The Turks in Turkey are humiliated by the outrageous proceedings imposed by the EU when they want to get a visa to travel to the EU countries.

Today the EU proves once more that it is quite racist towards Turkey. What follows is disgusting.

There is a law of the EU that states this: “An illegal who is arrested in an EU country must be sent back to the first EU country by which he arrived”.

An example: an illegal enters the EU territory from Spain. He is arrested in France, so he is sent back to Spain.

That law applies only to the EU members.

On the other hand, the politicians who object to Turkey’s EU membership and who sabotage the negotiations between the EU and Turkey want at the same this law to be applied to Turkey.

Isn’t it scandalous?

The EU wants absolutely to convince Turkey to accept that agreement, and it promises that the scandalous visa proceedings shamefully imposed by the EU to the Turkish citizens will be changed.

Thus the EU wants Turkey to accept that the illegals arrested on its territory who come from Turkey to be sent back to Turkey.

Turkey is not an EU member yet, so why not send them back to Greece, since the illegals enter the EU territory from Greece?

The worst is that the EU said to Turkey: “Sign that agreement, then we will change the visa proceedings”.

The EU mocks at Turkey. The EU doesn’t respect Turkey. The EU behaves as a carpet dealer.

And that trickery reminds me of the disgusting cyprus game of the EU.

Turkey said that it will not sign that agreement as long as the visa proceedings are not changed.

The EU is used to manipulating Turkey.

During the Cold War, the EU did take advantage of the military power of Turkey in order to safeguard its security.

Then the EU did desert Turkey in its struggle against the terrorism of the PKK. Furthermore, the PKK collects money in the EU with impunity in order to finance the weapons and the bombs that it uses to kill the Turks in Turkey.

Today it does blackmail Turkey about the illegals.

That is immoral.

(A Turkish journalist said: “If some countries of the EU do not do anything against the terrorists of the PKK, why do we want to enter the EU?”).

If the EU helped the poor countries to develop, there would not be so much illegals in the EU.

Turkey helps the poor countries to develop. Its economic policy respects in fact the win-win principle. As in Africa for instance.

Turkey gives a humanity lesson to the EU and to the USA.

I am strongly convinced that the objective of Turkey is still the EU membership. Turkey still does need the EU, its path has always been the European one. But that European path doesn’t prevent it from improving its ties with its neighbours such as Iran, the Arabic countries, Georgia or Russia.

Turkey is not shifting to the east, that is a lie from some lobbies which aim at making an anti-Turkey propaganda. Anyway, “shifting to the east” doesn’t mean anything at all.

But the Turkish state is suspicious towards the EU since on the one hand, several irresponsible politicians subjectively keep on objecting to Turkey’s EU perspective. In fact these politicians sabotage the negotiations process, and that is destroying the credibility of the EU, which recognized Turkey as an official EU candidate in 1999 at Helsinki and which signed in 2004 for the opening of the negotiations in 2005. All the EU states signed, and all underlined that the goal is the full EU membership, but today the EU seems to forget that.

“Voices inside my head, echoes of things that you said”

So Turkey doesn’t understand that amnesia.

On the other hand, no country really seems to object to them and especially to Mr Sarkozy.

Turkey does not understand that neither. It’s good to say: “We support Turkey”. But that is not enough. One must act.

Spain said 6 months ago that it would open several chapters of the negotiations: click here and there.

But it opened only one.

Though Spain is a big country. Thus, why wasn’t it able to withstand to the obvious pressure of Mr Sarkozy and Greece? (Spain said a few weeks ago that owing to their pressure, it couldn’t open any chapter. And it added that Turkey is victim of discrimination from the EU).

Well Turkey doesn’t understand that situation, hence it is suspcious regarding the true intention of the EU.

France and Greece don’t represent the EU. So what’s happening?

Why aren’t Spain, the United Kingdom, Italy, Portugal, Sweden, Belgium, Poland, Finland, Latvia, Bulgaria, Romania, Estonia and several more countries able to face with Mr Sarkozy and Ms Merkel?

These states do support Turkey’s EU membership. So why are Mr Sarkozy, Ms Merkel, Greece and the Greek Cypriots acting with impunity regarding Turkey? Is not the EU a democracy?

That question must be answered by the EU.

Turkey is curious.

As a Turkish citizen I am really curious and I’m also in the confusion.

Maybe that the answer is this one: “Our racism? Because you’re worth it”.

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  1. As someone who lives in Turkey, I can positively say that the country is Institutionally racist against all foreigners. Who else has to have a car number plate staing foreigner, who else has to pay 3 times as much for a 5 year vis as a Turk does for a 10 years UK vis. Neither the country nor its people have any idea about equality, for their own or any othe people.

  2. Good evening esspee,

    injustice does exist in most of every country. Well Turkey has a lot to do in order to improve its democracy. I understand very well your frustration as a foreigner living in Turkey. However, all kinds of injustice in Turkey does not call the appalling and disgusting racism of the EU towards Turkey into question. I am sad, ashamed and frustrated because of what the EU is doing to Turkey. My heart is broken because of several racist politicians, who claim that they are politicians of the European Union, and who deny the historic and symbolic signatures of the EU of 1963, 1999 and 2004.

    In spite of several negative sides, and in spite of the racists/extremists of the MHP and of the BDP political parties, Turkey is not a racist country.

