Some news regarding Turkey V

Good afternoon, here is a fifth cocktail about Turkey:

EU report ‘most positive so far,’ says Turkish minister

I quote:

“”When I read the report and compare it with the previous 12 reports, the way I interpret it is we don’t have to wait for another 13 years or 13 reports for full membership. Membership is now a much more achievable goal for Turkey than it ever was,” said Bağış.

The report, which covers the period from October 2009 to 2010, notes that “progress is measured on the basis of decisions taken, legislation adopted and measures implemented.””

I posted this comment:

“I always have had faith in the EU commission, but since Merkel and Sarkozy supported Mr Barroso’s second mandate as the president of that commission, I really wonder: did Mr Barroso promised Mr Sarkozy and Ms Merkel anything regarding Turkey’s EU membership perspective? It’s very probable that the EU commission is under the pressure of Sarkozy and Merkel. ABhaber believes that too.

As the Turkish foreign ministry stated, nothing has been said about the Greek Cypriots who are unwillling for a solution. In fact, in the report it wasn’t said that the Cypriot issue is manipulated by Mr Sarkozy and Ms Merkel. Let’s remind that several politicians of the EU parliament said that Ms Merkel and Mr Sarkozy asked the Greek side to not find a solution with the Turkish side.”

Murat wrote:

“I hope this EU charade ends soon so people can focus on real reforms. Cyprus is not the reason for lagging freedoms, and other areas where Turkey is behind where it should be.

EU has made its choices. Turkish Cypriots are on their own, like us. Longer this drags, more damage it will do to Turkey’s productive relations with EU AND Europe.

Turkey is already part of European economy, history, culture, politics and geography.

But Turkey is also more. EU is not Europe.”

My response to him:

“To Murat >> 1/ Turkey is improving itself and that improvement doesn’t depend on the Cypriot issue. I agree. But the EU-Turkey negotiations are blocked because of the Cypriot issue which is manipulated by Sarkozy and Angela Merkel.

2/ Turkey is a part of Europe politically, but not of the EU. Turkey always wanted to be part of a political EU. But the EU doesn’t want Turkey to be at the EU parliament. Ms Merkel and Sarkozy don’t want to see 96 – muslim – Turkish politicians at the EU parliament because they don’t tolerate a country of muslim religion to be represented at the EU parliament. They can tolerate several muslims today but not a whole country as Turkey. But Turkey is interested in the decison-making process. That was emphasized by Turkey in the 1960s! But that long-standing project of Turkey is being blocked by the christian democrats mainly.”

Then, a Greek commentator whose name is Janni posted this comment:

“I am greek and I believe Turkiye and Greece must find a solution on Cyprus issue as soon as possible and join together the EU. We have more common things to share, like music, tradition, food, culture, and we are closer than any other european countries. When I’m in Istanbul, or Izmir, Antalya, feel like I’m home.”

My answer to Janni:

“To Janni >> I was waiting for a positive comment from a Greek for a long time. Thank you for your message. I hope that Yorgo Papandreou will prevent the Greek nationalists from sabotaging the peace between our two countries of the beautiful Aegean sea. I hope that Yorgo Papandreou will denounce the politicians of the EU who don’t want our two countries to improve their ties.

Well Turkey is your home Janni. Hoşgeldin!

Let’s remember that a former Greek minister went to Turkey and met Atatürk. When your minister for foreign affairs went back to Greece, he stated that Atatürk was a man of peace. You are worthy of your former minister for foreign affairs Janni. Congratulations.

I want to mention your contribution in my next article on Blogactiv.

Let’s have hope. Let’s prevent the shadowy lobbies from dividing us.

Best regards Janni, Cem77”

Well, I did send Janni a peace message, but an extremist posted a provocation full of hatred to me (and another extremist posted a disgusting message to Janni). I wonder why they polluted that positive atmosphere. Unbelievable.
That kind of commentators can not tolerate any peace message between a Greek and a Turk. That’s revealing but not so surprisng. The hatred of the anti-Turkey commentators on the Hürriyet Daily News are mirrored in most of their comments.

Message to Janni and to all the Greeks and the Turks: you can watch a video of a concert in which Mando and Sertab Erener sang again their song “Love/Light”. Click here, then go below and click on the third page.

