Some observers of the Cypriot issue said on may 2010 that France and Germany are hiding themselves behind the Greek Cypriots in order to block Turkey’s European Union membership perspective (article in Turkish). Although Angela Merkel said that it was a mistake to have accepted the Greek Cypriots as members of the EU, she said last week that the EU-Turkey negotiations will be blocked if Turkey doesn’t implement the Ankara protocol to the Greek Cypriots (but since Ms Merkel is against Turkey’s EU membership, why does she expect Turkey to implement that protocol?). But Ms Merkel ought to not try to fool anyone, because the negotiations are already almost blocked. We can smell her double standards from Spain, Ireland, Turkey and Finland! Ms Merkel and her colleague Mr Sarkozy are not credible: they are used to dealing with the commitment of Turkey of 2005 regarding the Ankara protocol, but they never deal with the commitments of the EU of 1999 and 2004.

Does not Ms Merkel know that the EU promised on april 2004 the lifting of the embargoes towards the Turkish Cypriots? Why doesn’t she fulfil this commitment of the EU towards them? The Turkish Cypriots voted “Yes” to the Annan peace plan for the reunification of Cyprus in 2004, but the Greek Cypriots voted “No”. But the Greek Cypriots became members of the EU one week after that referendum. Although the EU promised the direct trade to the Turkish Cypriots, they are still isolated for almost seven years. Why doesn’t Ms Merkel act instead of subjectively targeting Turkey? Turkey repeated several times that it will implement the Ankara protocol to the Greek Cypriots as soon as the EU keeps its promise to trade directly with the Turkish Cypriots.

But it is crystal clear: Ms Merkel and Mr Sarkozy are shamelessly manipulating hand in hand the Cypriot issue in order to freeze the EU-Turkey negotiaions. In fact, they both asked the Greek Cypriots to not find a solution with the Turkish Cypriots:

first, that theory was confirmed by some EU observers of the Cypriot dossier last may.

Secondly, it was confirmed by senator Marco Perduca – article in Turkish. Here is the translation of the article:

”Italian senator Marco Perduca said that the mistakes made by the European Union in Cyprus are unacceptable. A member of the radical party, senator Perduca drew the attention on the fact that although the Turkish Cypriots voted “Yes” to the Annan plan of the United Nations, they are still subjected to the embargoes, and the EU remains an onlooker. He added that whichever the way the Cypriot problem is looked at, the EU is in the most absolute mistake.

Senator Marco Perduca has commented on the later events to the presidential election in the Turkish republic of northern Cyprus to ABhaber:

”At first we must thank a lot Mr Talat. We must now have a quick look at the agenda of the new Turkish Cypriot government and of the president of the republic Mr Eroğlu. It then becomes apparent that Mr Eroğlu adopted a good behaviour regarding the negotiations. It is a positive step. The negotiations will start in the coming days.

That the decisions for the lifting of the embargoes (inflicted to the Turkish Cypriots) are still discussed in the EU is unacceptable. It is the credibility of the EU and the confidence that it inspires that are in question. We can’t pursue the EU-Turkey negotiations while at the same time block the lifting of the embargoes towards the Turkish Cypriots. That’s not possible.

We must vote the lifting of the embargoes. That lifting would be beneficial for the (EU-Turkey) negotiations. The blocking of the Greek Cypriots is purely political.

Turkey must certainly open its ports to them, and anyway nobody in the EU protest against that. But the embargoes towards the Turkish Cypriots must immediately stop. There are some countries of the EU which hided themselves behind the Greek Cypriots in order to sabotage Turkey’s EU membership perspective, but in reality they have been harmful to the EU.

In spite of their promise, they keep imposing the embargoes to the Turkish Cypriots, though who accepted the peace plan of the UN, whereas they made the Greek Cypriots members of the EU despite their refusal of that peace plan. The EU is not able to provide an explanation to that. We must put an end at this game.

The Turkish Cypriots need a new and strong political approach. So that the Turkish Cypriots can be saved from the embargoes and can be granted their rights as citizens of the EU (recognition of the Turkish language as an official language of the EU, and two Turkish Cypriots representatives must take up office at the EU parliament), Mr Eroğlu has to bring together the members of the European Parliament.””

Thirdly, last october that theory was also confirmed by several politicians of the EU Parliament, who clarified what really did happen about the last so-called legal decision of the EU regarding the direct trade between the EU and the Turkish Cypriots – article in Turkish too. Here is the translation of most of the article:

“Several socialist politicians of the EU parliament said that there are two countries that hide themselves behind the Cypriot issue.

