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This is my 100th post. When I discovered EurActiv and Blogactiv I was very captivated and enthusiastic, and became more optimsitic about the European Union. We the EU citizens – as well as all those in the world who are interested in the EU – are lucky. Well though the EU is shaken by economic and political seisms, it’s important to underline that the EU can do the best.

First and foremost it achieved the peace in Europe, so that’s its most beautiful success.

But to the best of my recollection, the success of the EU doesn’t stop here.

In fact, here are several achievements of the EU:

Airbus (You can watch the amazing A380 videos here! (on your right)). Turkey works with Airbus.

ESA (For instance Ariane 5 – we can see its third launch that dates back to last May through the video (browse a bit the page and turn the sound up!). Turkey works with ESA too.

– Eurostar

– Thalys

– The Euro

Euronews (Euronews broadcasts in Turkish too)

Eurocontrol (Turkey is a member of Eurocontrol since 1989)

Ariane 5: 05/20/2011

These prestigious, symbolic and historic projects would not have existed if the EU hadn’t been founded. The EU is then well and truly synonymous with a without precedent great success. We have to be grateful towards Schuman and Monnet for the existence of the EU.

United stronger we are. United better we are.

There are certainly bad chapters in the EU book, but there are many excellent chapters.

Next chapter: the peace in the world.

Possible with Turkey’s EU membership.

Let’s write that chapter together.

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