To begin with, I’ve decided to read again the Hürriyet Daily News newspaper and to post comments there for several weeks. However, I want to stress that I had stopped commenting articles on that newspaper during several months. I want to explain why:

on the one hand, because there are many anti-Turkey commentators at the Hürriyet Daily News who are really far from being serious and objective. They are in fact used to posting anti-peace comments. I asked them why they chose to make their awful propaganda and their brainwashing about Turkey on that Turkish newspaper and not on the newspapers of their country, but they didn’t answer. I told them that if they object to Turkey’s European Union membership, they ought to make their voice heard on the sites of their country. Actually they prefer polluting the articles of the HDN with huge waves of subjective and racist comments. Their biased comments certainly don’t help Turkey to get rid of the prejudices of the foreigners who read that newspaper, but they contribute to more hatred.

These commentators don’t seem to have anything to say. Furthermore, they are fond of provocation. That art is their propaganda which enables them to make forget the serious and objective comments about the real subject of the articles suggested by the HDN staff. In fact they often try to provoke me and the commentators of the HDN who suggest unbiased analysis or support Turkey and its progress. According to some of the anti-Turkey commentators, it is a crime to write anything positive regarding Turkey. Well people are rather used to reading subjective and negative comments about Turkey. And when positive or objective comments are suggested, many people prefer expressing the common anti-Turkey stance. In fact, having prejudices against Turkey is so à la mode that accepting positive or objective analysis or news is very difficult. These anti-Turkey commentators prefer polluting the articles rather than analysing them.

These great supporters of Mr Sarkozy and Ms Merkel, as well as the anti-Turkey people and journalists in the EU, ought to wake up. They have lost. Why? Because the Turkish ship is en route to the EU membership. It is sailing slowly mainly because of Mr Sarkozy and the Greeks, but it is still sailing. They can write whatever they want, the EU perspective of Turkey has already begun. So they should join their hero Mr Sarkozy or the Greek Cypriots and go the circus, at least they would feel at ease there.

Many of the responses full of hatred of these commentators (Israeli or Greek nationalists for instance) on the HDN are those that we can expect from teenagers, such as many of the American or Israeli leaders (owing to their laughable behaviour and to their inconceivable actions and declarations), these teenagers who love showing how powerful they are with their deadly weapons and other toys. Like Mr Sarkozy, or like the barbaric clowns of the Israeli government, and like the not much credible Phil Gordon (a traitor towards Turkey), the anti-Turkey commentators on the Hürriyet daily news seem to be Very Insane People.

On the other hand, because several of my comments were not published in the past by the moderation of the HDN. I felt really frustrated. They were not published whereas to the subjective or racist messages towards Turkey always I gave a response objectively. Very surprising. The moderation or one of the moderators is apparently biased.

By the way, I read an interesting comment several months ago. It was very probably a message from the son or one of the son of the founder of the Turkish daily news (which then became the Hürriyet Daily News), who wrote this: “You destroyed my father’s newspaper”. He wrote that because he thinks that this newspaper is not independent anymore.

I’ve read loads of articles on the HDN (at least during one year), therefore I’m also able to put forward that this newspaper is not independent, because it often has a very strange stance. Although that Turkish newspaper is the main camera of the foreigners about Turkey, now and then it is subjective. Its zoom is tampered with indeed. But in spite of that, I’ve decided to read it again and to post some comments.

Below some articles that I recently commented:

British, turkish leaders hail “golden age” in ties

David Cameron does respect the signatures of the United Kingdom of 1999 and of 2004 regarding Turkey’s EU membership. The UK strongly supports Turkey’s EU membership because it does remember the loyalty of Turkey. The British prime minister said: “I think that it is a mistake to ask Turkey to mount guard in front of the camp, without being authorized to enter the tent”. Mr Cameron emphasized the vital role of Turkey during the Cold war. That metaphor is very smart.

Thus, the tent which Mr Cameron refers to is the EU. Nevertheless, Turkey is still outside of that tent because the EU-Turkey negotiations are not finished yet. The objective of Turkey is to enter that tent, but several politicians of the EU object to that, they only want to manipulate Turkey and to take advantage of its military power: they expect Turkey to safeguard the EU against potential threats. That’s all. A reminder: in 1963 Turkey and the EEC/EU agreed that Turkey would enter that tent. And that was confirmed in 1999 at Helsinki, where the whole EU recognized Turkey as an official candidate to the union.

