Several months ago a Turkish-Greek alliance in the Aegean sea was mentioned by a Turkish newspaper. According to that newspaper, Turkey and Greece may unite to search for oïl in the Aegean sea. Excellent news. I was very happy. But Yorgo Papandreou’s anti-peace statement about the Aegean sea (as well as the Cypriot issue) earlier this year at Erzurum reduced to ashes that good news. Henceforth, how can Mr Papandreou be expected to be credible and sincere for the peace with Turkey?

I have always been sure that his country Greece has an hidden agenda in close co-operation with some dark circles within the EU, but I didn’t know that he was included in that hidden agenda, which is to use Greece as an iron curtain against Turkey’s EU membership (the EU membership of the Greek Cypriots clearly represents a second iron curtain against Turkey).

I have got a message for Yorgo Papandreou, prime minister and minister for foreign affairs of Greece:

Mr Papandreou, in spite of your recent (useless?) provocation and anti-peace statement at Erzurum – Turkey, and in spite of the persistent despicable anti-Turkey behaviours of your Greek and Greek Cypriot colleagues at the EU parliament, I have got, as a Turkish citizen, a friendly suggestion:

together with your Turkish counterparts, resolve as soon as possible the Aegean issue in order to explore it and jointly take advantage of the oïl and gas reserves that you will find. That project is quite sensible insofar as it would both support your struggle against your crash, and the peace between your country and Turkey, your neighbour.

Mr Papandreou, it is said that your privatizations will add up to 50 billion euros. As for your austerity measures (which besides will not contribute to your economy), they will yield 28 billions euros. The new financial help of the EU is huge. And something new: your country will receive some EU funds in advance (Mr Juncker last saturday, and Mr Barroso yesterday announced that help – though which goes against the EU rules according to Les Echos). But even that colossal money is not enough to reduce dramatically your debt.

In fact, Mr Papandreou, your debt amounts to 340 billion euros. And according to Georges Ugeux, a markets specialist who was interviewed by L’Expansion, your total debt (private sector included) exceeds largely 1 000 billion euros. Lastly, let’s remind that according to the Turkish economist Mahfi Eğilmez, your problem is extremely difficult to resolve because on the one hand, your economy has no infrastructure (it can stand only thanks to indebtedness and the EU funds), on the other hand the wages and the security social standards in your country are too high (Mr Eğilmez said that they must be reduced otherwise no solution is foreseeable). And that’s why he said that your country would be in a new crisis within 10 years.

Well he was right, but we had to wait only one year because the financial help of the EU and the IMF of last year is not enough, since the French media say that the EU plans to transfer another 100 billion euros that will be able to finance your country….until 2014. So in 2014 your economy may receive another 100 billion euros check. What a wonderful world. Mr Yorgo Papandreou, Mr Mahfi Eğilmez was also right about the fact that your country will endlessly be in need of foreign financial aid. A French magazine underlined yesterday that the EU citizens will have to pay. I wonder, are the EU citizens aware that we are – and will be again and again – the payers?

To conclude, Mr Yorgo Papandreou, you have thus to face with a Herculean task. Hence, an alliance with Turkey in the Aegean sea would be fruitful because it would partly set your country on the road to economic recovery. Let’s be clear and sincere, you don’t deserve that, because you have done nothing to improve your relations with Turkey. On the contrary, by showing an unbelievable hostility at Erzurum you destroyed the peaceful atmosphere. But given that your country is a neighbour of Turkey, and also owing to the Zero problem with the neighbours policy of the Turkish government, as a Turkish citizen I support that project in the Aegean sea. That alliance will soothe your economy but it will also maintain the peace. Notwistanding, as a French and EU citizen I absolutely do not want to pay your wages and other gains anymore.

Yours sincerely,


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