(The current article is a part of the article “Some news regarding Turkey IV” which was published earlier this month. I decided to suggest it separately with a new title. I added a few lines).

Angela Merkel said that the multicultural society has failed. Ms Merkel is an irresponsible politician. Stating that multicultural society has failed in Germany is a lie, disgraceful, and above all very dangerous. Besides, it’s an insult and an injustice to the majority of the immigrants who did integrate. That declaration is a betrayal towards all the immigrants in Germany, but also towards the EU since that declaration goes against the principles of the EU spirit (Ms Merkel, are Airbus or the ESA failures?).

It’s not because there are immigrants who don’t integrate in Germany that all the immigrants must be shown as the problem. There are social issues in Germany (as in every country) but it doesn’t mean that the multicultural society – world – model has failed. Furthermore, the EU is well and truly multicultural. Ms Merkel, is the German national football team a failure? Ms Merkel, you agreed with Mr Wulff that Islam is a part of Germany, but now you destroy what you said. But what’s your goal?

Given that Angela Merkel and the CDU/CSU fail to resolve the issues of Germany, she disgracefully prefers pointing her finger at the immigrants in order to make a diversion. To make forget other real issues.

As a human being and as an EU citizen, I’m indignant and afraid of the consequences of that great mistake.

But after careful consideration, maybe that it was not a mistake. Maybe that Ms Merkel said that to convince the young members of her CDU to whom she addressed that day that Turkey should not be an EU member. She educates the young CDU members so that they object to Turkey’s EU membership in the future. That’s really twisted. The policy of the CDU/CSU and of Angeka Merkel is based on religion.

The Turkish prime minister Mr Erdoğan and the Spanish prime minister Mr Zapatero try to gather together all the citizens of the world, but Ms Merkel does the opposite.

Mr Dietar Nietan, from the German Social Democrats said: “I don’t agree with Merkel. We are a multicultural society. Of course we still have problems. But we should not point the finger at immigrants, like Merkel is doing.”

Finally, we should not be so surprised by the disgraceful statement of Angela Merkel. It should have been expected. In fact, let’s remember that Ms Merkel and the christian democrats of the EU wanted to include in the EU constitution: “The root of the EU is Christendom”. But they failed fortunately (but why did they fail?). Did not that anti-secular attempt target Turkey’s EU membership? In my opinion, it’s highly probable.

Well, many EU media prefer to not dealing much with that attempt of the christian democrats, but they prefer attacking Turkey regarding religion. Though, these media should stress that the Turkish prime minister Mr Erdoğan didn’t try to include in the Turkish constitution: “Turkey’s root is Islam”. The EU media ought to look in the mirror before criticising Turkey so much.

Nevertheless, there are a few objective European and American journalists who named the AKP “muslim conservative” (but many anti-Turkey media and lobbies named it “islamist” in order to make the citizens afraid. There’s a huge difference between “islamist” and “islamic”). But Mr Erdoğan objects even to “muslim conservative”. The Turkish prime minister Mr Erdoğan answered to a European journalist: “We consider ourselves as “conservative democrats””. So the AKP itself states that it does not accept to be called “muslim conservative”. But that’s not good for many lobbies full of hatred which aim at propagating fear and at washing the citizens’ brain.

A reminder: after the terrorist attack of Israel on the humanitarian Turkish ships in international waters, Mr Erdoğan said: “We curse that attack. We don’t refer to the Israeli people but to the Israeli government. Our Jewish citizens are under our security”.

9 Turkish civilians were killed and many citizens of many countries were injured and humiliated by Israel.

But Mr Recep Tayyip Erdoğan reassured the citizens of Jewish religion in Turkey, because they are Turkish and innocent citizens. And Mr Erdoğan reassured the citizens in Israel too. He did curse the Israeli government and its extremists.

By the way, Mr Erdoğan stated several times that he considers anti-Semitism as a crime against humanity, as well as islamophobia.

But Angela Merkel, instead of cursing or calming down the racists in Germany, chose to target the immigrants (as Mr Sarkozy did in France).

Thus, we can note that there is a meaningful difference between these two so-called leaders and the sensible leaders Mr Erdoğan and Mr Zapatero.

(By the way, what did Ms Merkel and Mr Sarkozy do or say about the terrorist attack of Israel against the humanitarian ships?).

Furthermore, let’s remind that the Turkish prime minister said: “Thou shalt not kill” in Turkish, Hebrew and English in front of a Turkish crowd.

Last but not least, Mr Erdoğan created with Mr Zapatero the alliance of civilizations. That plan aims at breaking the prejudices and the tension between the citizens of the world.

Eventually, Mr Erdoğan strives for peace (Can Baydarol underlined that what Mr Erdoğan said to Mr Peres at Davos symbolizes what the whole world has always wanted to say), like Mr Atalay, Mr Davutoğlu or Mr Çiçek.

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