(This current article is a part of one of my previous article “Some news regarding Turkey IV” published earlier this month. But I wish I suggested it separately with a new title. I also improved it with an additional comment and several lines).

To start with, in my blog I denounce the treason of the EU towards Turkey, and the unhealthy Cyprus game of the EU and of the Greek side. Nonetheless, I also express my wish and my hope for peace in Cyprus and in the Aegean sea in several articles. But I’m fed up with that Cypriot issue because Greece and the Greek Cypriots still object to the reunification in Cyprus. They obey Mr Sarkozy and Ms Merkel.

Besides, for more than one year, I haven’t received any support for peace from the Greek or Greek Cypriot commentators on the Hürriyet Daily News (one day one of them said that I should wake up). Most of them pollute that Turkish newspaper (there are loads of commentators full of hatred on the HDN: they keep attacking and subjectively criticising Turkey and the Turkish society from dawn to dusk. Unbelievable. But when some commentators write positive or objective comments, they can’t tolerate it. Anything positive regarding Turkey is targeted. These Greek or Israeli nationalists for instance, believe that the HDN belongs to them. They think that they can post racist comments with impunity).

Although I want Greece and Turkey to improve their ties, I have the duty and the legitimate right to denounce the continuous anti-peace policy of the Greek side and of Mr Sarkozy and Ms Merkel. Turkey is always subjectively targeted, but no EU country concretely intervenes. Enough is enough. I had great hope and I really believed that the EU Parliament was going to lift the embargoes towards the Turkish Cypriots – as the EU promised it in 2004, but the EU shamelessly sabotaged that lifting. So, the EU-Turkey negotiations will remain blocked. I’m fed up with that twisted policy based on racism. Where is the EU sailing?

I previously wrote in several articles that Ms Merkel and Mr Sarkozy manipulate the Cypriot issue in order to destroy the EU path of Turkey. I also denounced that plot in many comments that I posted on the HDN. But many Greek or Greek Cypriot commentators, who are organized, decided to attack me cowardly on all fronts, and tried to discredit that theory.

But that theory was confirmed by Marco Perduca. And last october it was confirmed by several EU politicians of the EU Parliament, who clarified what really did happen about the last so-called legal decision of the EU regarding the direct trade between the EU and the Turkish Cypriots – article in Turkish. Here is the translation of most of the article:

“Several socialist politicians of the EU parliament said that there are two countries that hide themselves behind the Cypriot issue.

“The Cypriot issue is the main obstacle of Turkey’s EU membership, and as Merkel and Sarkozy are against that membership, they don’t want positive developments to happen in Cyprus. In other words, these two big EU countries don’t want any progress regarding the peace process at Cyprus. And the Greek Cypriot side takes advantage of that. That’s one of the reasons why the Greek Cypriot side is so unwilling about a solution. The greek Cypriots are encouraged by these two countries.

Otherwise, if France and Germany really want to contribute to a solution, they would force or motivate the Greek Cypriots for a solution. We related these views to the Turkish Cypriots.

Nobody has to fool anyone, the Greek Cypriots alone can’t influence the EU. Germany and France manipulate the Cypriot issue in order to object to Turkey’s EU membership. In other words, if there is some progress in Cyprus, there would be no more obstacles to Turkey’s EU membership. That’s the real story. The last decision regarding the lifting of the embargoes has to be interpreted in that way.””

Thus, Ms Merkel and Mr Sarkozy plot well and truly against the peace in Cyprus, hence against Turkey’s EU membership.

I suggested that article of ABhaber and its translation to the Greek and Greek Cypriot nationalists and to the other anti-Turkey commentators, but they didn’t answer. I reminded them that article, and especially to one of their “leader”. But this “leader” turned out to be pathetic, in the same manner of his other Greek clones, since they denied that outrageous truth. These commentators prefered fleeing that scandalous news and making a diversion.

They didn’t want to be honest. They didn’t want to admit that Merkel and Sarkozy asked the Greek side to not find a solution with the Turkish side. Why? Because Germany and France have the power to give billions of euros to their country. In fact, for years Greece was able to stand only thanks to financial aid. And today again, it will be able to stand only thanks to the new billions of euros that Merkel and Sarkozy “promised” Greece.

Moneeeeeeeeey, always money. “Money for nothing and chicks for free”.

These nationalist commentators have no conscience. They can’t be expected to be objective, and they are of bad faith. Because they even denied what the former Greek Cypriot president Glafkos Klerides said several weeks ago (that the Greek Cypriots should have accepted the Annan peace plan). They even denied what the Greek Cypriot journalist Makarios Drusiotis said (that it is the Greek Cypriot side that doesn’t want of a solution at Cyprus). Now they deny what some politicians of the EU parliament said to ABhaber. Besides, they neither took into account what the president of Slovenia Danilo Türk declared. He stated: “Technical issues should not be unnecessarily politicized”.

These blind nationalists and their political and religious leaders are the main obstacles for peace between Turkey and Greece. I denounce the insane policy of Mr Sarkozy and Ms Merkel, but that disturbs them. Furthermore, Elmar Brok, a close colleague to Merkel, blatantly said that they (CSU-CDU) would do everything that the Greek side would ask them. Thus, it is crystal clear: the Greek Cypriots obtained what they wanted from the EU politicians, from those politicians who want to block Turkey’s EU perspective.

