracy. But you also have to know that Turkey is not the servant of the iranian theocracy. Turkey voted against the sanctions towards Iran at the United Nations Security Council because Turkey and Brazil succeeded in signing a nuclear deal with Iran. So Turkey worked hard with Brazil in order to avoid new sanctions. And the deal that Iran signed is the one that the Americans suggested a few months ago. So Turkey couldn’t approve the sanctions against Iran since it succeeded in convincing Iran to sign the nuclear deal.

Furthermore, Iran is Turkey’s second gas supplier. So Turkey has the duty to entertain good relations with Iran. The EU commission and the socialist goup of the EU parliament approved and encouraged Turkey’s foreign policy with all its neighbours. Turkey is not responsible for the lack of democracy in Iran. But what Turkey can do but improve its ties with Iran?

Turkey is an independent country, and it has no subjective lobbies that make any pressure. But the USA have. Justice in the USA is not independent. Well Turkey voted “No“, and the german politician Günter Verheugen said that this “No“ ought to be a lesson to many people (article mentioned above). The USA must respect that decision. And the USA are not in a position to teach a lesson to Turkey since the USA of Mr Barack Obama voted against the Goldstone report at the UN, which condemned Israel’s crimes against humanity and its war crimes at Gaza (Mr Goldstone is of jewish religion).

Why do the USA want to impose Turkey their opinion? Why don’t the USA respect Turkey? Why do they want to intimidate Turkey? Why did Phil Gordon threaten Turkey? How dare this not much credible man threaten Turkey? If the USA were really a loyal ally of Turkey, Phil Gordon would not have said this: “If Turkey doesn’t show its loyalty to the west, the USA will support with difficulty Turkey about the subjects of which it wants our support“.

What does that mean? So the USA will not help Turkey against the terrorist group the PKK? That is scandalous. A true ally would never say that. A true ally would not call into question its support to Turkey against the PKK terrorism. That is a huge loss of credibility. Because every kind of terrorism is the ennemy of the whole planet. A true ally would not say that it will not take sides with Turkey if Turkey doesn’t approve its debatable decisions.

Phil Gordon, being a military power doesn’t mean being civilized. Going to space doesn’t mean being civilized neither. Phil Gordon, don’t forget that Turkey played a vital role during the cold war. Let’s remind that Dwight David Eisenhower warned the USA about the military lobbies and the american military power. But what he feared did happen. If the american leaders were really american nationalists, they would have listened to Mr Eisenhower. Many american leaders are traitors towards Mr Eisenhower and his heroes who saved Europe and the world from the nazis. The american leaders should wake up and be at last faithful to Mr Eisenhower. They should stop destabilizing Turkey. I’m afraid because Turkey is in danger.

The USA are convinced that the planet belongs to them. But they should realize that: we all belong to the planet. When will the USA respect the other countries of the world? Turkey is an independent and a secular democracy, and it did repeat many times that it doesn’t want Iran to get the atom-bomb (anyway Turkey is afraid of that), and it does not want a military intervention at its frontiers neither.

The prime minister of Turkey Mr Erdoğan and his ministers do not approve the anti-human rights policies, neither those from Iran nor those from Israel.

Mr Erdoğan has been repeating for many years that he considers anti-semitism as a crime against humanity, as well as islamophobia. But the Americans tolerate the anti-human rights policies of Israel at Gaza. The american and israeli negative nationalism are a dangerous menace, as every negative nationalism. The USA make me afraid. Israel makes me afraid. Don’t misunderstand me. I want Israel to change. I want the USA to change. Because I support peace. That’s why I do support the people like Mickael Moore.

The USA must honour the heroes who saved Europe (but the ones who decided to commit the two japanese genocides at Nagasaki and Hiroshima represent the evil, they are the ennemies of the whole humanity. And the ones who bombed the french towns and who killed thousands of french are not heroes).

Every human being has the right and even the duty to support their country against terrorism. Israel has the right to protect itself against the Hamas. The United States of America have the right to protect themselves against Al Qaida, so have Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, the United-Kingdom, or Spain. Turkey has the right to protect itself against the PKK. I do support the fight against terrorism of every country in the world, but that fight can’t justify the death of the civillians. No one can support the anti-peace policies of their country. Supporting these policies represent the negative nationalism, which is a menace for the peace on our planet.

We are all human beings and we have to be aware that we all suffer because of the negative nationalism. The only solution is to give up the negative nationalism ideology. Why not act now? We can prevent many wars. We decide. Each of us. Let’s respect each other. Why send that dangerous ideology into the future? Let’s send our love into the future. Let’s be responsible. Let’s be united. We do not have any other Earth. Let’s imagine that an asteroid is heading to the Earth.