(In view of what happened between the HDN moderation and me, I have to introduce something important and very revealing about its stance and about one of its manager:

I sent the comment below to the moderation of the HDN (some days before the above-mentioned article was published):

“Message to the moderation >> Yesterday several of my comments were ludicrously deleted (10 comments about 10 different articles). Although these comments were approved many days ago, someone of the moderation deleted them. Unbelievable. Whereas the comments full of provocation of several extremist commentators were not deleted. Can I have an explanation? Why do you tolerate their hatred and not my messages?”

And a manager of the HDN answered to me that sometimes some approved comments can be deleted. And this manager also said that personal attacks or comments out of topics are not approved.

Then, I answered to that manager:

“I never attack the commentators, I know who I am, I always deal with the subject of the articles that the HDN suggests. It is the anti-Turkey commentators who most of the time attack me or the pro-Turkey commentators. They attack me on all fronts, and that’s why I wrote that they are sharks and not credible.”

I also introduced to that manager the 10 links of the articles in which 10 comments of mine were ludicrously deleted within a few minutes, and I added:

“Though my comments dealt with the subject of your articles and there was no provocation from me as you can note. By the way, I re-posted my deleted comments on these articles and they have been re-approved (I keep a copy of all my comments on my computer).”

So that manager previously said that it was normal to delete some former comments, but when I wrote that I re-posted them and that they have been approved again, I had no answer. No answer.

Lastly, a few days later, I suggested that manager the link of the article above about Janni and me, and I asked:

“You said that the HDN doesn’t approve the personal attacks or the messages off the subject. So why the last comment of that article which targeted me was approved? Is it not a personal attack? I wrote a message of peace to Janni, but the HDN moderation approved a message full of hatred of an extremist, moreover which is off the subject. I’m waiting for your answer.”

But still no answer from that manager. I do not want to mention the name of that manager.

Eventually, that manager proved that the HDN moderation is far from being fair and objective.

The worst is that this manager or another manager of the HDN cowardly decided to block all my comments. Incredible, isn’t it? Now we can really see the true colours of the moderation of the HDN.

So the HDN prevents me from posting comments for one week. But I will not refrain from suggesting articles and commenting them here on my blog. There are several other Turkish sites that I read – much more objective than the HDN – but I will keep reading the most interesting articles of the HDN, because it has several good journalists.

As I wrote in a previous article, the HDN has often a strange stance regarding Turkey. It not only approves the racist messages of many anti-Turkey commentators, but it is also used to suggesting many negative news about Turkey (there are some positive articles of course, but compared with the negative articles, there is a huge gap. Is the HDN a trojan horse?). I’ve been reading the HDN for more than one year, so I am sure about that.

Well, below a very interesting article of Cengiz Aktar (and my comment, which is the last one approved by the HDN moderation):

Week of the Progress Report

I quote:

“As a high-resolution picture of Turkey 20 years ago, the opinion is valuable for comparisons with today’s Turkey. But it is also a telling avowal of EU’s real dilemma with Turkey’s membership. Indeed, the main reason behind the negative response was Turkey’s poor economy, and therefore, incompatibility with the EU countries’ powerful economies. While arguing this way with Turkey, the EU, on the other hand was embracing central and eastern European countries that were at least as poor as Turkey during those years. Look at the coincidence: On Dec. 18, 1989, the EU reached a decision to set-up the first comprehensive financial support package, dubbed as PHARE, for countries just leaving the Soviet sphere of influence. Two days later on Dec. 20, 1989, the Commission rejected Turkey’s membership application!”

And I want to quote that too:

“A few reminders could highlight the difficulty the EU feels in view of a “partnership with Turkey”:

· Turkey was not included in the enlargement strategy at the Luxemburg European Council in December 1997, eight years after the 1989 decision, in a period where Turkey, contrary to other candidate countries, was a partner in the Customs Union with the EU!

· A negotiation date was not given to Turkey in December 2002 although the country had sufficiently accomplished political reforms along with the other candidates.

· When the Turkish Parliament rejected transit permission to the U.S. Army in 2003 it didn’t find any EU country standing beside it.

· The inclusion of the free market economy in the Progress Report is something quite new. The EU has never considered sitting together with Turkey regarding chronic problems in the Balkans, the Middle East and the Caucasus.

· Although long overdue, an accession date is a scary issue for even our closest EU friends even to mention.”


“Still, we know that the negative perception of Turkey in the EU is being transformed through economy and culture. To record that transformation, I am of the opinion that it is high time to issue annual progress reports on EU countries to see how they do in accepting our future membership!”

Why does Mr Aktar ask the EU to record that transformation?

