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Why did the European Union recognize the PKK as a terrorist organization in 2002 only? Let’s remind that the PKK was created in 1984 and killed 40 000 people. Why did the EU recognize it as a terrorist group so late? Did not the PKK terrorism prevented Turkey from becoming a better and more harmonious democracy? The PKK and its laywer the DTP/BDP are still the biggest menace and ennemies of the Turkish republic. They are used to trying to spread chaos in Anatolia and in the European shore of Istanbul. If the EU hadn’t deserted Turkey in its fight against the PKK terrorism since 1984, Turkey would have become a more harmonious country for a long time. The EU too is responsible for the lack of democracy in Turkey. As an EU citizen, I’m afraid of what’s happening in Belgium. And as a Turkish citizen, I’m afraid of the conspiracy of the DTP/BDP/PKK and their international shadowy lobbies and supporters.

Last year the PKK exploded 2 bombs in Güngören at Istanbul: one bomb exploded, and that explosion attracted several citizens. When these citizens were close enough, a second bomb, more powerful, exploded. Several people died. A pregnant woman died. And what did the DTP/BDP say? It said: “We are sad”. It did not curse that terrorist act.

This year many Turkish soldiers were killed by the PKK, and some of these soldiers were of Kurdish origin. And several weeks ago, a new terrorist attack of the PKK occured. And what did the BDP say? It said: “We are sad”. It did not curse that terrorist attack neither. The DTP/BDP is the laywer of the PKK. Because its so-called politicians do not curse or condemn the PKK. The BDP also said a few months ago: “The killings of the PKK are a revolutionary violence”. Unbelievable. The BDP/PKK have a long term goal: to divide the Turkish republic. So, for them killing people is normal. Those who support the PKK are the ennemies of the whole humanity, because the terrorists are the ennemies of the whole humanity.

The so-called politicians of the so-called political party the DTP/BDP – ultra-nationalists and racists – recently showed their true colours again. In fact they confirmed once more with another revealing provocation that they are quite simply crazy and aim at creating chaos in Turkey: they want 100 % education in Kurdish. They don’t want the kids of southeastern Turkey to study in Turkish. The DTP/BDP/PKK want these kids to speak only Kurdish at schools: maths, geography, history, biology….. Everything in Kurdish. But how will these kids be able to integrate into the society? Is not that madness revealing? These children are certainly of Kurdish origin, but they represent the future of Turkey (as doctors, teachers….), because they were born in Turkey, because they are Turkish citizens: they are as equal as any other Turkish child in Turkey. But these children and their families are afraid and are the hostages of the PKK. They are the victims of the DTP/BDP/PKK, not of Turkey. These children deserve a better future than the one the DTP/BDP/PKK are suggesting them. The Turkish government, many teachers, many citizens and NGOs are trying to save these kids. It is not easy. But there is hope. Let’s be optimistic.

The DTP/BDP/PKK made that statement of 100% Kurdish schools because they want to divide Anatolia in the long run, but also for another reason: given that the AKP created a Kurdish TV channel 2 years ago, given that Kurdish lessons already started in several universities, given that the Kurdish language is used in theatres, given that the Kurdish will be taught at schools, the DTP/BDP/PKK are afraid of losing more supporters and more votes, that’s why they made that provocation. In other words, they want more Kurdish-rooted citizens to be ultra-nationalists and racists. They take advantage of their poverty to wash their brain.

Eventually, the DTP/BDP is the laywer of the PKK. But people have to know that it does not represent the Kurdish-rooted Turkish citizens. The DTP/BDP and the PKK are well and truly in panic as lost sheeps because Turkey is resolving the Kurdish issue. The DTP/BDP/PKK will be on the dole, that’s why they are playing the racism and victim cards. The DTP/BDP/PKK can make as much as propaganda as they want, their puppets Ahmet Türk and Selahattin Demirtaş (traitors towards Atatürk and the Turkish nation) can keep repeating their provocations as parrots, but they will never succeed in dividing Turkey.
Since there was no political stability during decades, and because of the PKK terrorism, Turkey couldn’t take care of the Human rights for instance. But there is political stability since 2002, that’s why Turkey is able to improve its democracy, as well as its economy…. There is a virtuous circle in Turkey. Hence, Turkey’s future’s bright.

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