Here is the article written by Wolfgang Münchau from the Financial Times (normally we have to subscribe in order to read the full article – the subscription is free and allows us to read nearly 10 articles per month. I don’t know why but sometimes we can have access to the articles with no subscription).

Since the FT asks its readers to not publish its articles on the web, I will quote only a few paragraphs:

“Europe requires end of Merkel and Sarkozy

“Six months ago, it looked as though Nicolas Sarkozy and Angela Merkel would stay in power forever. From a macroeconomic perspective this was profoundly depressing because the euro crisis is, to a large part, a crisis of weak leadership. Since then, the two leaders have suffered drops in their popularity – albeit for different reasons.

Ms Merkel is increasingly seen as a scheming tactician, focusing on her short-term gain, rather than her country’s long-term interests. Mr Sarkozy’s hyperactivity has made him look like a buffoon. Yet, despite those differences – and the fact that the two of them are evidently not close to each other – there is a common strand underlying their loss of popularity. They both lack a convincing strategy of how to get through this crisis. Elections are still two years away in France, and more than three in Germany – in other words too early for any forecasts. But the fall in the popularity of both leaders is not a fluke. I expect their problems to persist.”

“The simple truth is that this crisis is global and requires leaders with a global and European mindset to solve them. In other words, it requires politicians other than Ms Merkel and Mr Sarkozy.””

Many citizens think that. Hélène Flautre thinks that too. So does a former German politician.

Well, a commentator on the Hürriyet Daily News suggested a few days ago a speech of Sarkozy who was in the Greek assembly in 2008. Here is an extract of the speech:

“My stance about Turkey’s EU membership is clear, well-known and has not changed. But I know that others foresee a different response. I respect it. But I also know that for Greece this subject is sensitive, complex. And by taking into account History and geography, there can be with no doubt mixed emotions within each of you. I also know that there is what we say, that there is sometimes what we think, that sometimes what we say is not exactly what we think, there is also reason and the heart, that reason makes say some things and that the heart makes feel other things.”

Sarkozy is crazy. He proved it many times, but these words based on hatred are the most insane I have ever read from him. What an unhealthy speech.

There have been several wars between France and Germany, they killed each other for centuries, but they united through the EEC/EU. What does Mr Sarkozy think about that?

Mr Sarkozy, why don’t you “take into account History” when it comes to Germany and France? If you did so, you would most probably decide to leave the EU. If you did so, what would you say to Merkel every time you meet her?

It’s clear that if there weren’t Robert Schuman or Jean Monnet, the EEC/EU would have never existed. And Sarkozy would not be attacking and insulting Turkey.

Given that Mr Sarkozy is far from being a leader, he would never have decided to improve the French-German ties.

Mr Sarkozy, in spite of their horrible past, Germany and France became politically and economically close. Why do you object to the same developments between Greece and Turkey?

That’s crazy.

Mr Sarkozy your speech is outrageous and is recorded in History.

With that speech, you supported hatred against Turkey, you encouraged the Greeks to hate Turkey.

Did the EU commission say anything regarding that appalling speech?

Did any EU politician deal with these disgraceful messages?

If the Turkish president made such a speech within the Algerian assembly and said to the Algerians: “Given History, I understand your feelings and the fact that you don’t really want to improve your ties with France.”, it would have been like the end of the world in the EU, and the EU and the EU commission would have harshly criticized Turkey.

The worst is that while Sarkozy was exhibiting his well-known hatred against Turkey in that Greek assembly, the Greek politicians were applauding him.

“Yes I think to myself, “what a wonderful world”. Oh yeah”.

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PS. It is also well-known that Sarkozy and Merkel asked the Greeks and the Greek Cypriots to not find a solution with the Turks and the Turkish Cypriots about Cyprus. Several EU observers of the Cypriot dossier as well as several politicians of the EU parliament recently said that.
Lastly, a few months ago Jack Straw said to some French diplomats: “We know that you are hiding behind the Greek Cypriots to block Turkey’s EU membership.”, but the French diplomats were so surprised that they couldn’t answer.

Furthermore, the courageous journalist Makarios Drusiotis said that it is the Greek side that does not want of a solution in Cyprus.

PPS. Sarkozy will soon go to Turkey. I wonder if a Turkish journalist will make him remember what he said in the Greek assembly.

A Turkish journalist should also remind Sarkozy that he doesn’t represent the whole EU.

Last but not least, a Turkish journalist ought to let Sarkozy know that several politicians and experts of the EU stated that he (and Merkel) don’t want the Cypriot issue to be resolved. Sarkozy’s opinion about that ought to be asked.

That question would be great because we would see his reaction.

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