The United Kingdom strongly supports Turkey’s EU membership because it does remember how Turkey was such a reliable, faithful and vital ally to the EU during the Cold War.

Mr Cameron ought to repeat in the EU what he said in Turkey. The UK doesn’t support Turkey because of the so-called pressure of the United States of America, but because it’s faithful towards Turkey. Anyway, in my opinion the USA don’t really want Turkey to be an EU member, because they don’t want the EU to be a political superpower. Well if the USA really wanted Turkey to be an EU member, Turkey would have been an EU member for a long time, wouldn’t it? Furthermore, the USA may have provoked some of the military coups in Turkey. That is a serious theory which was raised in Turkey. Let’s remember that the EEC/EU stated that it decided to freeze its relations with Turkey “owing to the military coups”.

A big thank you to Mr Cameron for his support and his loyalty towards the candidate to the EU Turkey. I expect Mr Cameron to confirm his strong and symbolic support to Turkey within the EU. I do hope that he will face with Mr Sarkozy, who does not represent the EU. The UK does know that the EU is a political flotsam (but it is also responsible for that). However, once merged with Turkey, the EU would at last be a big wooden ship. And if the UK (as well as Sweden) entered the Euro zone, that would be a symbolic step. Moreover the EU would be more powerful.

Günter Verheugen said that believing that millions of Turks will invade the EU when Turkey is a member makes no sense. Anyway, in the short run, the EU will need 2,5 million of foreign labour force. And according to an Italian and to a Greek politicians, in the long run (2030), the EU will need 100 million of foreign workforce! So some people should stop claiming that the Turks will invade the EU, because anyway, the EU will ask Turkey (a candidate country to the EU) to provide it with workers. But maybe that the racist people and politicians of the EU will say: “No to the Turkish labour force in the EU! Let’s make millions of clones of ourselves so that we meet our labour force needs “!

Well, there is obviously racism in the EU. Nevertheless, it’s also true that many EU citizens are afraid of more mass immigration. Who is responsible for that fear? Many politicians and the media are responsible for that situation. They keep on spreading prejudices, racism and intolerance. Because that is easier than being objective and suggesting solutions or resolving unemployment.

Last tuesday I read a good article of Gideon Rachman from the Financial Times: “End the hypocrisy and talk Turkey”. It is a very good analysis. And I agree with what Mr Rachman wrote. I want to add that there is an ocean of prejudices about Turkey and about Islam. Turkey is mostly of Muslim religion and that does not help it. As time goes, and if the media at last stop making the mixture of terrorism and Islam and the mixture of the social issues and immigration, our societies will be more tolerant and more harmonious. And people will stop taking out on Turkey and showing it as the source of the problems of the EU such as unemployment or insecurity. I want to remind something: when Turkey is a member of the EU, it will have to wait many years so that it takes advantage of the free movement of people. That was underlined in 2004 before the decision to open the negotiations was taken. That’s not racism but a measure which source is the fear of the EU citizens about more immigration.

Last but not least, message to the detractors of the Turkish EU membership: the EU was not created in a cultural perspective, but it was a political and economic plan that aimed both at destroying negative nationalism in Europe and at preventing a war with Germany. Can someone explain what are the cultural similarities between the French and the Germans (or the Swedes)? Or between the Italians and the Finns?! The EU was created for peace. Turkey will jolly well be an EU member because that was underlined in 1963, 1999 and 2004.

Here is an article about Ilker Başbuğ

““I still feel like a young lieutenant because being one means being on the attack,” he said Friday.”

Ilker Başbuğ will be on retirement. He is the best Chief of General Staff I’ve ever known.

And he succeeded in protecting the credibility of the Turkish army: click here and there.

By reason of the complexity of Turkey and of its sensitive geo-strategic position, is there any foreign Chief of General Staff who we can compare with him?

Ilker Başbuğ is a very intelligent man. I have listened to some of his speeches since 1996.

I wish he had been the boss longer.

Let’s hope that his successor will be as competent as him.

Do Europeans really have no sympathy?

I agree with Erdoğan Alkin. That article is the most interesting and objective one that I have ever read at the Hürriyet Daily News. I want to quote that: “Contributions to modern culture, art and science are more important than geo-strategic considerations to be a respectable member of the “western club.”” I also emphazised that at least twice here at Blogactiv.