In my opinion, in order to reveal the hypocrisy of the EU which is used to painting only a negative picture of Turkey, which is used to denying the progress and the importance of Turkey.

A commentator whose name is Mr Goksel Doganay wrote this:

“And to top it off no deadline has been given.EU membership should be achieved within 5 years if a step by step process has been given but it is seriously lacking.I personally think Turkey should not seek EU membership but it should implement EU norms and even increase standards to be an example to the world.”

I answered to him:

“Good evening Mr Goksel Doganay >> As far as Turkey’s EU membership is concerned, the crucial decision will be the budget of the European Union for 2014-2020. Thus, we will know if Turkey’s EU membership will be possible towards 2014-2020 by waiting for the next budget of the EU. Best regards, Cem77”

Now, I suggest what Alexander Stubb said about the importance of Turkey (an extract from the Zaman newspaper):

I quote:

“An informal meeting of the European Union foreign ministers held in Brussels over the weekend was the venue for delivering remarks recognizing Turkey’s strategic importance for the 27-nation bloc, including comments by those who have thus far had reservations about such recognition.

The most assertive remarks concerning Turkey’s growing influence on the global stage came from Finnish Foreign Minister Alexander Stubb, who hailed the EU candidate country as “one of the top five countries in the world today” with respect to foreign policy. “Arguably, today Turkey is more influential in the world than any of our member states together or separately,” Stubb said Saturday. “It has a great influence in the Middle East, in the African Horn in the Persian Gulf, in Iran. It’s a truly global player, and we need to work together with Turkey right now on foreign and security policy.””

It is reassuring to note that there are some politicians who have a view of our world. But shouldn’t more EU ministers tell the truth?

Clinton backs Turkey’s membership to the EU

I quote: “Clinton said that they do not have the right to vote and if they were an EU member they would be a staunch supporter of Turkey’s membership.”

Ms Hillary Clinton, the United States of America succeeded in convincing the European Union to accept former USSR countries as members of the EU. Thus since the USA were able to influence the EU, how couldn’t they be able to convince the EU regarding Turkey’s EU membership?

Istanbul designated as 2012 european capital of sport

“The historical city has been designated as the European capital of Sport for 2012.

President of the European Capitals of Sport Association, Gian Francesco Lupatelli, announced Sunday they chose İstanbul as the European Capital of Sport for 2012.

Lupatelli told a press conference at the International Atatürk Airport in Istanbul that ACES Committee following examinations at various spots in İstanbul, decided to designate Istanbul as the European Capital of Sport for 2012.”

“İstanbul’s Mayor Kadir Topbaş, said the new infrastructure and sports facilities contributed to İstanbul’s designation as the European Capital of Sport, adding that the city would now eye the Olympic Games.

“We will continue our intense endeavors. I believe people of Istanbul will join us in our efforts. We have a new target: 2012. We will make some serious preparations for 2012. We say this must be followed by the Olympic Games. These steps will bring the Olympic Games to us,” said Topbaş. AA”

Istanbul is the european capital of culture for 2010, and that wonderful city will be the european capital of sport for 2012.

I do hope that Martine Aubry will be elected the president of France in 2012 and will go to Istanbul and Ankara with many of her ministers to show her support to the Turkish republic – a candidate to the EU – and to prove that France is a country that respects its signatures of 1963, 1999 and 2004. That it does remember and respect a key NATO ally.

This next president of France – a country that has always been close to Atatürk’s independent secular and modern republic – will go to Turkey to show the whole world that the French republic respects and is grateful to the loyal and young Turkish nation.

Bağış: EU could eliminate half its problems with Turkish accession

I quote:

“Emphasizing that the EU needs new markets, labor force and energy supplies, Bağış said half the problems the EU faces on the issue would be resolved once Turkey became a full member even though some people argue the opposite.”

Well the population of the EU is ageing, whereas the one of Turkey is young. Turkey’s economy is improving every day and the EU does need a bigger economic market in order to survive and to face with China for instance. And of course an EU member Turkey will reduce to ashes the ideology of the religious extremist leaders of the EU. That was the message of Mr Bağış.

Olli Rehn said that Turkey’s EU membership is vital. Günter Verheugen said that the EU needs Turkey more than Turkey needs the EU (they are the two previous EU commissioners for enlargement). A few weeks ago, Roger Bootle also said that Turkey doesn’t need the EU but that it is the EU that needs Turkey. Lastly, a few days ago, Jack Straw underlined it too.

