An horrible insult to Atatürk

In spite of the disgraceful and humiliating double standards and insults of the EU of Sarkozy and Ms Merkel, Turkey is not giving up its EU membership perspective. But the problem is that the EU makes Turkey wait for 50 years. There’s something wrong.

Cengiz Aktar recently wrote:

“As a high-resolution picture of Turkey 20 years ago, the opinion is valuable for comparisons with today’s Turkey. But it is also a telling avowal of EU’s real dilemma with Turkey’s membership. Indeed, the main reason behind the negative response was Turkey’s poor economy, and therefore, incompatibility with the EU countries’ powerful economies. While arguing this way with Turkey, the EU, on the other hand was embracing central and eastern European countries that were at least as poor as Turkey during those years. Look at the coincidence: On Dec. 18, 1989, the EU reached a decision to set-up the first comprehensive financial support package, dubbed as PHARE, for countries just leaving the Soviet sphere of influence. Two days later on Dec. 20, 1989, the Commission rejected Turkey’s membership application!”

Naughty Turkey.

I want to quote that too:

“A few reminders could highlight the difficulty the EU feels in view of a “partnership with Turkey”:

· Turkey was not included in the enlargement strategy at the Luxemburg European Council in December 1997, eight years after the 1989 decision, in a period where Turkey, contrary to other candidate countries, was a partner in the Customs Union with the EU!

· A negotiation date was not given to Turkey in December 2002 although the country had sufficiently accomplished political reforms along with the other candidates.

· When the Turkish Parliament rejected transit permission to the U.S. Army in 2003 it didn’t find any EU country standing beside it.

· The inclusion of the free market economy in the Progress Report is something quite new. The EU has never considered sitting together with Turkey regarding chronic problems in the Balkans, the Middle East and the Caucasus.

· Although long overdue, an accession date is a scary issue for even our closest EU friends even to mention.”

“I will be your friend until the end of time”! (Sade – ‘I will be your friend’ – “Diamond life”)


“Still, we know that the negative perception of Turkey in the EU is being transformed through economy and culture. To record that transformation, I am of the opinion that it is high time to issue annual progress reports on EU countries to see how they do in accepting our future membership!”

Why does Mr Aktar ask the EU to record that transformation?

In my opinion, in order to reveal the hypocrisy of the EU which is used to painting only a negative picture of Turkey, which is used to denying the progress and the importance of Turkey.

Today the negotiations are frozen, and no pro-Turkey EU member act in conrete terms against Ms Merkel and her French clone, who manipulate the Cypriot issue in order to sabotage the EU-Turkey negotiations. That is a twisted game.

The fate of the EU and of the world should not depend on these two so-called leaders.

Well Turkey has a young population, it is becoming an economic and political world power (some say that Turkey is a “soft power”, but that makes me laugh, I think that “political superpower” is more relevant – besides, the Finnish Mr Stubb underlined a few months ago that Turkey is more influential in the world than any member of the EU), and the world economy is shifting to Asia. Whereas the EU has an ageing population. Besides, given that the EU is far from being honest and credible, why should Turkey trust it anymore?

Turkey has been very patient but it will not allow to be fooled longer. That’s why Turkey may finally really say “No” to the EU if the EU of Merkel and Sarkozy keeps playing that insane game, if the EU keeps making everything so that Turkey gives up its EU membership.

The EU – at the top Merkel and her French colleague – humiliate Turkey so that it leaves the table. And these rulers of Shawshank must be very happy because they will have the chance to humiliate Turkey again with the EU – circus – presidency of the Greek Cypriot clowns next year. The Greek Cypriot politicians must be very excited and jumping for joy.

And Greece will applaud them as it disgracefully applauded Sarkozy’s anti-Turkish hatred speech in the Greek assembly in 2008.

By the way, Sarkozy honoured Turkey with his visit last friday during which he insulted Turkey and its people again, Sarkozy chewed again a chewing-gum:

“”Sarkozy came down the steps of the plane chewing a wad of gum. He stopped for a moment, looked around and continued to chew. … I personally was offended,” Gökçek told Anatolia.

“Previously, he showed similar disrespect to our President Abdullah Gül in France,” the mayor said, without elaborating.

“And when we were seeing him off, I never took out the chewing gum from my mouth. … Someone had to respond. I believe I responded diplomatically. … There is something called reciprocity,” he said.”

Sarkozy is really nuts and has no sense of shame. A true Turkish hater, insulting Turkey even in Turkey.

Sarkozy said in front of the Turkish cameras: “I respect Turkey”. But he displayed his frightening hatred against Turkey with a chewing-gum in the mouth once again. As he said to the Greek politicians in the Greek assembly in 2008: “I also know that there is what we say, that there is sometimes what we think, that sometimes what we say is not exactly what we think…..”. Thus he showed what he thinks. That guy is out of control. Bernard Kouchner stated in 2007 before the French presidential elections: “Sarkozy is dangerous”.

