Turkey’s path has always been Europe. But why that main path would prevent Turkey from improving its relations with all its neighbours? Why call into question the rapprochements between Turkey and the countries of the Middle East such as Iraq or Syria? Why reproach Turkey for improving its political and economic ties with them?

Is the legitimacy of that improvement different from the legitimacy of the improvement between France and Germany after World War II?

Besides, in spite of its nazi past, Germany became an economic and political partner of France and the other members of the EEC/EU. However, Syria or Irak didn’t exterminate millions of people. Thus what is the problem with regard to the rapprochement between Turkey and them?

Has Turkey to wait these countries become democracies in order to entertain good relations with them?

A country can rarely become a democracy on its own (and the existence of the EU is the best example ever).

An isolated country that is always – subjectively – criticised can hardly improve. Moreover, it is easy to criticise a country that is politically and democratically weak and isolated. And it is worse to isolate it more.

Well Turkey implements a privileged partnership (Austria loves these two words which it used twice recently) with its neighbours, but let’s underline that it is the same partnership with all its neighbours. No discrimination, no racism: for instance Turkey lifted the visas towards Syria but also towards Russia. So, no discrimination (unlike Austria, France and Germany’s appalling stance about Turkey’s EU membership).

That policy of Turkey is in line with its “Zero problem with the neighbours” objective. And the architect of that policy of reason is Mr Ahmet Davutoğlu.

In other words, that is a full normalization with the neighbours that aims at maintaining stability and propagating the peace in one of the most unstable regions of the planet.

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PS. By the way, Turkey wants to prevent a war between Iran and the USA, following Robert Schuman and Jean Monnet who aimed at preventing a new war with Germany.

PPS. Without Schuman and Monnet’s strong determination (to stop the past), would the EEC/EU have existed? Would Europe (and the world) have been in peace?

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