Do the anti-Turkey commentators on the HDN expect Mr Sarkozy or Ms Merkel to admit it?! Any objective or positive information about Turkey will never be tolerated by the racists who invaded the Hürriyet Daily News. The readers of the HDN are surfing on a wave infested with sharks!!

Danny the Red and Davutoğlu

Message to Mr Cohn-Bendit >> Turkey can not resolve all its issues quickly. OK? It’s ludicrous to keep reminding Turkey of its problems. Turkey is working hard and soon the issues of the Alevi citizens will be resolved. I believe that. I support the demands of the Alevis.

Well, there is political stability since 2002 only, so let’s allow some time to Turkey.

But tell me, Mr Cohn-Bendit, why did the EU recognize the PKK as a terrorist organization in 2002 only? Let’s remind that the PKK was created in 1984 and killed 40 000 people. Why did the EU recognize it as a terrorist group so late? Can you answer Mr Cohn-Bendit? Don’t you think that the PKK terrorism prevented Turkey from becoming a better and more harmonious democracy?

By the way Mr Cohn-Bendit, if you want to help Turkey, you have the duty to denounce the insane Cypriot game of Mr Sarkozy and Ms Merkel. In fact, some politicians of the EU parliament said that it is France and Germany that asked the Greek Cypriots to not find a solution with the Turkish Cypriots.

Lastly, Mr Cohn-Bendit, please send that message to José Bové >> Mr Bové, keep your distance from the PKK. Don’t be manipulated anymore by the PKK and its collaborators who are in France.
Mr Bové, last year the PKK exploded 2 bombs in Güngören at Istanbul: one bomb exploded, and that explosion attracted several citizens. When these citizens were close enough, a second bomb, more powerful, exploded. Several people died. A pregnant woman died. And what did the DTP/BDP say? It said: “We are sad”. It did not curse that terrorist act.
Mr Bové, this year many Turkish soldiers were killed by the PKK, and some of these soldiers were of Kurdish origin. And several weeks ago, a new terrorist attack of the PKK occured. And what did the BDP say? It said: “We are sad”. It did not curse that terrorist attack. The DTP/BDP is the laywer of the PKK. Because its so-called politicians do not curse and condemn the PKK. The BDP also said a few months ago: “The killings of the PKK are a revolutionary violence”. Unbelievable. Mr Bové, the BDP/PKK have a long term goal: to divide the Turkish republic. So, for them killing people is normal.
Those who support the PKK are the ennemies of the whole humanity, because the terrorists are the ennemies of the whole humanity.
The so-called politicians of the so-called political party the DTP/BDP – ultra-nationalists and racists – recently showed their true colours again. In fact they confirmed once more with another disgusting provocation that they are quite simply crazy and aim at creating chaos in Turkey: they want 100 % education in Kurdish. They don’t want the kids of southeastern Turkey to study in Turkish. The BDP wants these kids to speak only Kurdish at schools: maths, geography, history, biology….. Everything in Kurdish. Is not that madness revealing Mr Bové? The BDP made that statement because it wants to divide Anatolia in the long run, but also for another reason: given that the AKP created a Kurdish TV channel 2 years ago, given that Kurdish lessons already started in several universities, given that the Kurdish language is used in theatres, given that the Kurdish will be taught at schools, the BDP and the PKK are afraid of losing more supporters and more votes, that’s why they made that provocation. In other words, they want more Kurdish-rooted citizens to be ultra-nationalists and racists. They take advantage of their poverty to wash their brain.
Mr Bové, the BDP is the laywer of the PKK. But you have to know that the BDP does not represent the Kurdish-rooted turkish citizens. The BDP and the PKK are well and truly in panic as lost sheeps because Turkey is resolving the Kurdish issue. The BDP will be on the dole, that’s why it is playing the racism and victim cards.

Three-woman concert in Istanbul to highlight ethnic unity

I quote:

“Sertab Erener, Aynur and Ayşenur Kolivar will perform Saturday at a special concert in Istanbul as part of a project by composer, producer and singer Demir Demirkan to portray ethnic unity through the three different women.

The Biriz project aims to show interfaith fraternity and tolerance in Turkey during a time of conflict over religion and race and to give a message of peace to the world.

“If we can make it on the stage, we can also make it on this land, too,” Demirkan said.

