Hereunder Sarkozy and Merkel’s messages to Turkey as well as their hidden agenda:

“Although you are an official candidate to the EU and that the EU-Turkey negotiations started, you can’t be an EU member because you are not European. Anyway, we froze 8 chapters of the negotiations process because you don’t implement the Customs Union to the Greek Cypriots”.

And comander Merkel must say to Sarkozy: “Thank God we made them members of the EU in 2004 before the negotiations with Turkey started. So our Austrian friends haven’t to do that dirty job and can sigh in their sleep”.

Well, even if the Turkish Cypriots decide to forget their Turkish identity and accept to be the prisoners of the rulers of Shawshank, even if Turkey decides to desert the Turkish Cypriots and take the risk to not protect them anymore with its soldiers who prevented them from being all killed by the Greek Cypriots in 1974, Turkey is not sure of becoming an EU member. Because Merkel and Sarkozy have decided to deny the signatures of the EU of 1963, 1999 and 2004. In spite of these commitments, these two so-called leaders decided that Turkey is not European.

Furthermore, Sarkozy (the great French speaker) decided to block the opening of 5 key chapters of the EU-Turkey negotiations. His colleague commander Merkel certainly congratulated him.

Sarkozy must tell Merkel:

“Turkey will be able to open these 5 crucial chapters only if the French citizens wake up and don’t allow to be brainwashed anymore by my faithful vassals among many media and several huge companies.”

In other words, Turkey has a chance to open these 5 chapters if Sarkozy loses the next (p)residential (s)elections.

And commander Merkel must say to Sarkozy: “Bravo Kamarad.”

The title of the campaign organized for Sarkozy in 2007 was: “Together everything is possible”.

In other words, “Together with the shadowy lobbies who work for me in numerous media with their despicable acts, everything is possible”.

But wait, it’s not finished. I love this one, it’s my favourite. Sarkozy must say to Merkel:

“Even if Turkey succeeds in opening these 5 chapters, it will still not be sure if it will become an EU member. Because remember my dear colleague, a referendum will be held in France at the end of the negotiations.”.

Thus, as the dark lobbies who made him the (p)resident of France control the media, they will refrain from contributing to the end of the prejudices of the French citizens against Turkey. These lobbies will keep causing a huge harm to the image of Turkey.

In fact, these shadowy lobbies will keep making the so famous disgusting anti-Turkish propaganda based on hatred (with TF1 or France 2 for instance) so that the French citizens don’t discover the true Turkey.

But it’s not finished yet.

Merkel must tell Sarkozy:

“Anyway there’s a second warranty about the impossibility of the modification of the Christian roots of the EU which I tried to include in the EU constitution: our clones in Austria will most probably hold a referendum too”.

Thus, even if the French citizens free themselves from Sarkozy and his media and approve Turkey’s EU membership, the Austrians most probably will never approve it.

So that’s the real story.

Well, as a Turkish citizen, what should I think about that rotten EU?

By the way, if a referendum was held in France in 1957 and that the question was: “Do you want to unite with Germany to create the EEC?”, most of the French citizens would have voted “No”. Because Germany had recently invaded and occupied France. In fact, let’s not forget that 1957 was a recent post-war date.

There was no referendum about the EU membership of the Greek Cypriots.

But why at least one referendum will be held about Turkey’s EU membership?

The answer of the racist politicians of the EU must be: “Because you’re worth it”.

But these racist politicians will officially never say that. They will say: “Because we are democracies”.

Was it in the name of democracy that almost all the EU states didn’t organize a referendum about the Lisbon treaty?

That’s disgraceful. What a low level. A country of the third world would behave like that.

Does the EU belong to the third world? With Sarkozy and Merkel, everything is possible.

But there is the other part of the story. In fact, at the same time, the EU of commander Merkel and her clone Sarkozy want to take advantage of Turkey. They say to Turkey (which they consider as their dice):

“Sign the readmission agreement, but don’t expect the lifting of the visas towards your citizens. Two German and one Dutch courts decided that lifting but we won’t implement their decision at the moment. Sign the readmission agreement, then we will think about the visa-free regime”.

“Bring your foreign policies into line with ours”.

“You are shifting to the east. Why do you improve your ties with your neighbours? Don’t you want to be an EU member?”.

Commander Merkel has economic ties with Iran but she would say that she has a joker: she would say that she is an EU member and that her country is too civilized to be criticized. So it can have an economic privileged partnership with Iran.

That EU is disturbed that Turkey improves its ties with the countries of the Middle East, because it wants to take advantage of their market in peace.

That EU doesn’t want Turkey to be a member of the union, but it doesn’t want Turkey to be its rival neither.