What would we think? What would we want to do? Certainly not war. The whole world would be united against that threat. Iran and Israel would unite. Have we to wait for an asteroid to understand that all the human beings are a miracle of life? Negative nationalism is as dangerous as an asteroid.

As a positive turkish nationalist, I support the kurdish opening of the turkish government. I want the kurdish language to be taught at schools and at universities. I supported the creation of the national kurdish TV channel launched more than one year ago, which broadcasts varied programmes in kurdish 24/24.

However, I curse the terrorists of the PKK who aim at destroying the unity of Atatürk’s Turkey, and those throughout the world who provide them with information, financial and logistic support. I also curse the extremists of the turkish political party the MHP who are against the kurdish opening of the AKP and who disgracefully try to gain votes by manipulating the victims of the PKK.

The negative nationalism is an evil that unfortunately does exist in every country in the world. The israeli and american people, as well as the israeli lobbies, ought to be positive nationalists. That will save our countries (which we love so much) in the long run. The israeli lobbies are powerful, and they ought to not misuse that huge power. If the israeli lobbies really want to safeguard the security and the future of Israel, they must unite against the extremist israeli leaders.

Many Americans of jewish religion demonstrated in the United States of America and said that the extremist israeli leaders do not represent the jews of the world. The israeli and palestinian people are the hostages of their extremist leaders, thus they must unite against them. Because both people desperately want peace and harmony. I watched a TV programme many years ago about Israel: a husband and his wife, both of jewish religion, said: “We want peace“. We the citizens want peace, and we have the power to object to the extremist leaders. Let’s stop their madness. A man (from Tibet I believe) said: “The heart of man is the same everywhere on the Earth“.

Turkey is a democratic republic. It has always wished to improve its human rights. Nevertheless, the terrorists of the PKK were a huge obstacle against the improvement of democracy in Turkey. And they still are.

Those last weeks these terrorists assassinated many soldiers as well as the wife of a soldier and a kid. The president of the Council of Europe Mevlüt Çavusoğlu wanted to deal with these terrorist attacks, but Thorbjorn Jagland objected to that. He said: “These events are not exceptional“. Click here (in turkish). Many people were assassinated. But Mr Thorbjorn Jagland is not appalled.

Let’s remind that Mr Jagland is corrupt. He supported Barack Obama for the Nobel prize because some lobbies are close to him (and he is close to Madeleine Albright. Regarding Ms Albright, I watched a TV programme on a french channel, and a journalist said to her: “1 million iraqi children and babies died during 10 years because of the embargoes against Iraq“ (medicine included). Madeleine Albright gave that answer: “If that is the price to be paid“. Madeleine Albright and her colleagues are collaborators, they are crazy and dangerous. Can she repeat that a million time? Was not that a genocide?).

The EU, which has always criticized Turkey and its human rights, didn’t recognize the PKK as a terrorist group during 30 years. Why? That didn’t help Turkey to improve its democracy, on the contrary. If the EU and the USA had recognized the PKK as a terrorist group 30 years ago (as far as I remember they recognized it in 2004), well Turkey would have improved its democracy for a very long time. And its economy would have developed faster.

But the main obstacle to the economic development of the east of Turkey is the terrorist oraganization the PKK. Italy succeeded in developing its Mezziogiorno, Turkey wants to succeed with its east, but the PKK prevents it. That’s why the investors can’t really invest in that aera. Some politicians within the EU are used to criticizing for a long time Turkey and its democracy, but at the same time they support the terrorists of the PKK.

The media in France never call the terrorists of the PKK “terrorists“ but “rebels“. The PKK is a terrorist group. Why? Because it kills people. The PKK assassinated 40 000 people for 30 years. And the media call them “rebels“. Very strange, isn’t it? Why are these terrorists not called “terrorists“?

The turkish army targets the PKK, not the civilians, OK? When the turkish army bombs the camps of the PKK in northern Iraq, only the terrorists of the PKK are targeted. But there are some politicians who deny that.

However, the Americans bomb both the civilians and the terrorists. They proved that in Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan. Israel bombs both the terrorists of the Hamas and the palestian civilians. So where are the politicians of the EU who make their propaganda against Turkey? Why do they remain silent? All the countries have the right to protect themselves against the terrorists but the civilians are not terrorists. The turkish army struggles against the PKK, not against the turkish citizens with kurdish origins. Israel and the USA must target only the terrorists.