At a Tuesday press conference to launch the project, which is supported by the Istanbul 2010 European Capital of Culture Agency and sponsored by Garanti Bank, Demirkan said that as part of the project, the Civilizations Chorus, which is made up of people of different professions, would perform hymns of six different religions (Alevism, Sunni Islam, Catholicism, Armenian Apolostic Orthodox, Greek Orthodox and Judaism), and added that Erener and the Kolivar would represent Turkey’s ethnical polyphony by singing songs in various languages.”

Well, when I read that great article (one of the best of the HDN), Sertab Erener’s magnificent ‘Bir çaresi bulunur’ song came through my mind, and I decided to post on the HDN that extract of its lyrics:

“Bir çaresi bulunur elbet yarın yeniden yaşamanın
bir çaresi bulunur elbet canım bi uyuyup uyanalım
ah bi yolu vardır elbet yarın yeniden yaşamanın
bi çaresi bulunur çıkmazların bi uyuyup uyanalım”

Sertab Erener – ‘Bir çaresi bulunur’ / “Rengarenk”.

I tried twice to post these lyrics but the HDN moderation didn’t approve them.

But the HDN decided to approve two twisted comments (you can read them by clicking on the article above but I don’t want to mention them here). Here are my two answers to them:

“To Fredrick >> How could an unstable country in total chaos have protected its diversity? Since there was no political stability during many years, and because of the PKK terrorism, it is obvious that Turkey couldn’t take care of the Human rights. But there is political stability since 2002, that’s why Turkey is able to improve its democracy as well as its economy…. Last but not least Fredrick, how can you dare mix wonderful Turkish artists with politics? Cem77 – PS: since you chose to deal with politics, let’s remind that Mr Erdoğan and Mr Gül said several times: “Our differences are our wealth.” Or for instance, a Kurdish channel was created 2 years ago. Thus, there is “no show” for the EU. Turkey is succeeding in becoming a more harmonious nation. But if the EU hadn’t deserted Turkey in its fight against the PKK since 1984, Turkey would have become a more harmonious country for a long time. The EU recognized the PKK as a terrorist organization only in 2002 or 2004. Why so late?”

“To Hrair >> The article deals with a very beautiful project, but like Fredrick, you prefer reducing it to ashes.
Well, Turkey played a vital role during the Cold War: the EU needed Turkey and Turkey protected it for decades. But what does the EU do today? It objects to Turkey’s EU membership. That is a treason, this EU is run by traitors since they want to forget Turkey’s key role during the Cold War. The worst is that this EU made former USSR countries members of the union. Thus, Turkey was a loyal NATO ally to the EU, but the EU prefered making its former ennemies members and blocking Turkey’s membership. So that is the first example that proves that the EU deserts Turkey.
The second example is this one: the PKK was created in 1984 and it killed 40 000 people, but the EU (and the USA) recognized the PKK as a terrorist organization in 2002 only.
I quote: “European standard of civilization”? Why don’t you ask France, the English or the USA to face with their past before asking that to Turkey? Cem77″

Turkey’s Changemakers: Seda Sevin helps low-income children achieve sports success

“Seda Sevin, a physical education teacher in Kepez, Antalya, has a dream, one that is not easily achieved: to increase the number of licensed sports players in Turkey by establishing a handball team.”

“Although conditions are hard and resources are limited, the team has had great success. Among the 13-14 age group, the team became the first in Turkey. Five of Sevin’s players were selected for the national youth team, and a 17-year-old player has already started playing for the national team. Sevin made a difference in the lives of youths, their families and their overall communities.”

That kind of news always has a medicinal effect on me. I am proud. Seda Sevin is doing a great job, like Erol Hanligil.

I am very happy for these kids and Turkey. I wish them good luck. A few years ago I helped a Turkish NGO, but what they are doing is much more efficient. Kolay gelsin size.

Gap remains between Turkey and EU, EP politician says

I quote:

“”I am not sure his legacy is served by being so strict on the way he is discussed,” Schaake said. “[I don’t think] it would hurt in any way if some people are satirical about [Atatürk].” Banning the manifestation of satirical or critical content does not remove the content in any way, Schaake said.”

Ms Marietje Schaake, please don’t talk in the name of the Turks. I support democracy but democracy has its limits: Atatürk is sacred for the Turkish people, so you can’t insult Atatürk by claiming that it is a right, by claiming that democracy “enables that”.

Democracy can’t justify hatred or insults. Freedom of expression is a basic Human right, but one has to be responsible and not misuse that right.