“The Cypriot issue is the main obstacle of Turkey’s EU membership, and as Merkel and Sarkozy are against that membership, they don’t want positive developments to happen in Cyprus. In other words, these two big EU countries don’t want any progress regarding the peace process at Cyprus. And the Greek Cypriot side takes advantage of that. That’s one of the reason why the Greek Cypriot side is so unwilling about a solution. The Greek Cypriots are encouraged by these two countries.

Otherwise, if France and Germany really want to contribute to a solution, they would force or motivate the Greek Cypriots for a solution. We related these views to the Turkish Cypriots.

Nobody has to fool anyone, the Greek Cypriots alone can’t influence the EU. Germany and France manipulate the Cypriot issue in order to object to Turkey’s EU membership. In other words, if there is some progress in Cyprus, there will be no more obstacles to Turkey’s EU membership. That’s the real story. The last decision regarding the lifting of the embargoes has to be interpreted in that way.””.

Thus, Ms Merkel, along with her French colleague Mr Sarkozy are ploting well and truly against the peace in Cyprus, hence against Turkey’s EU membership.

Ms Merkel may succeed in sabotaging completely the EU-Turkey negotiations. But I do believe that her last laughable declaration solely aims at holding Turkey responsible for the blocking of these negotiations that she successfully manipulates. That disgraceful declaration of Ms Merkel only aims at cowardly pointing a finger at Turkey. But pointing one’s finger at Turkey is in fashion and is easier than facing with the issues such as unemployment or the environment which she is not able to resolve. The EU and its citizens are very lucky to witness such a level.

But Ms Merkel’s diversion will not work. Actually, she will have to face with the results of her own unhealthy propaganda. She’ll have to face up to her responsabilities, because it’s because of her and Mr Sarkozy that the EU-Turkey negotiations are frozen, and it’s because of them that they may be frozen at 100%. The whole world is aware of their unhealthy Cypriot game. But let’s remember that there will be a referendum in France at the end of the negotiations about Turkey’s EU membership. Then why do Mr Sarkozy and Ms Merkel block the EU-Turkey negotiations process? Are they afraid that the French citizens vote “Yes”?

These two so-called leaders ought to realize that their conspiracy is causing a huge harm to the EU spirit and to the credibility of the whole union. Only irresponsible people can act that way. Their plot, which harms gravely the European values of Robert Schuman and Jean Monnet, is an insult to justice and peace.

These two so-called leaders are really far from being reliable. Mr Gerard Schröder signed in the name of Germany in 2004, and Mr Jacques Chirac signed in the name of France. In fact, Germany and France signed for the opening of the EU-Turkey negotiations. But Ms Merkel and Mr Sarkozy deny these signatures, therefore they are causing a huge harm to the credibility of Germany and France too.

I repeat it: Turkey stated many times that it will open its ports and airports to the Greek Cypriots as soon as the EU fulfils another of its commitment of 2004, in other words as soon as the EU lifts the embargoes towards the Turkish Cypriots.

Thus Ms Merkel and Mr Sarkozy know what to do to resolve the Cypriot issue and to unblock the EU-Turkey negotiations. But the awful truth is that they do not want the Cypriot issue to be resolved, because it is not a secret that they are against Turkey’s EU membership.

Last but not least, let’s remind that Ms Merkel’s right-hand man Elmar Brok said: “We will do whatever the Greek Cypriots will ask us”.

Ms Merkel, Mr Sarkozy and their vassals of the CDU-CSU/UMP must remember very well the Cold War. And especially Ms Merkel. Herself and the EU were afraid of the USSR. They needed Turkey, thus the Turkish republic, as a NATO member, protected them during decades.

Today Ms Merkel coldly objects to Turkey’s EU membership, and she wants to make forget that key role of Turkey during the Cold War. She is a traitress towards the Turkish nation. I’m indignant.

Turkey was a loyal ally and played a vital role, but as the British prime minister Mr David Cameron stated last july, Ms Merkel and Mr Sarkozy only want Turkey to mount guard in front of the camp without letting it enter the tent. Ms Merkel and Mr Sarkozy have no short memory but they have no conscience. They are far from being loyal allies to Turkey. But they do not deserve Turkey. Besides, they are not worthy of Jean Monnet and Robert Schuman.

Incidentally, regarding defence, the EU still does need Turkey, which possesses the second NATO army. And due to the very sensitive geo-strategic position of Anatolia, thanks to an EU member Turkey, we can affirm that the EU will hardly need any aircraft carrier. Furthermore, Mr Werner Hoyer said a few weeks ago that Turkey can’t be thought separately of the security structure of Europe. But Mr Hoyer, the EU has to be honest with Turkey. The EU ought to behave as a true and loyal ally would behave, and it ought to stop taking advantage of Turkey “without letting it enter the tent.” I really don’t believe that that treacherous and rotten EU is the EU that Robert Schuman and Jean Monnet imagined.