Some of the anti Turkey politicians don’t care of democracy because they only want to destabilize Turkey so that it is divided. They are the ennemies of Turkey, of justice and of democracy. But Turkey will never be divided.

Because Atatürk, the founder of Turkey, engraved an exceptional imprint on the turkish national consciousness.

An exceptional imprint which always gathered all the ethnically different Turks together since 1923. The Turks are proud of their country, and with the army, are the guarantors of the turkish republic.

The french are also united in spite of their cultural differences: Brittany, Normandy and Alsace are french.

But there is no politician or media in Turkey that aims at dividing France. No turkish lobby aims at destabilizing Victor Hugo’s country.

The Europeans killed each other during centuries but that was not an obstacle to unite and create the European Union.

After world war II, the EEC was created in order to not kill each other with….Germany. The Europeans seem to not have any problem to have united with Germany and Austria. No problem to share a common currency with them neither.

Thus, what is the problem with Turkey? Why is there so much hatred against Turkey? Why constantly vociferate about Turkey?

Some politicians and some media of the EU (and of the USA) ought to stop yelling about Turkey. We are not in the Middle Ages anymore.

They should stop making diversion. Turkey is not responsible for the problems of the EU. They should stop manipulating the citizens of the EU, above all at election time.

It’s ludicrous to categorically refuse the EU membership of Turkey with pretexts that only a child could put forward.

Turkey will be able to be a member only when it is ready. Only when the commission of the EU and the EU states consent to it.

The negotiations between the EU commission and Turkey are serious (however, “negotiations“ is misleading. The process rather corresponds to “adaptation period“).

Nevertheless, why have made Greece a member of the EEC/EU in 1981, whereas it was far from fulfiling the criterions for the membership? Today with Turkey, we are not only extremely demanding, but furthermore Turkey is not treated as the previous candidates.

The door of the EU was subjectively opened to Greece (by Mr Giscard D’Estaing, an anti-Turkey man), today that door is subjectively closed to Turkey by Mr Sarkozy.

Besides, for years the turkish students couldn’t take advantage of the Erasmus programme because of the veto of some greek politicians. That’s scandalous and disgraceful.

On the one hand, Greece received nearly 100 billion euros from the EU and it was able to hugely modernize itself thanks to that financial support (whereas Turkey, deserted by the EU, was trying to survive all alone while at the same time being the victim of the terrorism of the PKK). On the other hand, during many years (until 1999), Greece took Turkey and its whole people hostage by using its veto against its EU membership.

And today, Greece is in an extremely serious crisis and asks for the help of the EU after have doctored its statistics to fool the EU.

According to some turkish experts, Greece has not been productive for years, and its economy was able to stand only thanks to financial support. Today it is paying a high price (I deal with that matter in this article in french). Well both as a turkish citizen and as a citizen of the EU I have the justifiable right to express my annoyance at the greek leaders.

But despite all of that, Greece keeps on making some propaganda against Turkey at the EU parliament. I am indignant and angry. I’m fed up with the greek leaders. With the help of many politicians (who object to Turkey‘s EU membership and manipulate the cypriot issue in order to block the EU membership of Turkey), the greek and the greek cypriot leaders insist and still try (they started that propaganda several months ago but I thought that they would stop it) to sabotage the voting of the EU parliament regarding the lifting of the embargoes towards the turkish Cypriots. Lifting which was promised by the EU on april 2004. Some EU politicians said that they were filled with consternation by the behaviour of the greek cypriot politicians at the EU parliament: “A behaviour of politicians of third world countries“.

Let’s remind that south Cyprus was made an EU member whereas the laws of the EU do state that no country can be a member of the EU if that country has frontiers disputes.

Mr Sarkozy and Ms Merkel block several chapters of the EU-Turkey negotiations by manipulating the cypriot issue (click here and there – both in french). The greek Cypriots and Greece shamefully block the negotiations too (Spain exactly confirmed that two weeks ago and it added: “Turkey is victim of discrimination from the EU“).

Today the EU tells Turkey: “You must resolve your issue with the greek Cypriots if you want the negotiations to continue“. That is quite scandalous and disgraceful. Why didn’t the EU expect the same thing from the greek Cypriots before they did join the EU in 2004? That’s subjective. That’s racism. That’s appalling. That’s not justice.

Günter Verheugen said in 2004 that the greek cypriot government betrayed him. In fact, the greek cypriot government made the propaganda of the “No” so that the greek cypriot citizens vote “No” to Kofi Annan’s peace plan for the reunification of Cyprus. And Angela Merkel said that it was a mistake to have accepted the greek Cypriots as EU members. But did not the EU know that the EU membership of the greek Cypriots would be a problem for Turkey’s EU perspective and membership?

