Turkey is a democracy. But the United States of America and Israel are far from being democracies and faithful allies towards Turkey. And the EU is also far from being credible and faithful towards Turkey.

The Palestinians are not the ennemies of Israel, but the Israeli extremist leaders make everything so that the Palestinians and the world hate them. Israel has to know that its ennemies are the neo-nazis, not the Palestinians. Neither the Turks. So why did Israel assassinate 8 Turkish citizens and an American citizen with Turkish origins? Mr Obama, this Ammerican citizen was killed with 5 bullets in the head. He was 18 years old. Aren’t you appalled? He was a citizen of the United States of America. He was your citizen.

Mr Obama, why does Israel object to an international investigation regarding its terrorist attack against the humanitarian Turkish ships? Since you don’t say anything to Israel, you seem to tolerate these murders of Israel. Mr Obama, there is finally no meaningful difference between Mr Bush and you. But there is a huge difference between you and Mikhail Gorbachev. “Yes we can”? What did you mean? “Yes we can not change”? That should be written on your dollars. Mr Obama, If you want to save the USA and the world, you must change your electoral system, as an American politician did underline it a few months ago on a french TV channel. Message to Michael Moore: your next work should deal with your electoral system.

Well Israel wants to investigate itself regarding its attack: it created its own commission and announced that it chose to include two foreigners who are known for their inconditional support to Israel. Israel mocks at the United Nations. Turkey and the UN clearly stated that an international commission must investigate about that attack. Nobody can rely on the neutrality of a commission suggested by Israel to investigate about its crimes. Here is an article in turkish by Semih Idiz. He says: “Mahkeme heyeti cehennemde toplanıyorsa şeytanı dava edemezsiniz”. That is an irish proverb: “It’s no joke going to law with the devil and the court held in hell” (but the translation in true Turkish is this one: “Yargıç kürsüsü tamu’da toplanıyorsa yek yargılanamaz”).

The Palestinians, the Turks and the citizens of the EU are not the ennemies of Israel, but Israel makes everything to be their ennemy. Israel doesn’t tolerate the peace with the Palestinians. But how Israel can tolerate the “demonstrations” of the neo-nazis in Europe and in the United States of America? They are the ennemies of the Jews and of the whole humanity, but they are able to “demonstrate” with impunity.

Phil Gordon implies that they may stop supporting Turkey against the terrorism of the PKK. That’s revealing. Only traitors can say that. And that reminds me of this other revealing example: in 2003 the USA of Mr Bush (and his father) wanted to invade Iraq from Turkey, but Turkey said “No” to the Bush. Mr Bush and Mr Rumsfeld, supported by the oil lobbies said: “We will give you dozens of billions of dollars”. But the Turkish politicians said “No”. The USA were angry. And what did some American soldiers do after the invasion of Iraq? They made the propaganda of the terrorists of the PKK: many maps of Turkey were distributed in northern Iraq as well as in southeastern Turkey. On these maps the east of Turkey was divided and “Kurdistan” was written. Can the USA explain this? Why don’t the USA help Turkey to destroy the PKK? The USA claim that they fight against terrorism. So what are they waiting for with the PKK? Mr Obama, in the manner of Mr Bush, you are blackmailing Turkey regarding the Israeli extremist leaders and the terrorists of the PKK.

Let’s remember that the English supported the Americans in order to invade Iraq in 2003. Turkey didn’t authorize the United States of America to take advantage of its territory to attack Iraq by the north, whereas the English, members of the EU, detached themselves from the EU, and were harmful to the whole union. Turkey acted as a true member of the EU should act. Thanks to its international involvement, Turkey is worthy for being a member of the EU, unlike to some members. Turkey does deserve to be an EU member.

But within 10 years, Turkey will have deeply changed: thanks to its strong economy, to its young and dynamic people, to its exports which go straight up (the set goal is $ 500 billion in 2023, the centennial of the republic), and thanks to its sound oil and gas reserves located in the Black sea and elsewhere on its territory. Thus owing to that positive perspective of Turkey, and owing to the opposition to change of the EU against the terrorists of the PKK who kill Turkish people every week, and owing to the disgusting racism of the EU towards Turkey, one can wonder: does the EU deserve Turkey?

As Norway, Turkey will maybe hesitate to join the EU. I don’t know if the Turkish people will be in favour of the membership. But I think that the Turkish politicians will support the EU membership. Because Turkey always wanted to be close to Europe, because that EU membership is a good continuation of Atatürk’s vision.

Lastly, according to the Arabs, the Turks are not Muslim enough, whereas according to the Europeans, the Turks are not European enough.

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  1. This issue of the Israeli attack against humanitarian fleet seemed to me really bad, both for the terrible crimes and loss of life, for the lax response of the European Union.

    I can not understand the Union to maintain a soft attitude towards an authoritarian, theocratic state, even to the detriment of Turkey, European and secular.
    Even the mafia leader and President of Italy Silvio Berlusconi once said: “I dream of Israel in the European Union”, as they hamper Turkey, they reach out to a completely Asian nation, militarist and brutal.

    Hopefully the work of Turkish society to approach the European legislation, awaken the consciences of the leaders and make them understand that our policy in East needs Ankara and not Jerusalem.

    I really don’t know if the Turkish people support the membership, and I know that many Europeans do not support it. But I also know that this is one of those moments when history is decided, and men have to think beyond the visible. For the future of all, they all may keep up.

    best regards

  2. Good afternoon Javier,

    it’s very hot here in Paris. It must be very hot in Spain too.

    Most of the citizens of the EU are against Turkey’s EU membership (but for instance in Poland 50 % of the citizens support that membership).

    But as Carl Bildt said it several months ago, the previous memberships to the EU (for instance the last ones of 2004) didn’t happen because the EU citizens wished them.

    Last but not least, if a referendum about the founding of the EEC/EU had been organized, it’s certain that the french citizens would have voted “No”.

    In fact, after world war II, the French would have objected to unite with the Germans.

    I agree with what you’ve written. The turkish EU membership is the key to resolve the planetary issues.

    Have a nice day Javier,

    Amicalement vôtre,


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