A commentator whose name is Jeff posted this message:

“Turkey’s application for EU membership was accepted, therefore one must conclude there are no factors making it impossible for Turkey to become an EU member. Otherwise the application should not have been accepted. On the other hand, we should also recall that Turkey offered EU membership at the same time it was offered to Greece, and Turkey declined.”

My answer to him: “The official reason why Bülent Ecevit declined that offer was that Turkey’s economy was not still ready to compete with the economy of the EEC countries. But today I have doubts. I am not convinced but perhaps that the USA blackmailed Turkey with the NATO card for instance, perhaps that the USA didn’t want Turkey to be an EEC/EU member. Well that serious theory needs more reflexion. We should also deepen a theory of a Turkish expert who said this: “The USA/Nato were behind the military coups in Turkey”. I’m not surprised at all. And after these military coups, the EEC decided to freeze its relations with Turkey. Coincidence? Jeff, I am pleased to read comments like yours. Your objective stance ought to be a lesson to several subjective commentators.”

Obama warns turkish PM over stance on Israel, Iran

Mr Obama is still blackmailing Turkey in a quite ugly manner, as he did in Canada. Well he is not independent because of the Israeli lobbies, but I don’t care. In fact, although he is not independent, he actually has the power to decide. The future of the USA and of the world are more important than his re-election. Mr Obama has to remember that Turkey is not the servant of the Iranian theocracy, and he knows very well that the USA are the servant of the Israeli theocracy. This so-called saviour of the USA and of the world has not much credibility left.

Well Turkey voted against the sanctions towards Iran at the United Nations Security Council because together with Brazil they succeeded in convincing Iran to sign a nuclear agreement. Turkey is an independent democracy, and it has no lesson to receive from the USA, which besides voted against the Goldstone report of the UN. Turkey is a free nation therefore can vote at the UN without being under the pressure of any shadowy lobby. Mr Obama and his dark administration ought to stop threatening my secular country. As a Turkish citizen I am appalled of that attempt of intimidation. The world doesn’t belong to the USA. So why do the USA want to impose their opinion to Turkey? The USA have no single right to call Turkey’s stance into question in that manner. Moreover, Turkey is not the 51st country of the USA, OK Mr Obama?

If Mr Obama wants to change the USA and the world, at first he must change the American electoral system. Is he courageous enough? He seems to be very courageous (and blind) to threaten Turkey, thus he certainly can have some courage to face with the lobbies which object to a new electoral system in his country. The key is that change. Instead of ludicrously attacking Turkey, Mr Obama should use his energy for his new electoral system. He is very intelligent, so he knows what to do, does he?

Mr Obama says that the USA support Turkey’s EU membership, but he doesn’t succeed in convincing me at all. And in my opinion, Israel doesn’t want Turkey to be an EU member. Here is one proof: it is well known that the media in France are very influenced by the Israeli lobbies. Besides, the way the french media (many TV channels + newspapers) covered the terrorist attack of Israel on the Turkish civilian ships proved it clearly (Israel was described as the victim). So if Israel wanted Turkey to be an EU member, its lobbies among the French media would have supported Turkey’s EU membership for a very long time. But for ages, the Israeli lobbies haven’t prevented the French media from making a disgusting brainwashing about Turkey. Maybe that Israel does not want Turkey to be an EU member because it is disturbed by the potential power of Turkey at the EU parliament (96 seats).

İzmir and Çeşme to be the center of yacht tourism

The foreign ships are used to polluting the Turkish waters because the Turkish waters are among the less controled in the world. Well what is the Turkish government going to do? I don’t want Izmir to be more polluted. Because Izmir is improving itself and is becoming less and less polluted. The citizens of Izmir have the duty to raise that concern to their leaders. I prefer our waters to remain clean rather than attracting more ships. Our oceans, our planet are more important than money. Let’s save the beautiful Turkish waters.

The comment of “Cor” at the end of the article should be read too.

Turkish cypriot president urges deal by year-end

I quote: “Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Cemil Çiçek accused Greek Cypriots of lacking the necessary political will to find a settlement and warned that the division would deepen if the two sides failed to reach a settlement in time. “This is not a process that can go on forever. If the Greek Cypriots and their supporters cannot reach a solution by the end of the year, everyone will continue to follow their own paths,” he said.”