Lastly, if you know the Turkish language, I invite you to watch the Turkish TV channels, such as NTV, TRT Türk or CNN Türk. Then you’ll realize there are lots of debates in Turkey. Turkey is not the Turkey of the 1980s anymore. Turkey isn’t perfect, but it has changed and will keep improving.

Kırmızıgül’s latest film attracting interest from beyond Turkey

“”Besides three American distributors, the film received great interest from many distributors throughout the world,” said Yarek Danielak, who is distributing the film internationally. “We received more interest than we expected. We will invite Kırmızıgül to the U.S. for the film’s screening in the country. Everyone seeing the film is curious about its director.””

I am really curious of Mr Kırmızıgül’s message. I’m looking forward to watching his movie. Besides, he has a very beautiful name:

“Mahsun” means “Innocent” and “Kırmızıgül” means “Red rose”.

He must have had loads of success with girls!

Cyprus talks approach make-or-break moment

I quote:

““It is time for the U.K. government to consider formally the partition of Cyprus if the talks fail,” former U.K. Foreign Secretary Jack Straw wrote in an article for The Times of London newspaper Tuesday. “This will be very controversial in the U.N. as well as in the EU.””

Murat wrote: “Jack Straw, one of those rare Europeans who still has a pair left. Kudos. Not easy to speak sense these days.”

I wrote: “If the reunification fails, the Greek side and Merkel and Sarkozy will be responsible. Because the Turkish side has shown strong willingness for the reunification, (Glafkos Klerides said that they should have accepted the Annan peace plan one month ago). But the Greek side obeys Merkel and Sarkozy who “promised” Greece dozens billions of euros. As the Turkish president Mr Gül said in England, nothing more can be expected from Turkey and the Turkish Cypriots, who voted “Yes” to the Annan peace plan for the reunification of Cyprus. To conclude, I support the reunification of the island, because it would be an example of peace for the whole world. Best regards, Cem77″

Turkish wine producers toast new Platform

“Wine producers have raised their glasses for Wines of Turkey, a new platform to promote Turkish wines globally and support the domestic market. The organization, which is to consist of prominent Turkish producers, will also receive government support.

Turkey’s prominent wine producers have founded Wines of Turkey, a platform to promote wine consumption and exports.”

“Wine has been produced in Anatolia for 6,000 years, said Öğütoğlu, but added that Turkey’s annual wine exports stood at only 2.5 million liters. “In 1904, during the collapse of the Ottoman Empire, this figure stood at 340 million liters.””

In my opinion, they have to produce organic wine.

Turkish president backs first lady on headscarf comments

I quote:

“Girls should only wear headscarves once they are old enough to decide about it for themselves, said Turkey’s First Lady Hayrünnisa Gül in London on Monday.

President Abdullah Gül on Tuesday released a statement through his press spokesman Ahmet Sever, saying he supported his wife’s comments regarding the Islamic headscarf.

When asked what she thought about the headscarf in elementary schools, Gül, who herself wears the headscarf, said it could not be accepted.

“A girl cannot decide on her own to wear the headscarf at such a young age,” she said. “She should decide for herself when she is old enough to do so”’

She said Turkey had wasted its energy on the headscarf issue for years, but that many problems were being solved, expressing hope that the headscarf issue would be solved too.”

The headscarf must not be allowed at school and at secondary school neither. I am against the headscarf at university, but if that headscarf is allowed at university, I guess I would swallow it.

But I would never swallow the headscarf at school and secondary school. That would be quite unhealthy and twisted.

Furthermore, to wear a cap in a classroom is a disrespect towards the other pupils and the teacher (that’s why it is not allowed), so why would the headscarf be allowed?

Native American tribes seek trade ties with Turkey

I quote:

“Native American tribal leaders seeking trade ties with Turkish companies have offered them tax incentives to operate in their territories in the United States, the organizer of the trip said Thursday.

Lincoln McCurdy, president of the Turkish Coalition of America, which organized the trip, said Thursday that the Native American tribes belong to sovereign nations that can strike their own trade deals and offer special tax incentives.

The delegation, representing 17 tribes from at least 10 U.S. states, has been welcomed by the Turkish government, which wants to bolster trade ties with the United States, which is Turkey’s seventh-largest trading partner.

Turkey has been seeking preferential trade treatment from Washington. Two-way trade stands at $11.8 billion.”

“”Ten years from now, I hope that we will be meeting as business partners, not just people pursuing business opportunities,” Michael Finley, chairman of the Tribes of Colville Reservation in eastern Washington state, said after meeting the minister in Istanbul.”