The first foreign minister of Sarkozy asked Turkey several months ago:

“Let’s unite against China in the African market”.

That’s unbelievable. Turkey is insulted by France and Sarkozy, but Turkey’s help is expected. Unbelievable.

Mr Sarkozy, Turkey doesn’t need you. And Turkey is not the dice of the EU anymore.

The Turkish businessman and exceptional human being (who I admire a lot) Ishak Alaton said several months ago: “We will conquer the world” (economically).

So Turkey doesn’t need France.

Besides, Sarkozy is not France. Sarkozy is not the EU. But he is a dangerous impostor.

Many objective French people and businessmen are stunned by Turkey: they praise its qualified and well educated workforce, and they admire the mentality of the Turkish business world. They feel no hatred against Turkey, unlike the swindling Sarkozy.

By the way, because of Sarkozy, France couldn’t get many contracts in Turkey: for instance no nuclear plant contract (Turkey wants to build 20 nuclear plants in the long term), or no highspeed train contract (100 highspeed train stations are being built in Turkey). For instance Turkey didn’t want the powerful GDF Suez to take part to the colossal Nabucco gas project. No military contract neither for the French companies. And, as I wrote above, no help and almost no collaboration from Turkey about the African market (nor about the Middle Eastern market). So France has lost dozens of billions of euros because of Sarkozy. And it will keep losing.

Sarkozy hates Turkey but apparently loves Libya and Kadhafi: he welcomed Kadhafi as a prince. In fact that man settled in Paris with his huge tents for a few weeks. That was an insult to France. But Sarkozy allowed that. Sarkozy welcomed Kadhafi as a close friend whereas he welcomed the Turkish president Mr Gül with a chewing-gum in the mouth. Sarkozy welcomed Kadhafi during many days, but he decided to “visit” during no more than 10 minutes an exhibiting about Istanbul in Paris with the Turkish president. Sarkozy’s hatred against Turkey is obvious. And he proved it again last week: in fact he will go to Turkey in a few days and it was announced that he will not stay more than 5 or 6 hours. That man is nuts (but I’m glad that he will not pollute Turkey more than 6 hours).

By the way, Turkey has to spend more than 100 billion euros in order to adapt it laws to those of the EU. But many in Turkey call into question that huge cost since Turkey is not sure to be an EU member at the end of the EU-Turkey negotiations.

I love the song ‘Our house’ of Madness. Hereunder a derision of the current EU (this derision targets the EU, not that very good song. Apology to the sensitive fans of Madness, but we have to denounce that appalling and ill EU):

Merkel prays she does her best
Sarko’s nuts he needs a test
They plot against Turkey I swear
Austria too we see its beak
Greece does weep money it need
So it’s running down

Our dice, in the middle of the Greeks
Our dice, in the middle of the.

What an horrible casting.

To my horror I had to mention Sarkozy and his clones. I never published any photo of them, but I had to do it in the name of the EU. May my conscience forgive me. And may Robert Schuman, Jean Monnet, Lionel Jospin and Martine Aubry forgive me too. It’s the first and the last time. I swear.

Well Turkey is deliberately “isolated” by the EU with Greece at its west and south Cyprus at its south.

Turkey is the dice of the EU of Merkel and Sarkozy and these so-called leaders play with that dice according to their interest (in spite of Yorgo Papandreu’s scandalous behaviour at Erzurum where he was invited by the Turkish prime minister for the opening of the 25th World Winter University Games, I decided to not mention him on the above-mentioned horrible EU casting. He is well and truly an hypocrite who only waits for the money of the EU, so I don’t expect him to strive for the peace. However I want to give him another chance).

Greece doesn’t support Turkey for a solution at Cyprus (hence it blocks Turkey’s EU membership) because it obeys Sarkozy and Merkel, who promised it billions of euros in order to be saved from its unproductive economy (until its next crisis that is expected by 2020).

But regarding Cyprus, Greece and the Greek Cypriots have lost. The EU has lost. Because if there is no solution at Cyprus, Northern Cyprus will be officially recognized by many countries as the Turkish republic of Northern Cyprus. That EU of Merkel and Sarkozy and their Greek beggars do know that. They will then have to face with their responsability if the world is more divided than it is today.

And Merkel and Sarkozy can keep playing as much as they want, Turkey will not be manipulated anymore.

And regarding the current situation of the EU-Turkey negotiations, Turkey will not lose. But it is the EU that will lose.

Eric Ellis wrote in his excellent article through the ‘The Age’ newspaper: “The Turks might not wait”.

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PS. Will the EU at last free itself from its clowns?

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