Lastly, the Greek Cypriots really do not consider the Turkish Cypriots as equal as them. The Turkish Cypriots are isolated from the world, and it is disgusting and even a crime against humanity that the Greek Cypriot state tells them: “Even though the EU promised you, you can’t trade directly with it. But forget your true identity, come we will take care of you, we will give you a passport”. That’s very ugly. That’s assimilation. The racist Greek Cypriot state blackmails and humiliates the Turkish Cypriots. The Greek Cypriot state takes advantage of the isolation, the poverty and the despair of the Turkish Cypriot citizens. They are the hostages of the Greek Cypriot state. In other words, the Turkish Cypriot citizens are the prisoners of the rulers of Shawshank (France, Germany, Greece, south Cyprus).

Another example: the “leader” of the Greek nationalists on the HDN proved too that they consider the Turkish Cypriots as second class Cypriot citizens. He wrote in fact such a twisted comment that I do not want to quote it here. That Greek nationalist and his clones showed their true colours.

These nationalists have really no conscience. They even dare claim that Greece helped Turkey and supported its EU membership. There is a war on information against Turkey even on the Hürriyet Daily News. That is appalling. I then asked them these questions (but still no answer):

what has been the contribution of Greece to the EEC/EU since 1981? Did Greece contribute to the EU spirit? Did Greece contribute to the peace with Turkey? Greece’s policy with Turkey has never been in line with the EU spirit: first, although Greece was a poor country it did join the EEC in 1981, and on the one hand, it took advantage of nearly 100 billion euros of EU funds to modernize itself, on the other hand it vetoed Turkey’s EU candidacy until 1999. It even vetoed for years the access of the Turkish students to the Erasmus program. Would a true civilized country have done that? Moreover against its neighbour (besides, organizing the Olympic games is certainly a success but not enough to be considered as a civilized country)? Now it is the Greek Cypriots that block Turkey’s EU membership, but Greece tolerates that.

The Greeks are not only selfish, but also ungrateful and traitors to Turkey: let’s remind that the Turkish prime minister Mr Erdoğan went to Greece last may with several of his ministers and with a 100 businessmen to support it about its crisis. But what did Greece do after the terrorist attack of Israel (which assassinated 9 Turkish citizens who were on a humanitarian ship en route to Gaza)? It decided “to thank” Turkey by taking part to a military “alliance” with Israel. Well, is that the EU spirit?

Yorgo Papandreou must prevent the Greek nationalists and the religious leaders from sabotaging the peace with Turkey. He certainly can’t do that alone, but can’t he at least officially denounce the numerous politicians of the EU who have always asked Greece to not improve its ties with Turkey? Can’t he at least officially denounce the EU politicians who sabotage the reunification of Cyprus? Given that this is much easier than facing with the Greek extremists, Mr Papandreou has the duty to tell the truth about the insane policy of the EU with regard to the relations between Turkey and Greece and to the Cypriot issue. This unhealthy situation can’t be allowed to continue.

A reminder: an Italian poilitician recently said: “The Greeks deal with nothing else but with Turkey in the EU. There should be a sociological study”.

Well, instead of making an anti-Turkey propaganda at the EU Parliament, instead of turning a blind eye to the insistent anti-Turkish policy of many EU governments and of the Greek religious leaders, Greece should at last support the peace.

Greece and south Cyprus are members of the EU but they still haven’t understood why the EU was created. Greece, Mr Sarkozy, Ms Merkel and Austria are not worthy of Robert Schuman and Jean Monnet.

To put it in a nutshell, the Greek side and the anti-Turkey politicians of the EU sabotage hand in hand the reunification of Cyprus and Turkey’s EU membership. Will someone act in concret terms in Greece or in the EU?

Now, I suggest the analysis (regarding the so called legal decision about the direct trade) of two commentators on the Hürriyet Daily News (be careful, as no code is required to post comments on the HDN, it is possible that some ill-intentioned people may post comments by using my name or any other name):

Murat wrote:

“Wow, this is pretty harsh. Maybe should not be surprising, but still a most tangible sign that TRNC and Turks will never get a fair shake, no matter what. As many have claimed, final solution was reached at 74 and that is where it will stay. I am most interested to know though what the motivation for the members voting to perpetuate the isolation of TRNC was, what drove all the non-Greeks to vote in this manner and sink one chance to correct a colossal mistake EU was responsible for to begin with. More bizzare is the notion that Greeks seem to have that if cornered, threatened, deprived and bullied, eventually TCs will give up their rights and freedoms and buckle and wonderful things will happen as a result. This is the kind of stuff that gives birth to future wars, one would think Europeans above all would know better.”

