In my previous article published last saturday I partly dealt with the power of the Greek Church and its influence in politics. And last sunday ABhaber published an interview (in Turkish) with Anna Karamanou – a former Greek politician – who on the one hand called into question and criticised the Greek politicians (she said that they are not competent and that Greece needs new young politicians, but also that the country has been badly governed for two centuries), on the other hand emphasised….the powerful weight of the Greek Church in politics! Here are a few extracts of Anna Karamanou’s analysis:

The Church is very powerful.

The politicians who would criticise the Greek Church and its activities would be finished. I think that I have been out of politics because I criticised it.

In my opinion it’s time the old politicians went home. We need young politicians.

I support all the Greek and Greek Cypriot citizens, as well as the people like Anna Karamanou, who fight against the weight of the powerful Greek Church within their country.

I’d like to be the friend (however not the tax payer) of all those Greek citizens being against the appalling nationalist politicians and religious leaders who manipulate religion to soothe their thirst of money and power.

I admire Anna Karamanou and I’d like to be her friend.

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PS. Sooner or later all the Greek and Greek Cypriot citizens will realize that it is the so-called religious leaders and the nationalist politicians who set them against Turkey.

PPS. Anna Karamanou (the Turkish word “kahraman” means “hero”! Another coincidence!) and my Greek friends are welcome in Turkey.

I feel closer to them since I’m currently in Turkey.

PPPS. Well what about a cup of coffee – with a “Sultan lokum”, which is in my opinion the best?

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  1. Cem, you should have guessed that the surname is a derivative of Karamanoglu, which might, only might as I don’t know anything about this person, mean that she is a descendent of Karaman Turks who migrated from Turkey to Greece during exchange in the beginning of the 20th century. Karaman Turks were Christians and according to the deals made back then they should live in Greece. And Greeks immediately placed them into a lesser place through the mechanism of Orientalism.

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