Bring on Turkey

I’m more convinced than ever about the official EU-Turkey fusion. Yes, more than ever.

The EU is very ill and needs a political change. See the EU below!

That picture explains the European situation. Excellent criticism, isn’t it?

Chris Patten too thinks what that caricature expresses very well. According to him, the issue of the EU is an identity issue and Turkey’s EU membership is the solution. I quote him:

That, in turn, would create a new European identity and narrative, a new reason for the EU to exist in this century, a way of rejecting the divisive politics of old. I hope that by the time I take up my pen again, we will be on our way to this destination. If not, many of us will find it increasingly difficult to see Europe as anything more than a glorified customs union with political ambitions far too big for its boots.

He believes that the EU and the world need an EU with Turkey officially inside:

So what is the point of Europe today? Tell my children that the EU is there to prevent us from fighting one another again, and their reply is blunt: “Of course we are not going to fight.” Europe’s moral purpose today is an existential question that all Europeans must consider.

For me the answer is to be found in Turkey. Europe with Turkey as a member would naturally be a more dynamic economy. Turkey is a regional energy hub. It has clout and respect in its own region with formidable fighting forces.

With Turkey the EU will dramatically change: it will be politically more harmonious (more united) and more dynamic on the world stage. It will economically become stronger. Last but not least, the EU will also be culturally richer.

An EU strengthened with Anatolia will be synonymous with a true global player, hence the USA will have to change their foreign policies because that European player will be their most serious rival.

The world is ill. The EU is ill and needs sensible leaders. The medecine to that illness is Turkey’s EU membership.

Some shadowy lobbies don’t want to see Turkey within the EU. Let’s thwart their plans.

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PS. To all those within the EU who only think about money: Turkey will certainly take advantage of the EU funds, but I want to underline once more that Turkey will be a huge contributor to the EU budget. The EU commission ought to investigate about that subject and introduce its results.

PPS. The picture above is really very laughing but at the same time very realistic: unfortunately the EU is almost collapsing – both economically and politically. The EU has to change. Hopefully it will get well. As an EU citizen I am anxious but I have hope. I really consider myself as an EU citizen. The EU adventure has always been exciting to me. Especially since 1997.

As Wolfgang Münchau and Martin Vander Weyer explained, the EU needs new leaders.

I’m sure that as Turkey will provide an inestimable contribution, the EU will revive and refresh, and will be at last the EU that the world is so desperately waiting for.

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  1. Hi Cem,

    I’m glad to find some hope in this case. However, Turks still want to get into Europe? And are the mediocre European leaders aware of this need?

    Hope so, on both sides.


  2. Yesm I do agree that Turkish membership will strengthen the EU and demonstrate that the EU is not about divisive politics. Accession of Turkey to the EU will enrich both in economic and cultural terms. Alienating Turkey is not in the EU’s interests. The credentials of Turkey as a European country are well established; that Turkey has to meet certain standards is a gradual process and there is plenty of evidence that progres sis being made.

    Just one question: what is the purpose of Turkey’s ‘ formidable fighting forces’? Surely not to occupy the territory of other member states in breach of international law?

  3. Good morning Javier,

    on the one hand, the Turkish citizens don’t support Turkey’s EU membership as much as before because they are disgusted and fed up with the anti-Turkish propaganda of several EU leaders and governments.

    These anti-Turkish statements are intentional and aim at creating an anti-EU feeling within the Turkish society. And unfortunatey that twisted plan is efficient.

    On the other hand, the EU politicians and so-called leaders who object to Turkey’s EU membership make everything with their despicable acts so that the Turkish politicians give up the EU membership process.

    But the Turkish leaders know very well that unhealthy game and I think that they won’t give up the EU negotiations process.

    However, Austria, Merkel and her French colleague (mainly) may succeed in destroying completely the EU-Turkey negotiations since they manipulate the Cypriot issue hand in hand with the Greek side which obeys them.

    Turkey repeated several times that it will open its ports and airports to the Greek Cypriots as soon as the EU stands to its commitment of 2004 which is to lift the embargoes towards the Turkish Cypriots.

    But the EU of Merkel doesn’t want to unblock the situation in order to sabotage the EU-Turkey negotiations.

    Best regards,


    PS. The anti-Turkish EU leaders are aware of the importance of an EU member Turkey but religion blinds them.

  4. Good morning Anna Syngellakis,

    to begin with the EU membership of the Greek Cypriots is in contradiction with the international law, because on the one hand it is crystal clear that neither the Turkish side nor the Greek side of Cyprus can represent internationally the whole island. On the other hand, the laws of the EU do stipulate that no country can be an EU member if that country has frontiers disputes. So why have made the Greek Cypriots EU members? Can the EU explain that? Can the Greek side explain that? Thus the EU membership of the Greek Cypriots is illegal.

    Secondly, Turkey doesn’t occupy Cyprus. Turkey intervened in Cyprus in order to save the Turkish Cypriots. Carl Bildt answered to some Greek politicians at the EU parliament that Turkey intervened in Cyprus because the Turkish Cypriots were being killed. And those Greeks didn’t answer because they didn’t know what to answer. Why? Because they are so used to not facing with objective statements about the Cypriot issue.

    Turkey’s intervention in Cyprus was legal. Anyway, if Turkey wished, it could have seized the whole island. But it didn’t do so. Because its aim was to save the Turkish Cypriots.

    Therefore Turkey doesn’t occupy Cyprus (by the way, Turkey’s military intervention happened in 1973, and the Greek Cypriots became illegally EU members in 2004).

    Furthermore, if the Annan peace plan was accepted by the Greek side, today the 35 000 Turkish soldiers would already have gone.

    Why? Because that was written in that plan for the reunification of Cyprus which was the solution for peace. Let’s remind that that peace plan was the plan of the UN and of the EU.

    But as that solution was not accepted by the Greek side, the Turkish soldiers had to stay in Northern Cyprus. For the security of the Turkish Cypriots.

    Anna, I invite you to read these two former articles about the Cypriot issue:



    Best regards,


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