I wanted to title that current article “Message to the Greek nationalists who invaded the Hürriyet Daily News: this is my ship”, but I prefered “Appalling propaganda against Turkey III” because it is more relevant, and you will understand why.

This blog is my ship and I’m the sailor.

I approve a comment if it’s not a comment that subjectively bashes Turkey.

I have written 72 posts so far, and as far as I remember no more than 5 comments were not approved (for instance I didn’t approve the second racist comment of a commentator whose pseudonym was Fox, another disgusting racist comment about the Turks, or for instance several days ago the comment of a Greek nationalist whose aim was to subjectively bash Turkey).

However I did approve several comments about Turkey that were far from being objective. For instance click here and there.

But it is revealing: I wrote a few articles in which I expressed my hope for peace between Greece and Turkey (click here and there), but no Greek nationalist (and no Greek) posted any comment about them. No support.

I am sick to the back teeth of the Greek extremists of the Hürriyet Daily News and of the Greek and Greek Cypriot politicians within the EU parliament who always blame Turkey and never look in the mirror.

These pirates always pollute the HDN.

Now they try to pollute and sink my ship.

I can not allow that.

I posted loads of comments on the HDN during more than one year, but the Greek nationalists teamed up and always targeted me with personnal attacks and aimed at discrediting my comments and my blog, and today they still aim at making a diversion in order to make forget the anti-Turkish policies and the economic and political mistakes and failures of their leaders.

Though, these Greek nationalists and their clones are EU members. Moreover their country is not attacked every month by terrorists. Thus, how can they subjectively dare bash Turkey every day on that Turkish newspaper? I swear: every single day. They seem to have nothing else to do. As if they were paid to do that insane job. During more than one year on the HDN, I never subjectively bashed Greece. But as I explain in “Ankara-Athens and Brussels”, I couldn’t stand longer their appalling anti-Turkey propaganda, hence I decided to show the true colours of Greece and its policies against Turkey, and especially against the Turkish Cypriot citizens who are the hostages of the Alliance of Shawshank (France, Germany, Greece and South Cyprus).

Here is a comment of Steve on the Hürriyet Daily News (we have to be careful because there are two commentators with that pseudonym):

“It does amaze me that so many posters to this forum will take absolutely any story, and turn it into a diatribe against Turkey. Psychological, this implies you feel better about yourself by trashing something you don’t understand — Do ya’ll feel better now? As you’ve got your “ingenious” rant out of your system, now take a look in your mirror AND your own backyard. See anything familiar? . . . I thought not. You do want to be an example of being “part-of-the-problem,” don’t you? But, WHY? Such an ill-conceived goal, for sure.”

And hereunder a comment of Göktürk:

“Its funny how you greeks and non-turks come to a Turkish newspaper every day a spew your ugly garbage about the Nation. You have nothing better going on in your but to foment hate and racism. Sad.”

The Greek nationalists and their corrupt political and religious leaders seem to need an ennemy to explain their existence, and according to them and to several EU politicians, the Turkey of Muslim religion has the perfect role. They are conditioned to see Turkey as an ennemy. On the one hand that conditioning is fed by religious hatred, on the other hand it is needed by the countries who have been selling weapons to Greece: for instance the USA or France and Germany.

Here is an article from France 24 about the crisis in Greece (in French). Here are some extracts:

“Some analysts said that populism promoted corruption and the waste of the EU and public funds, and that explains the Greek crisis.”

“”The EU money was used to consumption and overconsumption”, Vassiliki Georgiadou said.”

“Yorgo Papandreu said that instead of using the public and EU funds to develop the country, they were frequently used to buy houses and cars and to live in idleness. Mr Papandreu called the citizens to contribute to change everything in that country: economy, state, mentality, habits, behaviours.”

Instead of focusing on their issues, the Greek nationalists and their leaders subjectively bash Turkey from dawn to dusk, and it is of such magnitude that it has become a national sport for them. They proved it all the time: as if their daily propaganda was not enough within the EU (an Italian politician said that the Greeks and the Greek Cypriots deal with nothing else but Turkey at the EU parliament, and he suggested a sociological study about that. And that is still true: for several days the Greeks and Greek Cypriots have started again an anti-Turkish propaganda within the EU parliament, and many anti-Turkish politicians from other EU countries as well as even some pro-Turkey corrupt politicians joined them), they shamelessly run with impunity a disgusting anti-Turkey propaganda on the Hürriyet Daily News.

It is crystal clear that the former French president Valéry Giscard D’Estaing put on the table the EEC membership of Greece – the retired diplomat Mr Eralp said that on CNN Türk – in order to block Turkey’s EEC/EU membership.

There was apparently no criterion in 1981 for the EEC membership, but as a Turkish journalist said, the EEC could have made a minimum of requests to Greece. But it didn’t do so. Because the goal of Mr D’Estaing was to use Greece as an iron curtain against Turkey. An iron curtain based on religion. If Greece were of Muslim religion, it would have never become an EEC/EU member (the Greek Cypriots have become the new iron curtain between the EU and Turkey).