What Mr Çiçek said means that north Cyprus will be officilay recognized as the Turkish republic of northern Cyprus if the Greek side keeps on showing no interest in finding a solution with the Turkish side, and that was emphazised last year by Ahmet Davutoğlu. Thus, the Greek side knows very well what will happen if it still objects to any solution at Cyprus. Will it assume its responsability? A Greek Cypriot journalist recently wrote that it is the Greek side which does not want of a solution at Cyprus. And a few days ago, the former Greek Cypriot leader Glafkos Klerides said that the Greek Cypriots should have accepted the Annan peace plan in 2004.

The EU blocks 8 chapters of the negotiations with Turkey (Mr Sarkozy, Ms Merkel, Austria, Greece and the Greek Cypriots are of course behind that) because Turkey doesn’t authorize the Greek Cypriot ships and planes to enter its territory (but Turkey repeats that it will implement the Customs Union to the Greek Cypriots as soon as the EU keeps its promise regarding the embargoes towards the Turkish Cypriots. Moreover, Turkey stressed that it will not mean that it recognizes the Greek Cypriot government. In fact, Turkey said that it will recognize the Greek Cypriot government when a solution is found with the Turkish Cypriots). The Greek Cypriots block 6 chapters. And Mr Sarkozy subjectively blocks 5 important chapters: it is said that if the EU opens these crucial chapters it will be almost impossible to prevent Turkey from becoming an EU member. The EU lost a colossal credibility because of Mr Sarkozy. What is the official reason of Mr Sarkozy? Huge loss of credibility of the EU.

By the way, Mr Sarkozy and Ms Merkel (as well as their vassals and many journalists) ought to show where Cyprus is on this map (strange map, since some of the islands of the Aegean sea don’t belong to Greece). And they ought to tell us if Cyprus is in Europe. And what about Iceland?!

The European Union - Wow, is that south Cyprus? But what is it doing in the EU?
The European Union - Wow, is that south Cyprus? But what is it doing in the EU?

The not much credible Mr Sarkozy will soon go to Turkey. I hope that the Turkish prime minister Mr Erdoğan and the Turkish president Mr Gül will not welcome him as Henry Franklin-Bouillon was welcomed by Atatürk. Or as Mr Erdoğan welcomed David Cameron last july. Owing to that embarrassing visit which will probably occur at the end of this year, I want to say in advance to Mr Erdoğan and to Mr Gül (and to the whole Turkey): “Kolay gelsin” and “Geçmis olsun”!! Which mean “Good luck” and “Get well”.

How dare Mr Sarkozy go to Turkey? Let’s remember that he “welcomed” the president of Turkey with a chewing-gum in the mouth last year at Paris. That was a huge lack of respect and even an insult to the whole Turkey. Mr Sarkozy has to know that the Turkish people don’t appreciate him at all, and that is an euphemism. The Turks are not interested in his ludicrous visit, because on the one hand he is not a dignified politician, on the other hand he does not know what respect means. Furthermore, he is far from being a serious head of state (well, Ms Merkel is against Turkey’s EU membership and she is not a serious politician neither since she calls the signatures of the whole EU and of Gerard Schröder into question, but regarding domestic affairs, she is much more credible than Mr Sarkozy. Last but not least, Ms Merkel does respect the Turkish politicians).

Actually, the Turks are rather interested in welcoming foreign singers, who were in Turkey those last months. For instance Lisa Ekdahl was at the 17th Istanbul International Jazz Festival (where she sang for almost two hours), Natalie Cole was at True Blue. And U2 will perform next september in Istanbul too, as well as Diane Schuur at the 20th Akbank Jazz Festival. And Ali Campbell (UB40) will perform next october.

By the way, because of Mr Sarkozy, Turkey didn’t want the french GDF-Suez to take part to the colossal Nabucco project. Because of him, the french Areva will most probably not be chosen to build one nuclear plant. And France is not able to sell its high speed train the TGV to Turkey neither. But I hope that Turkey will change its mind and choose the TGV, because it is the best in the world.