A commentator whose pseudonym is “MKMKMK” wrote:

“It’s nice to see that few American Indians survived the genocide of the 1800’s & today have descendants who want to have economic ties with Turkiye. Maybe as a goodwill gesture, the Turkish govt should build a monument in Turkiye in honour of the victims of that terrible genocide!! I wonder what the American Senate’s reaction to that would be !!!”

Turkey sets five priorities for Council of Europe

I quote:

“As Turkey takes the reins of one of Europe’s top institutions, the Council of Europe, for a six-month term, representatives outline five main focus areas for their work: reform, reducing workloads, fighting discrimination, empowering institutions and facilitating the EU’s decision to join the European Convention on Human Rights”

“On taking the chairmanship of the Strasbourg-based Council of Europe for six months, Turkey said it has set five priorities to make the 61-year-old European body more visible and more active.

“Turkey’s chairmanship will make every effort to put the Council of Europe back on the international scene as an innovative, more flexible and feasible organization so that it can adapt itself to the changing political landscape,” Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu said during Wednesday’s handover ceremony.”

“According to diplomats, Turkey’s six-month tenure will be important because it could guide ongoing efforts to diminish anti-discriminatory policies across the continent.

Among Turkey’s priorities are: continuing reforms at the council; actively contributing to reforming the European Court of Human Rights to reduce its burden; assisting in a report to the Committee of Ministers next May in Istanbul that will recommend ways to fight growing discrimination, racism and Islamophobia; empowering independent inspection institutions and facilitating an adequate environment for the completion of ongoing negotiations between the EU and the council for the former’s decision to join the European Convention on Human Rights, one of the most fundamental documents of the Strasbourg-based council.”

“For Daniel Holtgen, the council’s director of communications, Turkey’s chairmanship is very important: “I think this chairmanship provides an opportunity for Turkey to strengthen its European profile in European arenas. On the one hand it will help Turkey further align with the EU, while on the other it will help us learn more about contemporary discussions in Turkey.”

Holtgen also said Turkey’s chairmanship would also boost the council’s visibility on the international platform thanks to its experienced and outspoken politicians.”

“During Turkey’s chairmanship the most important event will take place in Istanbul on May 11, when the ministers of the council’s 47 member countries will meet. Another important meeting will take place in İzmir in April when the European court’s reform process will be discussed in detail. Another important meeting will take place in late November, with the participation of justice ministers from member countries.”

Well Turkey’s chairmanship will be fruitful and it will be an aperitif before Turkey’s job at the EU parliament when it becomes an official EU member.

We (I mean everybody) are very lucky to have Mr Davutoğlu. He is very competent, sincere, and a man of peace. That’s why he succeeds with every country.

Now I suggest the comment of a commentator whose name is Steve:

“It does amaze me that so many posters to this forum will take absolutely any story, and turn it into a diatribe against Turkey. Psychological, this implies you feel better about yourself by trashing something you don’t understand — Do ya’ll feel better now? As you’ve got your “ingenious” rant out of your system, now take a look in your mirror AND your own backyard. See anything familiar? . . . I thought not. You do want to be an example of being “part-of-the-problem,” don’t you? But, WHY? Such an ill-conceived goal, for sure.”

Turkey stresses accession benefits for EU

I quote:

“Mr Bagis accused some EU member states of using the Cyprus issue to “hide” other reasons for opposing Turkish accession, and argued that the same countries were guilty of double standards.

“What Turkey expects is fair negotiations. We don’t want any special favours just because we are a large, economically feasible, dynamic and strategically situated nation with access to such a big market, but we don’t want any additional burdens either.””

““The day Turkey completes her negotiations, [it] will be a very different country, and Irish public opinion, along with that in other EU states, will change,” he said. “I would be more worried about public opinion in Turkey.” But Mr Bagis rejected the suggestion that, with popular support for EU membership waning at home, Turkey’s focus appeared to have tilted eastward.

“The fact that we are enhancing our relations with countries to our east does not mean that we are giving up on our national goal to become a member of the EU.

Turkey was, is, and will continue to be the most eastern part of the west, and the most western part of the east. For centuries we have been seen as a bridge between the two. For a bridge to be dependable, it needs four strong legs – what Turkey is doing is strengthening the eastern, western, southern and northern legs simultaneously. And that bridge is needed by Europe now more than ever.””