Many people complaint about the EU’s unfairness regarding the EU membership of the greek Cypriots. In fact, the geographical argument which many EU politicians repeat ludicrously in order to object to the EU membership of Turkey makes no sense. In fact, since these anti-Turkey politicians claim that Turkey is not in Europe, why have they taken the greek Cypriots within the EU? Let’s emphasize this: are the greek Cypriots in Europe?

Last but not least, I was shocked when I read that turkish article. Mehmet Ali Talat said that the greek cypriot government supports the PKK for a long time. The greek cypriot citizens have the duty to ask their leaders to account for that scandalous and horrible news.

Mehmet Ali Talat, the former president of the turkish Cypriots, is a pro-peace politician whom I do trust. Thus I believe him. He is an objective politician who greatly contributed to the peace in Cyprus, but the greek cypriot leaders didn’t join him for peace. And since the EU didn’t make any pressure to the greek side which feels untouchable, the turkish cypriot citizens decided to punish Mr Talat at the last presidential election.

In spite of the anger I feel towards the greek leaders, I support the rapprochement between Greece and Turkey. Because the greek people are not responsible for the insane decisions of their government. A courageous greek cypriot journalist, Makarios Drusiotis, wrote in his article published in the Elefterotipia newspaper that it is the greek side which does not want a solution at Cyprus (click here for reading the article in turkish).

A turkish journalist should invite Makarios Drusiotis in Turkey to have a cup of coffee.

Greece and Turkey must improve their ties.

Turkey works hard for that. Do all the greek leaders and the influential religious leaders work hard too?

Will Yorgo Papandreou succeed in preventing the greek nationalists from sabotaging the peace with Turkey? And will the EU at last help the Greeks and the Turks to be closer (click here and there)?

Until now, the EU hasn’t done anything. In other words, will the EU at last do its job?



PS. The french version of the current article is here.

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  1. Cem – I found your blog from Hurriyet. I like your comments and read them as I like Turkey as much as I love my homeland, occupied Ogaden. Although USA and europe are determined to seprate southern Sudan from Sudan, they are doing nothing to the Ethiopian regime’s torture of the Ogaden people. For over 60 years we are fighting to free ourselves from Ethiopia. Although we are indiginious somalis, the UK govt joined us to Ethiopia .. the divide and rule policy.

    If one looks at the world today, it becomes clear to teh hypocricy that exists. We desperately need Turkey that is strong, powerful, a member of teh UN security Council, a leader of the muslim world and a guarantor of peace in the middleeast ad the world. Otherwise Turkish membership to NATO ha no benefit to 1.5million muslims. Most wars and sufferings in teh world todays are as teh esults of wars in the mulim world despite Islam been a religion of peace. I cant understand how dictators such as Mubarak and many other Arab leaders are friends of the west but when they get close to Turkey, alarm bells ring in the west … Ooh Turkey is drifting away … as if Turkey is owned by others. I like AKP and I hope the Turkish people return them to power again and again.

    There is no excuse for terrorism full stop. However if you look at the world today, the suffering of muslims is not coincidence. Its as the result of policies by big powers. The invasion of Iraq was no to correct a wrong but was a crime committed against a UN member state. There was no Alqaaiida then there and there was no Iranian involvement then. Christian in Iraq lived there for 100s of years but today no one can live in Iraq. Who is to blame?

    I hope Turkey continues to prosper and it will God willing. I hope Kurds understand that they are stronger and better with a democratic Turkey and terorism willnot help them achieve a separate state. Long live Turkey. Greetings from Ogaden

  2. Good evening Abdallah,

    thank you for your comment.

    I have no knowledge regarding Ogaden.

    What I can say is that I hope the whole Africa will live in peace.

    We have only one planet, but that world is wide enough for all of us!

    Best regards,


  3. Cangradualtion on your blog, its well explained. I enjoyed your balance point of view and fair avluation of all your points.
    Well done.

  4. Thank you very much Eren.

    When I write I have to be objective otherwise I would not dare look in the mirror.

    My next article is ready, however I haven’t finished the translation.

    In fact, I publish most of my articles in english and french, but I will be able to suggest it in both languages only next wednesday.

    Comments will be welcome.

    Good night,


    PS: another article about the cypriot issue is also ready. I believe that it will be published at the end of september.

  5. Cem,

    I be looking forwar to your Cypriot isssue blog… keep the good work up. We need more like you.


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