Turkey summons israeli envoy over spy chief remarks

Let’s remind that Turkey voted against the sanctions towards Iran at the United Nations Security Council because Turkey and Brazil succeeded in convincing Iran to approve a nuclear agreement. Günter Verheugen said: “Turkey’s behaviour at the UN Security Council ought to be a lesson to many people”. And the EU commission encouraged Turkey’s “Zero problem with the neighbours”.

And it emphasized that Turkey’s foreign policy in its regions helps and is in line with its EU perspective. Moreover, Turkey prefers to focus on the diplomatic solution regarding Iran because Turkey does not tolerate any new “war” at its frontiers. Turkey objects to any new military attack in its aeras because it is working very hard in order to maintain stability and propagate the peace. Last but not least, Iran is the second gas supplier of Turkey. Thus, Turkey acts in its interests and in the interest of the whole Middle East, hence of the world. I deal with these subjects here – Thank you very much for reading.

Let’s Attack Iran

I am very afraid. The American administration (or the Israeli one) is like a teenager, but a teenager out of control with nuclear weapons. A nuclear Iran makes Turkey afraid. But Turkey does not want any “war” or any military attack at its frontiers. Because Turkey suffered because of the two iraqi “wars”, and the whole Middle East suffered. Turkey is working hard in order to maintain stability and peace in its regions from the Caucasus to the Balkans.

The very competent Mr Ahmet Davutoğlu’s “zero problem with the neighbours” policy is very efficient. Turkey is working for peace. But some crazy leaders and shadowy lobbies seem to be bothered by that perspective. The United States of America and the Israeli extremist leaders are apparently ready to explode the Middle East. That’s war that they want.

Some crazy commentators answered with inconceivable messages to my comment regarding the article above. What they wrote is ashamed and appalling, below my response to them:

“To some of the anti-Turkey so-called commentators who have nothing to say but who desperately try to provoke me: you are proving that you are insane enough to disgracefully laugh about death. The United States of America decided to attack twice Iraq. It’s said that one million people died in Iraq since 2003. I didn’t know that it was possible to laugh about that. After the first Iraqi “war”, 1 million Iraqi children died within 10 years because of the embargoes regarding the medecine. I watched a TV programme on a French channel, and a journalist said to Madeleine Albright: “1 million Iraqi children and babies died during 10 years because of the embargoes against Iraq“. Madeleine Albright gave that answer: “If that is the price to be paid“. Madeleine Albright and her colleagues are collaborators, they are crazy and dangerous. Can she repeat that a million time? Today I see that some commentators here at the HDN do share the point of view of Madeleine Albright. You have no respect for life.”

Another dream of mine comes true

That article deals with an interesting story.

Fishing banned in SW Turkey’s Gökova Bay

I quote:

“Fishing and other related activities have been banned along the 23-kilometer-long coast of Muğla’s Gökova Bay in a special attempt to protect the local environment.”

“The endangered Mediterranean monk seal and sandbar shark species, as well as rich marine fauna and river otters living in connected ecosystems, make the fauna of the bay richer and more important than many other Mediterranean areas.”

Hidden tastes of Istanbul revealed in new book

The food safety chapter of the EU-Turkey negotiations was opened at last. After 5 years! The politicians of the EU seemed to not care of their millions of citizens who go each year to Turkey and eat there. Well 50 % of the meat in Turkey is illegal. So when I go to Turkey, I do not really trust the restaurants. But thanks to the food safety chapter, Turkey will adapt its laws to the laws of the EU, hence very soon we will be able to eat anything without any problem (here is a list of several good restaurants at Istanbul). The not much credible (and selfish) Greek Cypriot government tried to block that chapter but it didn’t succeed.

And the environment chapter (the hardest one) was opened last year by Sweden, thus the Turkish waters will not be as much polluted as they are now, so we will not have any serious concern to eat fishes too in Turkey. Turkey is improving itself thanks to the EU compass, but Turkey doesn’t need to be an EU member to become more modern because it is becoming more modern thanks to the negotiations process, whereas Turkey’s EU membership will enable the EU to be an international political superpower.

Well I feel above all an EU citizen, only then a Turkish and French citizen. I am very happy and excited to be part of that EU adventure. And I wish Turkey was part of that too. I really like reading Euractiv, and of course the excellent ABhaber. It is fascinating. I’m looking forward to seeing the job of Turkey when it is an EU member. I’m in fact eager to see Turkey at the EU parliament. Because once merged with Turkey, the EU will become a reliable peace compass.

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