    The Turks are used to welcoming warmly the tourists or the foreigners. It’s not just about money. The turkish culture is opened to the world. A tourist would be invited to have a cup of tea. The Turks share.

    There is one recent example that illustrates that tradition of the turkish people:

    Adam Isenberg works at TRT Türk: he created the TV programme “Adem’in Seyir Defteri”. He goes to many places throughout Turkey and discovers its rich culture.

    He said that everywhere people were friendly with him. That amazed him.


    I watched several episodes of his very successful programme, which is besides really well shot.

    At first I believed that this young man was working for the CIA (!).

    But then I gave up that strange idea. Because we can’t be suspicious towards everything. If we don’t trust anyone, then life makes no sense, does it?

    Adem is doing a good job. But I guess he is about to leave TRT Türk since he will sign with another TV channel.

    Dear esspee, I am sorry for the injustice that you witnessed, but let’s give a chance for Turkey. There has been a virtuous circle in Turkey for 8 years thanks to political stability. Everything is changing in Turkey. Loads of things need to be improved, but Turkey needs some more time.

    Being optimistic regarding Turkey is realistic.

    Within 10 years, Turkey will have greatly deeply changed.

    To put it in a nutshell, let’s unite against injustice in Turkey and in the EU.

    Best regards and good night.


  3. I presonally hope Turkey never gets into the EU. Yes, there are some benefits in increased property prices and freedome to travel for Turkish citizens. However the price to pay for that will be a loss of culture, a loss of identity. It will be harder for the average man on the street to make a living. Our lives will be set by stupid rules that will be active from the moment we wake up to the moment we go to sleep. My opinion is that Turkey will suffer, not gain IF we get into the EU.

  4. Good evening Natalie,

    Turkey is becoming more modern thanks to the negotiaions process with the EU commission. Thence Turkey doesn’t need to be an EU member in order to be a more modern or a more harmonious country.

    So why should Turkey become an EU member?

    Well the EU membership of Turkey would be a powerful cultural and political tool that would enable the EU to change our world.

    Let’s face with reality: the EU is a political flotsam!

    Once merged with Turkey, a brand new EU would be created. The EU would at last become a useful and reliable compass which would maintain stability and propagate the peace everywhere on the planet.

    In other words, that strong EU would be an alternative and even a rival to the United States of America, which lead a disastrous world politics.

    Natalie, there’s already a loss of culture in Turkey. We just need to switch on the turkish TV to realize that the american culture has invaded for a long time Turkey. The turkish culture has already been harmed, as in France and in the EU. Too late!

    The many twisted and insane TV programmes in France and in Turkey drive me mad (I never watched them but I saw their adds). That’s why I only turn on the radio in France. No news on the french TV, but I am used to watching programmes regarding nature and some other documentaries.

    And I watch these objective and excellent turkish news channels: Trt Türk (that channel broadcasts interesting cultural programmes too), Ntv and Cnn Türk (that last one does not make the propaganda of the USA).

    Eventually, being an EU member has negative sides indeed. But Turkey has to be an EU member because on the one hand, if Turkey unites with the EU, it will be stronger (“United we are stronger”). On the other hand, the world does need a strong EU, thus the world does need an EU with Turkey inside.

    Best regards,


  5. Hi Cem,
    As being a turkish expat in a non-EU country in the middle of Europe and I’d prefer never to enter into EU.
    Republic of Turkey does not need to enter in EU to perform and improve democracy. For the visa issues, even Malaysians do not need Schengen visas, so it can be handled easily. The point is to improve the democracy we do not need EU, we can do our own. Anyway I do not believe in democracy at all, I strongly believe that everything is commercial. Democracy in Europe makes you fool. People in Europe think that they have the best democracy, but trust me they do not have so much freedom than the one in Turkey. Also a funny statement which I like most about the democracy ;
    “The difference between a democracy and a dictatorship is that; In a democracy you vote first and take orders later; in a dictatorship you don’t have to waste your time for voting.”

  6. Hello blacklion,

    “Republic of Turkey does not need to enter in EU to perform and improve democracy.”

    I agree. On the one hand, Turkey in fact doesn’t need to be an EU member to improve its democracy because it is already improving its democracy thanks to the negotiations with the EU commission. On the other hand, it’s true that Turkey has to improve its democracy for itself and not in order to become an EU member, but we must underline the importance of the EU-Turkey negotiations: without the negotiations with the EU, Turkey would not be able to improve itself quickly.

    The negotiations are a reliable and incredible compass for Turkey (but the word “negotiations” is misleading because a candidate country doesn‘t negotiate but works hard in order to become an EU member. “Adaptation period” corresponds better to the process than ” Negotiations”), and without that compass, Turkey would need much more time to improve its democracy.

    Furthermore, the improvement of democracy is not the only advantage.

    Thanks to that EU compass, for instance the turkish waters will be less polluted: Turkey will invest at least 70 billion euros in order to adapt its laws to the laws of the EU regarding the environment chapter. That will soothe our oceans and our planet! I don’t think that Turkey would have decided to spend so much money if there were not the negotiations process and the EU membership on the turkish horizon.

    Another example:

    the food safety chapter was at last opened a few months ago. That was very important. Thus in Turkey we will be able to eat anyhing without any serious concern, since the criterions of the EU are the best in the world.

    Best regards,


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