Eventually, Ms Merkel, Mr Sarkozy, the christian democrats and the UMP are not credible: they certainly can’t be expected to be honest and trustworthy since they deny the signatures of their own country. They do not respect the signatures of Mr Schröder and Mr Chirac. But they are also destroying the EU and its integrity. Some say that Ms Merkel and Mr Sarkozy are against Turkey’s EU membership for short-term political interests. I don’t believe that, because if that was the case they would not have gone so far by sabotaging the peace in Cyprus. They object to Turkey’s EU memberhip owing to religion. But dividing people, countries or continents by reason of their religion is dangerous and can lead to more tensions in Europe and in the world. Nothing worse than that to destroy the peace. All our main religions breathe the peace, but I don’t understand why the peace doesn’t propagate in the world.
Does Ms Merkel expect the Turkish citizens to convert to Christianity? She ought to free herself of her superiority complex. She and the other anti-Turkey politicians don’t want Turkey to be an EU member because they don’t want the Turks – most of them of muslim religion – to be at the EU parliament (nearly 96 seats). In fact, they don’t tolerate that 96 Turkish politicians take part in the decision-making process of the EU (today they certainly tolerate a few muslims in the EU parliament, but not a whole country as Turkey. But they ought to not consider the Turks as muslims but as Turkish citizens of the Turkish republic).
Ms Merkel and Mr Sarkozy’s ludicrous so-called “privileged partnership” is actually synonymous with a “privileged racism” offer, or if some prefer, synonymous with a “privileged muslim” offer. But that “privileged offer” makes no sense. Turkey is already very close to the EU in numerous symbolic fields such as the Council of Europe (1949), Eurocontrol (1989), or the Customs Union (which came into force in 1996 – a reminder: the Turkish economy is so interlinked to the economy of the EU that when Turkey becomes a member it will be able to integrate the euro zone immediately. That is a news one of a kind, isn’t it?). Thus, Turkey is well and truly an EU member, but not officially: only its involvement in the decision-making process is left. Hence, when Turkey is represented at the EU parliament, we will be able to say that it is an official EU member.
But Mr Sarkozy and Ms Merkel’s “privileged racism” offer – as well as any next “offer” – will clearly aim at preventing Turkey from voting at the EU parliament. In other words, their racist suggestions will clearly aim at isolating Turkey in the ghetto of the EU.
But let’s remember this: when the European Economic Community was created, Turkey did emphasize – at the end of the 50’s – that it was interested in a European Political Community (i.e. the current European Union). That declaration is synonymous with a revealing vision. That symbolic declaration dates back to the 50’s! And in 1999 at Helsinki, Turkey was at last recognized as an official candidate to the EU, and the whole European Union signed and underlined that the objective is Turkey’s full EU membership. The full EU membership. To put it in a nutshell, Turkey, its president Mr Gül, its prime minister Mr Erdoğan, its minister for foreign affairs Mr Davutoğlu, its minister for EU affairs and chief negotiator Mr Bağış, and the president of the CHP Mr Kılıçdaroğlu expect nothing less, nothing more.

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PS. Let’s remind that Ms Ria Oomen-Ruijten stated that Turkey must bring its foreign policies into line with those of the EU – article in French. Very strange. If the EU expects Turkey to coordinate its foreign policy with its own foreign policy, why do Ms Merkel, Mr Sarkozy and some EU governments still object to Turkey’s EU membership? The EU seems to not know what it wants. It proves again that it is a political flotsam. By the way, Ms Hélène Flautre said that the EU is jealous of the role of Turkey in its regions.

In fact, Mr Davutoğlu works marvels:

Zero problem with the neighbours
Zero problem with the neighbours

(But some people within the administration of the United States of America are disturbed by the peace that Mr Davutoğlu and Mr Erdoğan spread in the Middle East (the main objective of Wikileaks is to stir things up in the world in order to make a diversion. How is it possible that such secret files were sent to Wikileaks? And who sent these so numerous files?)).

PPS. The Turkish prime minister said: “The EU makes Turkey wait for 50 years. There is no other country that waited 50 years”.