Another reminder: the Greeks wanted to share out Anatolia with some European countries during World War I. But they failed. They were defeated by Atatürk and his army.

But the Greeks and many European politicians and lobbies still haven’t swallowed the bitter pill of the defeat. Astonishing but true. But they ought to wake up though. We are in 2011. 21st century.

But they still live in the past: several weeks ago the last statement of the president of Greece Mr Papoulias was very appalling and disgraceful because he accused the Turks of being “barbarian”. But Mr Papoulias, the Greeks and the Turks killed each other as the French and the Germans killed each other during many years.

Mr Papoulias, today the French and the Germans are members of the EU and their politicians do not blame each other for their past. So, why are you obsessed by the past? Not only you do nothing to improve the ties between Greece and Turkey, but also you subjectively target your neighbour of the Aegean sea. That does not fit in with a true leader. Is that your vision for the future? That’s worrying.

Another two questions Mr Papoulias: why don’t France and Germany support the reunification of Cyprus? And why don’t Sarkozy and Merkel support you and your colleagues to improve your ties with Turkey? France and Germany united in spite of their horrible past, but they seem to not want Greece and Turkey to evolve the same way they evolved. And Greece watches that in silence while expecting huge amounts of money from them. That’s disgusting and twisted. Well it’s not a secret anymore that Greece was made an EEC/EU member in order to weaken and isolate Turkey.

Well, Mr Papoulias even dared blame Turkey for the economic crisis of Greece! What a despicable act Mr Papoulias. Mr Papoulias, if you really don’t know why your country is in a crisis and why it has to sell some of its islands, you should ask Mr Papandreu. He will explain you the situation, since your blind nationalism doesn’t enable you to face reality. We can really expect everything from the Greek leaders.

But the truth is that Mr Papoulias actually wanted to make a diversion: in fact, on the one hand he tried to introduce Greece as an innocent lamb regarding its crisis and to make forget the fact that his country asked dozens of billions of euros to the EU and the IMF, on the other hand he tried to mask two recent Greek Cypriot racist events in south Cyprus. What a level. And that man is the president of Greece.

Mr Papoulias: the Turkish nation suffered and still suffers of the PKK terrorism. 40 000 people died. And many are injured. Instead of accusing Turkey of being “barbarian”, why don’t you curse the PKK? (Several Greek and Greek Cypriot politicians supported the PKK during many years. That is well known).

On the one hand, we can see Mr Papoulias contributing to more hatred. On the other hand, we can see Mr Zapatero and Mr Erdoğan working through the Alliance of Civilizations that they created.

Mr Papoulias doesn’t give the lead. Mr Papoulias and the other Greek nationalists are the main obstacle for stronger ties between Turkey and Greece (Wolfgang Münchau, from the Financial Times, wrote last year that Sarkozy and Merkel are not European and world leaders. Well, Mr Papoulias neither).

However there are some Greek and Turkish singers who try to show the right path: Mando and Sertab Erener’s song Love/Light(Aşk/Φως“) and Haris Alexious and Sezen Aksu’s song I’m leaving this town are a reliable compass.

Mr Papoulias ought to get that compass.

Besides, Mr Papoulias, while you accuse the Turks of being “barbarian”, there are some Greek citizens who go to Turkey in order to find a job. You still live in the past, but many of your citizens live in the present. Mr Papoulias, wake up it’s much too late.

Well, after the Turkish war of Independence, Atatürk always supported the peace with Greece (by the way, the Turkish prime minister Mr Erdoğan went to Greece last may with a 100 businessmen to support it against its crisis). A former minister for foreign affairs of Greece met Atatürk, when he went back to Greece he told his colleagues that Atatürk was a man of peace.

But today many Greek politicians swim in an ugly nationalism. As for the very powerful Greek Church, it does influence many of them, as well as the Greeks of south Cyprus.

There are religious extremists and ultra-nationalists in Turkey too, but they are not succeeding in preventing the Turkish government from improving the Greek-Turkish ties.

The most revealing example: in spite of the ultra-nationalists of Turkey and of North Cyprus, the AKP government and the Turkish Cypriot president Mr Talat supported the Annan peace plan, and they convinced the Turkish Cypriot citizens to support the reunification of Cyprus:

the Turkish Cypriot citizens voted “Yes” for the reunification of Cyprus, but the Greek Cypriots voted “No”.

So the ball is in the court of Greece and the Greek Cypriots (and of Merkel and Sarkozy).

Thus, it is clear who wants the reunification of Cyprus and who does not.

As I’ve written above, a few months ago a Turkish Cypriot gave a concert in South Cyprus, but many Greek Cypriot ultra-nationalists attacked him and the Turkish Cypriots who were there. The singer was seriously stabbed and had to be taken to hospital.

