The anti-Turkey politcians within the EU have always stated that an EU member Turkey would mean the end of the EU. Well the EU is currently collapsing, though Turkey is not a member yet.

In the first instance we are in 2011 and although everybody knows that Turkey is not an EU member, the EU is collapsing economically, and Greece is one of the main sources. In fact it doctored its statistics in order to hide its bankruptcy and enter the euro zone (Greece wanted to enter the euro zone most probably because it is “prestigious”.)

I wonder what the anti-Turkey politicians think about that current economic collapse.

According to ABhaber, they shamelessly try to draw the attention of the EU citizens about the EU funds that Turkey would receive once an EU member, but they neither deal with the EU funds that Greece has been receiving since 1981, nor with the huge financial aids that have been transfered to Greece since its – official – crash last year. And they don’t want to deal with the huge EU funds that Poland has been receiving since its EU membership. Well, most probably because Greece and Poland are not of Muslim religion.

Mr Valéry Giscard D’Estaing, the UMP, Mr Frederic Bolkestein, Mr Elmar Brok and the other christian democrats of the EU, what do you think about that?

A reminder: the Turkish economy is so interlinked to the economy of the EU that when Turkey is a member it will be able to be a euro zone member immediately. But will Turkey agree to enter the euro zone?

Another revealing example of the good health of the Turkish economy:

According to the EU Commission data, Turkey’s gross government debt to GDP ratio stands at 43 percent, whereas EU average in gross government debt to GDP ratio reaches as high as 79 percent.

The government debt to GDP ratio which shouldn’t exceed 60 % according to the Maastricht economic criteria are 140.2 percent in Greece, 118.9 percent in Italy, 98.6 percent in Belgium, 97.4 percent in Ireland, 83 percent in France and Portugal each, 77.8 percent in Britain and 75.7 percent in Germany. (A perspective of the Turkish economy).

In the second instance the EU is unfortunately a political flotsam too. Let’s remember that some of its members supported and took part to the illegal US invasion of Iraq in 2003. Turkey was the only country to have said “No” to the USA (nevertheless let’s remember that the former French president Jacques Chirac was against the USA too).

These members of the EU also disgracefully supported the USA and have taken part to the military attacks against Libya. But Turkey did object to these attacks from the start. Nevertheless, as a Nato member, it decided to provide some help but it emphasised that it will not take part to any military attack.

Lastly, the EU tolerates and even follows as a sheep the hostile declarations of the USA against Iran.

So is that EU powerful and independent? Is that the EU that the anti-Turkey politicians want “to protect”?

Actually the EU does not need Turkey to destroy itself. It has already been doing that on its own.

Mr Valéry Giscard D’Estaing, the UMP, Mr Frederic Bolkestein, Mr Elmar Brok and the other christian democrats of the EU, what do you think about that?

Contrary to the heavy propaganda and brainwashing against Turkey’s EU membership, Turkey will be the remedy of the EU.

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PS. The EU is the hostage of the USA and their shadowy lobbies as well as of the so-called European anti-Turkey politicians. These anti-Turkey politicians of the EU are quite simply trojan horses that are neutralising the EU. Actually they are neither European nor worthy of Robert Schuman and Jean Monnet, because they are far from thinking about the EU spirit and the interests of the union. They only want to satisfy their neurones that fizz thanks to their ideology based on religion! They contribute to a more divided EU, to a more divided world. Turkey’s EU membership is not dangerous, their propaganda and policies are dangerous.

PPS. Furthermore, some EU members created a serious diplomatic crisis within the EU because of 3 000 Tunisian refugees. Whereas Turkey has welcomed more than 10 000 Syrian refugees (here is a quite short article published by TRT English yesterday: Turkish aid to Syrian refugees goes on). They ought to look in the mirror. Turkey is teaching them a humanity lesson.

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