Well Mr Bağış said last year that Turkey has to change its constitution. And that job already began with the partial reform of the constitution of last september. Egemen Bağış does know what Turkey has to do. He also stated that Turkey improves itself for itself only. He does his best, but the EU prevents him from doing his job.
In fact, it’s not Mr Bağış who blocks 5 crucial chapters of the EU-Turkey negotiations, it’s Mr Sarkozy. It’s not Mr Bağış who asked the Greek Cypriots to not find a solution with the Turkish Cypriots, it’s Mr Sarkozy and Ms Merkel: in fact it’s not Mr Bağış who manipulates the Cypriot issue in order to freeze indirectly 14 chapters of the EU-Turkey negotiations, it’s the EU of Mr Sarkozy and Ms Merkel.
Those who cowardly attack Egemen Bağış want to mask the double standards and the hypocrisy of the EU.

Many claim that Turkey drifts from its EU path and the west. That’s appalling and scandalous. Turkey has the duty to improve its relations with all its neighbours (Iran, Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Armenia, Russia, Greece, Georgia…..), and the EU commission underlined that Turkey’s foreign policy is in line with its EU membership. Thus Turkey is not shifting to the east. Turkey is shifting to the peace. Turkey aims at building a stable Middle East, a stable Caucacus, and stable Balkans.
The Turkish minister for foreign affairs Mr Ahmet Davutoğlu said: “Ankara has a 360 degree direction”.

All the countries of the world will improve their ties sooner or later. So why not work for peace now?

Best regards,


PS. See you with “Some news regarding Turkey VI”

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  1. Hi Cem.

    I have to admit that I’m reading your article in parts in order to translate and understand quietly (I think I must improve my English).

    Has filled me with optimism, reading a message of peace, from a Greek to Turkey.
    It seems incomprehensible that an English-language newspaper has a policy of moderation as you describe.

    In order to the last report of the Commission about Turkey, I’m concerned. Here in Spain, they’re spreading a lot of information and opinion. It’s said that Erdogan is really angry with the report. It is also said that the Turkish people don’t longer want to enter the Union.

    Is this true? Is this the feeling of the Turkish people? Really Turkey is ready to reject Europe?

    I hope your thoughts on these issues. Hoping you know better than me what is the opinion of Turkey.

    What can we do the friends of the European Union, here in Spain or in other countries, for trying reverse this separation of Europe and Turkey?

    I will continue reading your article.

    Peace and Union


  2. Hello Javier,

    the Hürriyet Daily News still blocks all my comments. But I don’t care because there are so many extremists on the HDN that it is really unhealthy to stay there and suggest comments, because they attack you all the time. These extremists post full of hatred comments from dawn to dusk with impunity.

    The turkish prime minister said: “The EU makes Turkey wait for 50 years. There is no other country that waited 50 years”.

    So yes Mr Erdogan doesn’t understand the EU. The truth is that the EU has lost its credibility. But I think that all the turkish politicians are fed up with Mr Sarkozy and Ms Merkel (and the greek side), who manipulate the cypriot issue in order to freeze the EU-Turkey negotiations.

    As for the turkish people, they too are fed up with the EU, since the EU doesn’t stand to its commitments of 1963, 1999 and 2004. And they don’t support Turkey’s EU membership as much as before because of the racist declarations of several EU politicians and because of the double standards of the EU.

    Furthermore, the Turkish Cypriots are also fed up with the EU since the EU doesn’t keep its promise of 2004 regarding the lifting of the embargoes (The cypriot issue).

    Owing to its unbelievable and disgraceful stance regarding the cypriot issue, the EU has lost more credibility. And the whole world knows that now.

    Thus, how can Turkey trust that EU?

    Turkey is not rejecting the EU, but it is the EU that is well and truly rejecting Turkey: Mr Sarkozy and Ms Merkel and several other irresponsible politicians still dare call into question Turkey’s european identity.

    That’s is quite simply unbelievable and crazy because all the EU states signed in 1999 and recognized Turkey as an official candidate country to the EU, and they emphasized that Turkey would be treated as every previous candidate and that the goal is the full EU membership.

    As I said above, the EU has lost lots of credibility.

    If the EU doesn’t want to lose Turkey, the countries that really support its EU membership have to face with Mr Sarkozy and Ms Merkel. They have to fight their double standards.

    These so-called two leaders do not represent the whole EU, so why don’t the other EU member states act in concret terms against their irresponsible policies?

    In fact, why don’t the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Portugal, Poland, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia…. do anything against these so-called two leaders?

    Best regards Javier,


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