According to ABhaber, the christian democrats are still making an anti-Turkey propaganda at the EU parliament.

Though the European Union-Turkey negotiations already started.

So it’s not credible and sensible to call into question Turkey’s European idendity and EU membership.

The EU politicians (the christian democrats at the top) who are disgracefully sabotaging the EU-Turkey negotiations are far from being serious.

They must live on another planet!

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PS. But haven’t the christian democrats got anything else to do?

For instance why don’t they critcise Greece which always asks for the money of the EU citizens?

Instead of trying to wash the brain of the EU citizens regarding the EU funds that Turkey would receive (today ABhaber emphasised that they try to do that within the EU parliament), why don’t the christian democrats call into question on the one hand the colossal money that Greece has been receiving since 1981 (100 billion euros of EU funds), on the other hand the huge cost for the EU citizens of its rescue plan that started last year?

Unbelieveable and deep anti-Turkey hatred from the christian democrats who are proving once more that they are ready to do anything to destroy completely Turkey’s EU membership and to fool the EU citizens.

The christian democrats are used to making a diversion by manipulating shamelessly Turkey’s EU membership. I do hope that the EU citizens will not be fooled this time and will expect these politicians to ask Greece to account for its perpetual aid financial demands.

PPS. British prime minister David Cameron stated a few days ago that the United Kingdom will not give a single penny to Greece. The citizens of the UK are lucky.

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  1. Hi Cem, just a point.
    Did you ever hear about the British rebate? UK does want people to come to the party (EU) as long as they are not paying for the drinks…so don’t be fooled.

  2. Hello A.,

    yes, I already did. Civitas dealt with that here:


    I won’t be fooled by the christian democrats, and I hope that the EU citizens will not be fooled by them neither.

    Turkey has always been the target of their appaling brainwashing (hand in hand with Sarkozy and the Greek and Greek Cypriots):

    >> http://turkey.blogactiv.eu/2011/07/22/a-disgraceful-superiority-complex/

    >> http://turkey.blogactiv.eu/2011/02/08/an-excellent-article-written-by-wolfgang-munchau-europe-requires-end-of-merkel-and-sarkozy/

    >> http://turkey.blogactiv.eu/2010/12/01/appalling-propaganda-against-turkey-episode-ii/

    >> http://turkey.blogactiv.eu/2011/07/18/who-is-fooling-whom-cyprus-yes-again/

    >> http://turkey.blogactiv.eu/2011/06/03/abstruse-but-that%e2%80%99s-enough-we-are-in-the-21st-century/

    I deal with the injustice towards Turkey in several other articles too.

    Yours, sincerely


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