My God, last friday he also insulted Atatürk.

How could the Turkish state have allowed that thing insult Atatürk?

And no Turkish citizen is demonstrating in Turkey?

No journalist cursed Sarkozy?

I’m indignant.

I’m deeply shocked and angry. I’m devastated.

I do not understand. I do want to know why the Turkish state allowed that biggest insult of all time.

I wonder, is my internet connection linked to an artificial world?

If not, did the Turkish prime minister invited Sarkozy in order to prove to the whole world that he is well and truly nuts? Even if that unhealthy invitation had a strategic purpose, the insult against Atatürk had to be prevented. I can’t swallow my pride this time.

We the Turks and the French and the Europeans have to unite against Sarkozy. He is far from being a qualified and credible person to shape our future. Let’s unite.

Will the true EU wake up at last? Will it fight the dark powers within it and stop humiliating Turkey?

By the way, let’s not forget what Sarkozy did to the Romanian citizens in France.

It is the EU of Sarkozy and Merkel that is deeply racist.

Sarkozy clearly said that Turkey can’t be an EU member because it is a Muslim country. That is well and truly racism.

And let’s remind that Merkel disgracefully stated that multiculturalism has failed in Germany.

Well those crazy statements and acts feed hatred and racism in the EU. But also hatred towards the EU in Turkey. (As well as in the Middle East?).

These two so-called leaders are neither France and Germany, nor the EU. But they jeopardised the credibility of the whole EU and above all the peace in the world. A clash of the civilizations. That’s what they are provoking. Is that intentional? (Sarkozy wants “a debate” about Islam in France before the presidential elections. Is that not revealing too? That guy, supported by foreign dark lobbies, creates more tensions and intolerance in our society).

They represent a danger for the EU and the world. Austria too. And let’s add Van Rompuy to that privileged private club, who said in the past that Turkey is a Muslim country and can not be an EU member. And he was chosen as the first president of the EU. A Turkish journalist said that the EU chose a president that it deserves.

So if that is not racism and hatred, what is it for God’s sake?

Merkel and Sarkozy and Austria’s privileged partnership does not mean anything. It is rather a “privileged racism” offer that solely aims at preventing Turkey from voting at the EU parliament. That “privileged Muslim” offer aims at isolating Turkey in the ghetto of the EU.

As if the double standards were not enough, the disgusting racism card is added. Only then the indigestible anti-Turkish cocktail becomes perfect!

Whatever Turkey does, it will never be seen perfect enough, even though it is a better democracy (and economically stronger and more independent) compared with several other EU members.

The EU and many of its media has blamed Turkey for many things for many years: for its lack of democracy, for its news item or its twisted sides (many of the French media have always dealt with the negative or twisted sides of Turkey), or even for its fight against the terrorist group the PKK.

Well why would the headscarf be a problem?

As for poligamy, which is a problem indeed, it’s above all usual in eastern Turkey (but as far as I know there are not millions of polygamists in Turkey), and even though it has to be resolved, I don’t think that is such a serious problem.

If I enumerated all the twisted things in the EU, the list would be long. For instance, in the EU (as well as in the whole world) many men betray their wives, and in a way that is an unofficial poligamy. For instance, in Germany (and/or in France) some businessmen and employee are offered sexual trips abroad from their companies. For instance, in the EU there are the nudist villages (what a great civilized feature, what a contribution for our future). For instance there are the horrible scandals of the paedophiliac priests.

So are these examples more ethical than the polygamists of eastern Turkey? The last one is far worst.

Hence, we ought to not exagerate the situation of the polygamists of eastern Turkey.

Instead of acting in concrete terms against the Kurdish terrorists of the PKK, the EU criticizes Turkey’s twisted sides such as the polygamists of eastern Turkey, who are most of the time…..of Kurdish origin.

(I read an article – the introduction only – a few months ago on the Hürriyet Daily News that dealt with an Hotel in Turkey which authorized foreign tourists to introduce their biological features: in fact that hotel reserved one of its beaches for European nudists. So Sarkozy can see that Turkey has become more European than ever).

Today, although Turkey has dramatically improved itself in every area, the EU still succeeds in finding new reasons to blame that complex country which was deserted and isolated for decades by the union.

In fact, today the EU blames Turkey for not being European. And most importantly, the EU of Merkel and Sarkozy and Van Rompuy officially reproach Turkey for being of Muslim religion. Officially.

Naughty Anatolia. Naughty Muslims.

Many years ago, as Turkey was not an “acceptable” democracy to be an EU member, perhaps that it wasn’t needed to call its European identity into question. But as today Turkey has changed and met many so-called conditions – that were not applied to many previous candidates – the Turkish haters EU leaders create new pretexts (such as the Cypriot issue) and have discovered the biggest truth of the 21st century: “Turkey is not European”.

A small step for Sarkozy, Merkel and their clones. A big step for hatred and a more divided world.

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