And several weeks ago, a Turkish basketball team went to South Cyprus for a match, but at the end of the game, they were attacked and injured by a few hundred ultra-nationalist Greek Cypriots. There were not enough policemen to protect the Turkish players. Though didn’t the Greek Cypriot government know that these dangerous people were there?

Well, can the Greek Cypriot leaders explain why they didn’t send more policemen to the match? Mr Papoulias, were not these two events barbarian?

When some Greek Cypriot sportsmen went to Turkey for a match, as far as I remember it was in Izmir, they were not attacked. They visited Izmir, then they played their match and they went back to South Cyprus. They were neither attacked nor injured by the Turks.

Well, Greece and the Greek Cypriots are members of the EU but still haven’t understood the EU spirit. Are they worthy of being members of the union?

In fact, what has Greece done since 1981?

Has its foreign policy with Turkey ever been in line with the EU spirit?

What has it done for the peace with Turkey? I repeat it: the Greeks and the Greek Cypriot politicians are currently making an anti-Turkish propaganda at Brussels regarding Ria Oomen-Ruijten’s report.

Don’t the Greek leaders know that the EEC/EU was created for peace?

Instead of supporting Turkey’s EU membership, they are sabotaging it hand in hand with Sarkozy and Merkel. A reminder: in the past the Greek leaders blocked many EU funds that were voted for Turkey. They even blocked during many years the access of the Turkish students to the Erasmus program. Ok that was the past, but that anti-Turkish propaganda is still alive and that is the problem with the Greeks. There’s no change.

Greece has never implemented the EU spirit with Turkey. And the worst is that the EEC/EU never intervened in the Greek-Turkey relations. The EU prefered selling submarines to Greece and Turkey. By the way, Greece thinks that the whole Aegean sea belongs to it.

Something else: the military sales of France and Germany to Greece explain in part the Greek crisis. But in part only. And Greece is in a serious crisis also because in addition to the EU funds, it borrowed loads of money from some international banks.

And it’s worth repeating it: according to a Turkish expert, Greece will be in a new crisis within 10 years because its economy has always been able to stand only through financial support (here is a former post of mine in French about the Greek crisis). So, are the EU citizens ready to help Greece again and again? Personally, I don’t want my country to support Greece from collapse. Above all if that country will be endlessly in need of a financial support. And Greece quite simply doesn’t deserve that. For instance because of its anti-peace statements, or because of its anti-Turkish propaganda within the EU parliament. Or for instance because of its anti-reunification behaviour about the Cypriot issue which is not only unacceptable but also in contradiction with the EU rules.

To put it in a nutshell, as an EU and a French citizen, why would I want the money of the EU and of my country to finance a country that is not productive and that does not support the peace with its neighbour? According to the EU rules, an EU member has to entertain good relations with its neighbours. But everybody knows the situation. Greece proves that it does not deserve the support of the EU. The EU has to give a mirror to Greece.

If Greece hadn’t become an EU member, would it have developped itself as it did thanks to the EU funds?

Let’s remind this: Turkey is modernizing its east alone. With the money of the Turkish citizens. And the GAP (Southern Anatolian Project) will create thousands of jobs and it will contribute to the prosperity of eastern Turkey. And as the PKK is being destroyed, less and less investors are afraid of investing in eastern Turkey (two exemples: Avea created a call centre in Gaziantep. And Turkcell created a call centre in Diyarbakır). And if the EU sent to Turkey the PKK members that it arrested, Turkey would be satisfied.

Best regards,


PS. Greece managed during many years to introduce Turkey as a “naughty” country to the world (because Turkey couldn‘t take care of its international image: because of a long-lasting political instability, and because of the terrorism of the PKK). But today Greece has to face with a stable Turkey that will not let it make its famous anti-Turkish propaganda anymore.

PPS. The spam filter of my blog could have mistakenly caught some comments and pingbacks. I’m sorry if some comments were not published. My spam filter was upgraded a few months ago, hence most of the spams as well as the possible caught comments and pingbacks couldn’t be checked. But this problem was resolved yesterday.

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  1. Very balanced and well-written article. I, and many of my compatriots, are getting sick and tired of Greek duplicity as well. I sincerely hope this is the last time we have to subsidize their profligacy. Sadly, my instincts tell me it won’t be. The Greeks aren’t just a problem for Turkey – we now realize the pernicious threat they pose to the rest of Europe as well.

  2. Hello David,

    as a French and EU citizen I don’t approve that the EU erased 100 billion euros of Greece’s debt.

    The EU would not be able to provide Africa with a few billion euros in order to resolve starvation for good, but they are able to forget 100 billion euros.

    What a strange civilisation.

    After Greece, now the turn is to their Cypriot clones who live in Southern Cyprus.

    The EU accepted Greece and the Greek Cyrpiots (which do not produce economically much things) in order to saboatge Turkey’s EU membership.

    The EU citizens ought to be aware that the EU has been paying loads of money to these countries by reason of Turcophobia. That should be told through the European media.

    Yours sincerely,


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