And Eric wrote:

“I have said it before and I’ll say it again….The embargo and isolation of Turkish part of Cyprus, is the ONLY cause for an impasse to the Cyprus problem. There is no incentive on the part of the Greek side of the island, to try and reach a settlement. On the contrary, for as long as the embargo is in effect, the Greeks will stretch out the negotiations, on the “hope” that the Turkish Cypriots will capitulate, to their demands. They want the whole island be “hellenic-Greek”. This is pure extreme nationalism…. If the EU , and UN do not see that the Embargo is the primary culprit, in the continuing stalemate, then they will continue to be the parties directly responsible for avoidance of the Greek side to negotiate in good faith….why should they? For as long as the embargo is in place, it give them a one-sided advantage to prolong the problem, until the Turkish side “loses” and the Greek side “wins”..This impasse is going to cause a much bigger problem between Turkey and Greece!”

Best regards,


PS. The EU has never played its role (which is to propagate the peace) between Turkey and Armenia or between Turkey and Greece (by the way, why doesn’t the EU say anything regarding the problems between Armenia and Azerbaijan?). Turkey is a candidate country to the EU since 1999, and the negotiations started in 2005. So the problems of Turkey are those of the EU.

Now and then the Greens support Turkey. But if they really want to help Turkey, they have the duty to denounce the insane Cypriot conspiracy through the media and within the EU parliament. Will they have the courage to do that?

The EU has loads of energy to block 19 chapters of the EU-Turkey negotiations, but no energy to face with the issues that Turkey tries to resolve (besides, the EU has no energy to face with what Israel does to the Palestinians or with what the USA do in Iraq).

One of the rules of the EU is to entertain good relationship with the neighbours. But instead of helping Turkey to improve its ties with Armenia or Greece, the EU prefers at the same time blocking many chapters of the negotiations with Turkey and teaching it lessons of democracy. The EU does not help Turkey but criticises it from Brussels. Let’s remember that the EU recognized Turkey as an official candidate republic to the EU in 1999 at Helsinki, and that all the EU states signed and emphasized that Turkey would be treated as every previous candidate, and that the goal is the full EU membership. And in 2005 the EU-Turkey negotiations began. But the EU doesn’t meet its commitments. Thus, how can Turkey have faith in the EU?

“Doğrusu ben seni pek fazla tanımıyorum
iç güdüsel olarak kendimi savunuyorum

dolayısıyle bilemiyorum
dolayısıyle bilemiyorum

arka sokaklarda neler oluyor?
arka sokaklarda neler oluyor?

sen beni istersen çok rahat kandırabilirsin
kendine şahane bir şey sandırabilirsin

dolayısıyle bilemiyorum
dolayısıyle bilemiyorum

arka sokaklarda neler oluyor?
arka sokaklarda neler oluyor?”

Lyrics written by Sezen Aksu – ‘Arka sokaklar’ / “Yaz bitmeden”

“Herşeyin yalan riya
hayat sanki bir rüya
bıktım usandım senden
kavanoz dipli dünya

ah felek zalim felek
kime ceket kime yelek
herkese kavun yedirdin
bana da yedirdin kelek

ah felek zalim felek
kime ceket kime yelek
herkese urba giydirdin
bana da yırtık bir yelek.”

Yeşim Salkım – ‘Kavanoz dipli dünya’ / “Hep böyle kal”

PPS. I have a few questions to the president of the EU commission:

Mr Barroso, are you an objective and credible president of the EU commission? Since Mr Sarkozy and Ms Merkel are against Turkey’s EU membership, I really wonder.

Did they make any pressure about your second mandate? Well, did they blackmail you? Or did you promise them anything about Turkey’s EU membership perspective?

By the way, owing to some former racist declarations of Mr Van Rompuy, a Turkish journalist said that the EU chose a president that it deserves. Well said.

Because of the double standards of Brussels towards Turkey, I can only call into question its credibility. And although I always have had faith in the EU commission, I do have concerns about the objectivity of its president.

Turkey has to improve its democracy, everybody knows that. But the EU is not perfect neither. The EU loves teaching lessons of democracy, but the EU has to look in the mirror.

Well, the EU commission is doing its job, that’s why it criticises Turkey. Nothing wrong about that. But even though the EU commission is under pressure because of the anti-Turkey politicians such as Ms Merkel and Mr Sarkozy, why would I refrain from asking some questions?

Here are my questions:

can the EU or the EU commission clearly say if the media in the EU are independent?

Can the EU or the EU commission explain why most of the TV channels and newspapers in France introduced Israel as the victim regarding its terrorist attack against the Turkish civilian ships in international waters?

Can the EU or the EU commission tell Turkey why most of the french media accused the civilians aboard the humanitarian ship of being responsible for that deadly attack?

The “soldiers” of Israel assassinated 9 Turkish civilians. Can the EU or the EU commission explain why the national TV channel France 2 accused the Turkish civilians of being responsible for the deaths of 9 of them?

Last but not least, can the EU or the EU commission explain why France 2 introduced a photo – displaying weapons – that was not taken on the Turkish ships?

And why does not the EU commission denounce the fact that Mr Sarkozy and Ms Merkel manipulate the Cypriot issue in order to freeze the EU-Turkey negotiations?

The EU commission would be more credible if it did that.

Eventually, the problem is that the EU commission is shifting to the double standards of Ms Merkel and her french colleague!

“Yes, I think to myself “What a wonderful world”. Oh yeah.”!

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