So Mr Erdoğan doesn’t understand the EU. The sad truth is that the EU is run by irresponsible people. But I believe that all the Turkish politicians are fed up with the EU, and above all with Mr Sarkozy and Ms Merkel and the Greek side, who plot against the reunification of Cyprus in order to freeze the EU-Turkey negotiations

As for the Turkish citizens, they too are fed up with the EU since it doesn’t fulfil its commitments of 1963 (the Ankara Agreement that foresees the membership of Turkey to the EEC/EU), 1999 (its signatures that pave the way for the full EU membership of Turkey) and 2004 (its signatures that approved the opening of the EU-Turkey negotiations). And they don’t support Turkey’s EU membership as much as before quite simply because of the intentional racist declarations of several EU politicians, because of the blatant double standards of the union, and lastly because of the coward and humiliating anti-Turkish lynching and attacks of numerous media.

Furthermore, the Turkish Cypriot citizens too are fed up with the EU since the EU still hasn’t kept its promise of 2004 regarding the lifting of the embargoes. Besides, the Turkish Cypriots punished Mehmet Ali Talat at the last presidential election because he had promised them the lifting of the embargoes. Hence, Mr Talat lost that election because he was the hostage of the EU and of its so-called promise towards the Turkish Cypriot citizens.

Owing to its unbelievable and disgraceful stance regarding the Cypriot issue, the EU has lost lots of credibility. And the whole world has observed that. Thus, how can Turkey trust that EU?

PPPS. Turkey is not rejecting the EU, but it is the EU that is well and truly rejecting Turkey: Mr Sarkozy and Ms Merkel still call into question Turkey’s european identity.

That is unbelievable and appalling because in 1999 France and Germany too recognized Turkey as an official candidate country to the EU, and they stressed that Turkey would be treated as every previous candidate and that the goal is the full EU membership. But today we can note the double standards of the EU. The EU has quite simply become a circus. Well, given that the EU doesn’t fulfil that commitment of 1999 towards Turkey, we can then call into question the commitment of its NATO members: in fact, if Turkey is attacked, will these NATO members support Turkey?

PPPPS. If the EU doesn’t want to lose Turkey, the countries that really support its EU membership have to face with Mr Sarkozy and Ms Merkel. They have to fight their double standards and their Cypriot conspiracy. Now.

These two so-called leaders are destroying the EU. Moreover they do not represent the whole union. So why don’t the EU member states that support Turkey act in concrete terms against their irresponsible policies? Aren’t they aware of the seriousness of that situation?

In fact, why don’t the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Portugal, Poland, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia…. unite against these two so-called leaders?

I don’t understand. They are EU members, thus they have some power.

So, what are they waiting for to unite for our future?

I’m sending an SOS to the true EU
I’m sending an SOS to the true EU

I hope that someone gets my
I hope that someone gets my
I hope that someone gets my

message in a blog yeah
message in a blog yeah.

(Three boys, Samuel Pelesa, Filo Filo and Edward Nasau, from the Tokelau islands, were lost in the Pacific ocean: they drifted during 50 days and 50 nights, with almost no food. They had only two coconuts, they succeeded in catching some flying fishes, and they took advantage of the rain to soothe their thirst. My message: geçmiş olsun arkadaşlar – Get well my friends.).

PPPPPS. Turkey will jolly well be present at the EU parliament since it is its legitimate right. Turkey has always been crystal clear: it will never tolerate any second class EU membership through any appalling offer in contradiction with the Helsinki summit of 1999. As a key EU member, Turkey will greatly contribute to the future of the union at the EU parliament.

The EU membership of Turkey is on the horizon, probably towards 2016-2020. But on condition that the EU acts against Mr Sarkozy and Ms Merkel. And on condition that the new budget of the EU for 2014-2020 foresees the EU membership of Turkey.

But perhaps that the above-mentioned two so-called leaders and the other politicians who object to Turkey’s EU membership are already making a strong pressure and propaganda so that the next budget of the EU doesn’t include some funds for Turkey.

Well there are many people who object to Turkey’s EU membership because of money. But they should remember that several countries received huge amounts of money from the EU budget: Greece received 100 billion euros, so did Spain. France takes advantage of the EU budget too.

But anyway, these people should also know that Turkey will not receive a colossal amount of money, because given the EU has more members than in the past, the new members of the union will receive less financial support.

Besides, they should also know that as an EU member, Turkey will have to contribute a lot to the EU budget (owing to its strong economy and its sound oil and gas reserves).

Last but not least: regarding the environment chapter of the EU-Turkey negotiations, Turkey has to spend (“invest” is however a more relevant verb) at least 60 billion euros. The environment chapter is the hardest one.

So, to become an EU member actually costs (and will cost) Turkey lots of money: before as well as after its membership.

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